Sports Games

  • Basketball Heroes
    Basketball Heroes
    Played 6643 times

    Take on people from around the globe in this exciting multiplayer online sports game, Basketball! Sign in with Facebook to receive a login bonus and then get ready to play!

  • BasketMole
    Played 1053 times

    These two moles love basketball. Join them on the court for a one-on-one match. Will your mole make the most baskets before time runs out?

  • Slam Dunk Forever
    Slam Dunk Forever
    Played 4016 times

    Hit the court for some exciting b-ball action with this intense online game. How many times in a row can you toss the explosive ball through the hoop? If you miss a shot, it’ll blow up. Literally!

  • Basketball Tribe
    Basketball Tribe
    Played 583 times

    Who would you want to represent in this brand new basketball game? Time to decide as you show off your skills in this totally cool sports game made for kids, Basketball Tribe!

  • Dunkaroos
    Played 662 times

    This high-flying kangaroo is participating in a slam dunk contest. Can you help him get through all of the five levels in this free online game?

  • Crazy Hoops
    Crazy Hoops
    Played 2140 times

    Shoot the ball to all baskets and score points.

  • Spalding Shoot Out
    Spalding Shoot Out
    Played 550 times

    Do you think you have what it takes to play with the best of the best in this amazing sports game of basketball? Prove your skills in this totally cool game, Spalding Shoot Out!

  • Basketball Playoff
    Basketball Playoff
    Played 3616 times

    Hit the court in this challenging basketball game. How many shots can you make? How long can you keep the clock going? It’s time to find out!

  • Basket Champs
    Basket Champs
    Played 42376 times


  • Basketball Shooting: Skill Challenge
    Basketball Shooting: Skill Challenge
    Played 722 times

    This basketball player is trying to beat a record. Join him on the court while he tries to sink as many hoops as possible in this free online game.

  • Street ball star
    Street ball star
    Played 3560 times

    Become a living street basketball legend! In this retro sports game your goal is to score as many points as you can in two challenging game modes. Focus the basket, pay attention to the wind and collect coins with every perfect hoop. Earn gifts and assemble all items to unlock cool new locations. Will you be the next Street Ball Star?

  • Quickshot
    Played 1770 times

    Make as many baskets as you can before the clock runs down to zero in this thrilling online game. Have you got what it takes to dominate the court?

  • Slam Dunk Mania
    Slam Dunk Mania
    Played 4060 times

    Have you got game?

  • Hoops Mania
    Hoops Mania
    Played 1001 times

    Click on players in the proper time to shoot hoops.

  • Basketball Scorer
    Basketball Scorer
    Played 922 times

    Gear up for some hoop-shooting action!

  • Ball King
    Ball King
    Played 2029 times

    Want to feel like King? Are you a good basketball player? Your friends call you Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson? Then show your street ball skills! Score as many points as possible and become the most famous Street Ball Star!

  • Top Basketball
    Top Basketball
    Played 1000 times

    Can you wow the crowd while playing this basketball game? Show off your skills and find out how many shots you can make before time runs out.

  • Dennis vs Kim
    Dennis vs Kim
    Played 1002 times

    One of the world’s most famous basketball stars is taking on one of the world’s most infamous dictators. Which one of them will dominate the court in this free online game?

  • Basketball Down
    Basketball Down
    Played 757 times

    This endless court is filled with NBA superstars that are determined to block your shots and dunks. Rush past them while you aim for each one of the hoops in this retro basketball game. How long can you last out there while you fight to unlock jerseys from some of your favorite teams?

  • Xmas Basketball Dare
    Xmas Basketball Dare
    Played 726 times

    Santa Claus has created a series of basketball challenges that will help you get into the spirit of the season. Can you get the ball through the hoop in each one of these levels?

  • Super Sports Surgery: Basketball
    Super Sports Surgery: Basketball
    Played 537 times

    This guy isn’t a doctor. He’s just a dude in a hot dog costume but his boss needs some medical attention!

  • Spooky Hoops
    Spooky Hoops
    Played 35 times

    Ever played a game of basketball with ghosts and ghouls? Well, now you will in this brand new sports game of basketball, Spooky Hoops! Dunk that pumpkin and earn those points for your team!

  • Dance Dunk-off
    Dance Dunk-off
    Played 348 times

    Match your moves to the flashing icons when they turn green.

  • Rocketman VC
    Rocketman VC
    Played 493 times

    These scientists have created the world’s most powerful pair of basketball shoes. They just need to get a bit organized before they test them out in this point and click game.

  • Basket Champ
    Basket Champ
    Played 262 times

    Get ready to shoot some hoops and prove your skills on the court.

  • Protege Stick Basketball
    Protege Stick Basketball
    Played 68 times

    Three different challenging games are waiting for you on this basketball court. Pick out your favorite team and get ready to show the competition who’s boss.

  • Horse
    Played 65 times

    The classic basketball game returns in this exciting online version. Pick out your favorite b-ball court and take on the computer or just shoot around if you’d prefer.

  • King of Dunk
    King of Dunk
    Played 37 times

    This young basketball player is trying to improve his dunking skills. Can you help him avoid slamming into the wall or bouncing off the rim in this free online game?

  • DJ and Chowder in H.O.U.S.E.
    DJ and Chowder in H.O.U.S.E.
    Played 47 times

    The two guys from Monster House are about to play a fun game of horse. Join them in the driveway for a cool basketball challenge.

  • Calimero Plays Basketball
    Calimero Plays Basketball
    Played 17 times

    Calimero is eager to practice his basketball skills. Join him and all of his friends on the court for a series of fun challenges in this free online game.

  • Catch and Dunk
    Catch and Dunk
    Played 373 times

    Do you think you have what it takes to become one of the best basketball players in the world? It's time to show the world your amazingly cool skills in this awesome sports game, Catch and Dunk!

  • Groovy Hoops!
    Groovy Hoops!
    Played 117 times

    Far out, man! In the 70's, even basketballs had groovy colors!

  • High Hoop
    High Hoop
    Played 291 times

    Impress the crowd with your cool moves on the court in this basketball game. How many shots can you make before the clock runs down to zero?

  • Backyard Basketball
    Backyard Basketball
    Played 90 times

    How many shots can you make before time runs out in this exciting basketball game? It’s time to find out.

  • Crazy Ball
    Crazy Ball
    Played 49 times

    These two blobs are ready to play some b-ball. Join them for a fun one-on-one match in this basketball game.

  • Afro Basketball
    Afro Basketball
    Played 102 times

    This basketball player definitely has an impressive head of hair. She’s also pretty great on the court as well. How many hoops can you and her make in this free online game?

    • Basket and Ball
      Basket and Ball
      Played 404 times

      Jump into the arena and help this bouncing ball make it all the way into the hoop.

    • Basketball Shotball
      Basketball Shotball
      Played 15 times

      Practice your shooting skills with this awesome basketball game. How many hoops can you make without missing a single one?

    • Mep Ball
      Mep Ball
      Played 22 times

      Join these crazy elves on the court for a few magical rounds of basketball. How many shots can you make while bouncing the ball off the walls and ceiling in this free online game?

    • Santa Hoops
      Santa Hoops
      Played 43 times

      Santa Claus is hitting the court to practice his jump shot with this magical basketball hoop. Could you help him make lots of baskets in this free online game?

    • Giraffe Basketball
      Giraffe Basketball
      Played 19 times

      Three different challenges are waiting for you in this cute basketball game. Help this giraffe impress his friends in the stands with his awesome skills on the court.

    • Age of Basketball
      Age of Basketball
      Played 27 times

      These clever cavemen are trying to figure out how to play basketball. Can you help their best player sink a few shots in this wild online game?

    • Slamdunk Anime
      Slamdunk Anime
      Played 25 times

      These anime characters love a good game of basketball. Are you ready to take them on? See if you can dominate them on the court and pull off a few slam dunks while you’re at it.

    • Beyblade Basketball
      Beyblade Basketball
      Played 332 times

      This hero from the world of Beyblade is hitting the court for some b-ball action. How many shots can you and him make before time runs out in this basketball game?

    • Air Magic
      Air Magic
      Played 24 times

      How many shots can you make before time runs out in this wacky basketball game?

    • Bobblehead Basketball
      Bobblehead Basketball
      Played 26 times

      Can you beat each one of the intense challenges that are waiting for you in this basketball game? Customize your character before you head down to the court.

    • Summer Sports: Basketball
      Summer Sports: Basketball
      Played 27 times

      Do you belong in the NBA? Or are you just a street-court rookie? Shoot your way to the top of the leaderboard in this awesome basketball simulation. Combine in a PvP tournament with other Qlympics games to become the ultimate champion!

    • Ultimate Mega Hoops 2
      Ultimate Mega Hoops 2
      Played 64 times

      This granny’s cookin’ up a basketball whoopin’!