Winter Sports Games

  • Winter Racing
    Winter Racing
    Played 10314 times

    A track filled with plenty of fresh powder is waiting for you in this racing game. Jump inside this race car and get ready to blaze past your opponents. Will you reach the finish line first?

  • 2020 Winterland
    2020 Winterland
    Played 6180 times

    Test your spatial awareness by arranging the given objects onto a grid in the most space-efficient way possible. Clear the screen with solid rows of colored blocks.

  • Winter BMX Jam
    Winter BMX Jam
    Played 6186 times

    Melt the ice with the coolest moves and stunts in this BMX game! Jam it up with air stunts, superman moves and upgrade to new bikes after the completion of three levels. So, do you have any tricks up your sleeve?

  • Winter Adventures
    Winter Adventures
    Played 961 times

    Though it might be chilly outside, you can warm yourself up with this hot new mobile game, Winter Adventures! The controls are easy to learn, just tap in the direction you want your character to slide in order to grab those shiny stars. Pick up that delicious hot cup of cocoa to refill your meter. If it runs out, you’ll freeze!

  • Baby Elsa Skiing Trip
    Baby Elsa Skiing Trip
    Played 1715 times

    Sweet baby Elsa is now getting ready for her very first ski trip. She is so excited! She cannot wait to be in the French Alps to ski in style! Again she needs your help now more than ever as she packs her bags. Join her in the fun and excitement and help her get all the hidden objects she needs to pack. Help her find everything she needs for this amazing vacation and remember to take care of her kitty too.

  • SlenderMan Winter Edition
    SlenderMan Winter Edition
    Played 8452 times

    This first person horror game is not for the faint-hearted. Can you escape the clutches of Slender the murderer? Explore the dark world of an urban legend and choose for the time challenge. Or are you currently only in survival mode? This winter edition can send chills down the spine. You can run but can you hide? Ready or not, here he comes!

  • Loch Ness Water Skiing
    Loch Ness Water Skiing
    Played 897 times

    Get ready for a retro ride on some pixelated water skis. Will you spot this legendary monster along the way?

  • Fancy Snowboarding
    Fancy Snowboarding
    Played 2025 times

    Perform some totally wicked tricks on these cool slopes. Just watch out for all of those snowmen!

  • Snowman Challenge
    Snowman Challenge
    Played 78 times

    An avalanche is going to squish this snowman unless you do something and fast!

  • Snow Tale
    Snow Tale
    Played 1549 times

    No time for chillin'!

  • Timbermen Winter
    Timbermen Winter
    Played 606 times

    The lumbering lumberjack returns with an exciting holiday challenge.

  • Snowboard King
    Snowboard King
    Played 4434 times

    Exercise dominion over the snow-covered hills as you compete in multiple events.

  • Find the Candy 2: Winter
    Find the Candy 2: Winter
    Played 1333 times

    Finding stars and solving candy puzzles will be the cutest mission you never want to quit.

  • Trollface Quest 4: Winter Olympics
    Trollface Quest 4: Winter Olympics
    Played 14343 times

    Everybody’s fav internet troll is heading to the biggest sporting event in the world. Wanna tag along?

  • Snail Bob 6: Winter Story
    Snail Bob 6: Winter Story
    Played 26417 times

    Help Snail Bob have a very merry Christmas by keeping him alive in this puzzle-ridden winter wonderland.

  • Sportsheads Ice hockey
    Sportsheads Ice hockey
    Played 4904 times

    Winter is here, put on your skates and let's play some ice hockey!

  • Ice Run
    Ice Run
    Played 188 times

    Grab a helmet and get ready to catch some air with this cool penguin.

  • Solipskier
    Played 34 times

    The powder is fine and the sky is the only limit to the best skiing around.

  • Accurate Slapshot
    Accurate Slapshot
    Played 2912 times

    Think outside the box? This game thinks outside the rink!

  • Pet Sledding
    Pet Sledding
    Played 3328 times

    It's a slippery slope for these cute little pets: the more they sled, the more Christmas presents they get!

  • Drake in Winterland
    Drake in Winterland
    Played 942 times

    Stomp out the competition in this dreamy dragon adventure!

  • Hang 10
    Hang 10
    Played 281 times

    Note to self: face-planting trees is not a winning strategy.

  • White Jumping
    White Jumping
    Played 23 times

    Hit the snowy slopes—but don't wipe out in the white!

  • Downhill Blitz
    Downhill Blitz
    Played 830 times

    Rock the slopes, airdog!

  • Snowboard Slalom Xtreme
    Snowboard Slalom Xtreme
    Played 34 times

    Deal out some damage on the way down the deadly long as you don't take the damage yourself!

  • Snowboard Boy
    Snowboard Boy
    Played 396 times

    It's not just about speed...nor style alone—accuracy wins on these slopes!

  • Extreme Snowboard
    Extreme Snowboard
    Played 507 times

    Why just board when you can freestyle?

  • Ski 2000
    Ski 2000
    Played 83 times

    You might be the Olympic downhill champion...if you can just make it down these slopes in one piece!

  • Dodger's Olympic Snowboarding
    Dodger's Olympic Snowboarding
    Played 973 times

    This event is all about speed, but speed in this event has a different definition!

  • Rufus Snow Ride
    Rufus Snow Ride
    Played 465 times

    Just because you're a mole on the run (er, snowboard) doesn't mean you can't escape with style!

  • Snow Big Deal
    Snow Big Deal
    Played 224 times

    It's no big deal: just ski downhill so fast that trees are flying past you faster than you can see them.

  • Downhill Snowboard
    Downhill Snowboard
    Played 6382 times

    Reaching the bottom in one piece is one thing, but it's something else to actually master the board.

  • Ice Hockey
    Ice Hockey
    Played 6580 times

    Give the crowd what it wants:

  • Super Snowboader X
    Super Snowboader X
    Played 55 times

    It's a snowboarding competition: can you make it downhill in one piece while impressing the judges?

  • 3D Super Snowboarder
    3D Super Snowboarder
    Played 137 times

    Are you an excellent snowboarder? Prove your skills by completing this course.

  • Sled Jumping
    Sled Jumping
    Played 4730 times

    Guide your sledding team safely through the hoop by setting the right jumping speed.

    • Snowball 2008
      Snowball 2008
      Played 71 times

      Roll your snowball and hit smaller objects to get bigger, avoiding trees and cabins.

    • Monte Alpenspitze
      Monte Alpenspitze
      Played 44 times

      Arrange your own selected mountaineer equipment and try to safely reach the summit of the mountain.

    • Snow Blitz
      Snow Blitz
      Played 1176 times

      Throw snowballs at your enemies and win the fight!

    • Snowboard Betty
      Snowboard Betty
      Played 322 times

      Move Betty from side to side, avoid rocks and tree stumps, and collect flowers and stars on your way.

    • Bumper Ball
      Bumper Ball
      Played 3700 times

      Steer your bumper car and try to score more goals than your opponent.

    • Snowboard Stunt
      Snowboard Stunt
      Played 356 times

      Jump at the right time to get as much air as possible and perform tricks to earn points.

    • 3 Puck Shuck
      3 Puck Shuck
      Played 55 times

      Use your game pucks to whack the goal piece onto the target and go to the next level!

    • Snowball
      Played 222 times

      Control Santa's paddle and hit all the presents with the snowball!

    • Santa snowboarding
      Santa snowboarding
      Played 109 times

      Help Santa collect the Christmas bling!

    • Havoc Mountain
      Havoc Mountain
      Played 23 times

      Control the giant snowball and crush as many skiers as you can!

    • Orca Slap
      Orca Slap
      Played 873 times

      Hit the penguins by throwing snowballs and try to put them in the middle!