People Games

  • Basketball Horse
    Basketball Horse
    Played 24505 times

    Always told people you could win with your eyes closed? Prove it.

  • Spider Riders: The Hunt
    Spider Riders: The Hunt
    Played 285 times

    Can you face down this Invectid-infested landscape to be a hero to the health of your people?

  • The Jumper 2
    The Jumper 2
    Played 1613 times

    This hero who comes from the sky can't fly, but will make sure people don't die!

  • The Amusement Park
    The Amusement Park
    Played 2622 times

    These people are going to have fun in your park, even if you have to drag it out of them yourself!

  • Ambulance Rush
    Ambulance Rush
    Played 10287 times

    Forget the economy—you'll never be out of a job as long as you keep sending people the hospital!

  • I Love Traffic
    I Love Traffic
    Played 8386 times

    Why are traffic lights controlled by computers? Because people make mistakes!

  • Bar-B-Que
    Played 2509 times

    Get those people queueing at the barbie!

  • Obama vs Aliens
    Obama vs Aliens
    Played 491 times

    People or pandas, the aliens aren’t getting any on Obama’s watch!

  • StickBang
    Played 223 times

    War costs many lives—especially when people are the ammo…

  • Sneeze
    Played 518 times

    A good epidemic always brings people together…in the hospital.

  • Cup 'n' Cake
    Cup 'n' Cake
    Played 251 times

    Waiting on people in Cup 'n' Cake isn't as easy as pie.

  • Light People on Fire
    Light People on Fire
    Played 1079 times

    Share your flame with as many people as possible by running past them.

  • Find People
    Find People
    Played 196 times

    Spot the selected person in the crowd.

  • Angry Girlfriend
    Angry Girlfriend
    Played 362 times

    Avoid the angry people and try to hit them with your love missiles!

  • Last Mission
    Last Mission
    Played 78 times

    Steer your plane and rescue all of the people waiting for your help!

  • Towering Inferno
    Towering Inferno
    Played 39 times

    Let the people from the burning building bounce off of the safety net and then bounce them to the ambulance.

  • HK Cafe
    HK Cafe
    Played 3061 times

    Cook the food as people order as quick as possible.

  • Climate Chaos
    Climate Chaos
    Played 1196 times

    Collect items you find along the way,use your camera, and interpret what people say.

  • Rescue Mission
    Rescue Mission
    Played 3204 times

    Shoot the enemies down with awesome weapons and free the kidnapped people!

  • Footie Kick
    Footie Kick
    Played 225 times

    Try to hit as many people as possible with your ball!

  • Tactics Core
    Tactics Core
    Played 427 times

    Nice strategy RPG. Command your people and win fights!