Stick Games

  • Stick Badminton
    Stick Badminton
    Played 34467 times

    New technology in badminton? You got it. Or would you rather do it old school?

  • Small Arms War
    Small Arms War
    Played 944 times

    Stick it to the man, stick man.

  • Stick War
    Stick War
    Played 22997 times

    To conquer your enemies, you must learn all their strengths to use as your own!

  • Stick War
    Stick War
    Played 2977 times

    Stickmen go splat!

  • N Game 2
    N Game 2
    Played 5620 times

    Jump over and dodge traps as you progress through each stage in this challenging puzzle game, N Game 2! There’s no other platformer like it!

  • Stickman Freeride
    Stickman Freeride
    Played 8355 times

    Stickman loves sticky cycling situations.

  • Stick Defense
    Stick Defense
    Played 807 times

    The stick men are attacking! Don't let them breach your defenses.

  • Stick BMX Madness
    Stick BMX Madness
    Played 1538 times

    Train some tricks and grab some air while owning the BMX course!

  • Champion Archer
    Champion Archer
    Played 3605 times

    There can only be one archer in the entire world that is the greatest, so take up the challenge as you try to become the Champion Archer!

  • Combat Tournament Legends
    Combat Tournament Legends
    Played 4572 times

    Your a true legend in combat! Show your skills in the arena! Oh it includes stick figures :)

  • Stickman Soccer 2
    Stickman Soccer 2
    Played 6126 times

    Who says stickmen can’t play sport?

  • Stick BMX Challenge
    Stick BMX Challenge
    Played 832 times

    These unreal hills are just the thing to get your stick figure into shape.

  • Stick Freak
    Stick Freak
    Played 1040 times

    Help the ninja reach each platform to collect gems and unlock the stick freaks in this freaky fun arcade game!

  • Brain Spa - Visual Memo 2
    Brain Spa - Visual Memo 2
    Played 719 times

    Stick to your budget with some speedy shopping calculations!

  • Spug Shock
    Spug Shock
    Played 37 times

    Use your magic stick to clear all the cookies that Spug throws your way!

  • Puppy Fetch
    Puppy Fetch
    Played 347 times

    Find the stick, bring it back and beware of the cat.

  • Nail Simulation
    Nail Simulation
    Played 136 times

    Decorate the fingernails with stickers, stones, and patterns.

  • Stick Trinity
    Stick Trinity
    Played 405 times

    Fight against the agressive lady bugs and other competitors!

  • Peter Paranormal
    Peter Paranormal
    Played 42 times

    Capture ghouls with the spook stick and use power-ups to aid you in your rescue attempt.

  • Ant-Kendo
    Played 187 times

    Use the stick. Own the stick. Don't fall off the stick.

  • StickBang
    Played 125 times

    War costs many lives—especially when people are the ammo…

  • TurtiTrop
    Played 29 times

    When these turtles stick to their own kind, it's a match made in paradise!

  • Stickman Army: The Defenders
    Stickman Army: The Defenders
    Played 1512 times

    It’s the green army versus the red army in this epic fight to the finish. Defend the White House at all costs and use your resources and soldiers wisely in this strategic action game.