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Dead Land Survival

Dead Land: Survival is an RPG survival game in which the world has been ravaged by a zombie virus outbreak. Travel through this landscape of horrors, scavenging supplies along the way, and make it to Nightstone, a run-down survivors base…

How to play Dead Land: Survival?

In this game, your aim is to create a new life for yourself in a world torn apart by the zombie apocalypse. Very little remains, but in Nightstone you can start building a shelter for yourself and adapting to this new life.

Fellow survivors Sophie and Elder Damir will show you around the settlement and tell you how to rise in the ranks of Nightstone’s community. 

Use the workshop to craft weapons and armor, then venture beyond the walls of the survivor base to explore your surroundings, hunt zombies, search for food and other resources, and carry out rescue missions.

How to Upgrade Buildings in Dead Land: Survival?

As you establish yourself within Nightstone, you can start upgrading your workshop and warehouse to increase your storage and the types of weapons you can craft. You can also upgrade the town hall and other buildings to unlock more areas of the map, along with increasingly dangerous expeditions and better rewards.

Tap on the yellow upgrade bar when inside any building to see which resources you need to gather to improve the building. Each upgrade will also improve the appearance of the rundown encampment.

How to travel and explore the map in Dead Land: Survival?

If you tap on the map, you’ll see various locations you can explore. Tap on a location to see what type of enemies you might encounter there, how dangerous it will be, and what resources you are most likely to find in that area.

You will also see how long it will take you to walk there. You can also choose to sacrifice energy points for speed and run to get to your destination much faster. Each location will only be available for a limited time, but new exploration sites will pop up as others vanish. If the remaining availability is only a little over the time it will take to walk there, you cannot travel to that location.

Game Controls

  • Use the mouse or the touchscreen to play
  • A brief in-game tutorial at the beginning of the game will show you how the main gameplay elements work

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Who created Dead Land: Survival?

Dead Land: Survival was created by Center of HTML5 Games. 

When was Dead Land: Survival first released?

This game was first launched in 2020 and has been updated several times since to expand the game with new areas, characters, player rewards, and other features.