Skill Games

  • MahJongCon
    Played 58949 times

    Click on matching pairs of tiles to remove them and clear the board!

  • Bubble Shooter
    Bubble Shooter
    Played 200380 times

    Bubble Shooter will have you addicted from the very first bubbles you shoot down. This is a timeless game that still remains challenging. Though seemingly simple enough for children, this engaging game has remained at heart for players of all ages. The goal is to remove all the bubbles from the screen by carefully aiming your own bubble to hit and knock down a group of three or more same colored bubbles. Adjust your winning strategies in each game! The more bubbles you remove in one shot, the more points you score, and the closer you get to becoming the master bubble shooter!

  • Back to Candyland: Episode 2
    Back to Candyland: Episode 2
    Played 22195 times

    When you go back to Candyland, you’ll wonder why you ever left in the first place!

  • Patterns Link
    Patterns Link
    Played 31179 times

    Breaking news from the Fashion Police—mixing and matching patterns is encouraged!

  • Butterfly Kyodai
    Butterfly Kyodai
    Played 124646 times

    Flit and frolic with fantastical feats of matching mastery!

  • 1001 Arabian Nights
    1001 Arabian Nights
    Played 88717 times

    The Arabian Desert is full of mysterious treasures that are yours for the taking.

  • Mahjong Shanghai
    Mahjong Shanghai
    Played 50476 times

    Take a Shanghai-style gaming break with this mahjong classic!

  • Back to Candyland: Episode 1
    Back to Candyland: Episode 1
    Played 18581 times

    Mmm…winning has never been so sweet!

  • Candy Rain 4
    Candy Rain 4
    Played 12700 times

    This girl definitely loves candy. Join her while she connects all of the tasty treats in this match 3 puzzle game. Can you reach the goal in each level without using too many moves?

  • Back to Candyland Episode 3: Sweet River
    Back to Candyland Episode 3: Sweet River
    Played 18928 times

    Set sail for a mysterious island as this puzzling adventure continues.

  • Simply Jigsaw
    Simply Jigsaw
    Played 23958 times

    The totally awesome photography gives these daily puzzles a little extra something.

  • Sprinter
    Played 90762 times

    Run as fast as you can and be the first to reach the finish line!

  • Dog Mahjong
    Dog Mahjong
    Played 12612 times

    Line up your favorite breeds in this puppy puzzler.

  • Drop Blocks
    Drop Blocks
    Played 24324 times

    Detonate the groups of three or more same blocks.

  • Snow Queen 4
    Snow Queen 4
    Played 19522 times

    The Snow Queen has turned everything to ice and the mermaids are in danger. Save them!

  • Find the Couples
    Find the Couples
    Played 8556 times

    Can you track down each pair of matching animals before time runs out?

  • Mystic India Pop
    Mystic India Pop
    Played 32714 times

    Pop over to India for a mysterious elephant safari...

  • Dream Christmas Link
    Dream Christmas Link
    Played 11541 times

    Match your way to a very merry Christmas!

  • Lost Island Mahjongg
    Lost Island Mahjongg
    Played 5692 times

    You’ve crash landed on the mysterious island of Dr. Sun Yo. Solve his puzzles to survive...

  • Daily Hidden Object
    Daily Hidden Object
    Played 44946 times

    See how much treasure you can find in the dusty corners of this old shop.

  • Back to Candyland 5: Choco Mountain
    Back to Candyland 5: Choco Mountain
    Played 33700 times

    Return to the enchanting land of candy for a puzzling trip up the slopes of Choco Mountain.

  • Daily Jigsaw
    Daily Jigsaw
    Played 16261 times

    Get your daily dose of jigsaw fun with each one of these puzzles.

  • Back to Candyland 4: Lollipop Garden
    Back to Candyland 4: Lollipop Garden
    Played 25208 times

    It’s time to return to the world’s sweetest and tastiest jelly-matching game!

  • Squares 1
    Squares 1
    Played 20156 times

    Click on the groups of two or more identical blocks to remove them and score points!

  • Farm Connect 3
    Farm Connect 3
    Played 25085 times

    A world of challenging puzzles—and tasty greens—awaits you. Can you handle all this healthy food?

  • Fruita Crush
    Fruita Crush
    Played 19367 times

    Fruita Crush is a fruitful match3 game where you have to combine lots of tasty fruits. Jump in fantastic worlds and master over 100 challenging levels. Connect 3 fruits or more, collect as many points as possible and activate all bonus fruits to beat the highest score. Can you master all levels?

  • Back to Santaland: Winter Holidays
    Back to Santaland: Winter Holidays
    Played 9815 times

    Try out all of these puzzles as you travel down a path to an enchanted castle made out of candy canes.

  • Bloons Tower Defense 5
    Bloons Tower Defense 5
    Played 10682 times

    Balloons vs. monkeys: play your part in the ancient rivalry...

  • 3D Mahjong
    3D Mahjong
    Played 22137 times

    Remove all pairs of tiles from the board.

  • Matching Pattern
    Matching Pattern
    Played 12296 times

    Link together all of these cute tiles before time runs out.

  • Mahjong Link
    Mahjong Link
    Played 39284 times

    Get psyched for a spree of Shanghai-style solitaire!

  • Mahjongg Alchemy
    Mahjongg Alchemy
    Played 5072 times

    The classic tile game with a mystic twist...

  • Gold Strike
    Gold Strike
    Played 18225 times

    Dig a mine until you strike gold, but be careful not to get stuck!

  • TenTrix
    Played 28009 times

    How far can you go before you run out of space in this brand new puzzle game? Find out now in TenTrix!

  • 1010 Deluxe
    1010 Deluxe
    Played 9214 times

    Earn the highest score in this exciting and challenging puzzle game. How far can you make it?

  • Magic Stones
    Magic Stones
    Played 7577 times
    • Shape Inlay
      Shape Inlay
      Played 12360 times

      The clock is ticking, and the pieces are stacking up - put your inner artist to work!

    • Ancient Ore
      Ancient Ore
      Played 6245 times

      Step inside this treasure mine and find out how quickly you can match up all of these precious gems.

    • Farm of Dreams
      Farm of Dreams
      Played 13330 times

      Dreams can come true on the Farm of Dreams! Earn golden coins with your match 3 skills and buy the best plants, animals and stalls to expand your business. Match the same fruits and veggies and expand the level of comfort on your land to be the best farmer in the country. Do you have what it takes to become a successful farmer? Build the farm of your dreams now in the free online game.

    • Fairway Solitaire
      Fairway Solitaire
      Played 8805 times

      Sit back and relax as you play a nice game of solitaire in Fairway Solitaire on your browser. The graphics are beautiful and the game is just as fun.

    • Gold Rush: Treasure Hunt
      Gold Rush: Treasure Hunt
      Played 21789 times

      Unearth a fortune in fast fun with this colorful challenge. Prospector Jack was once a successful digger, but he was overcome by greed and now his ghost haunts the gold-filled caverns. Click on matching groups of blocks to remove them from the screen and gather gold nuggets for Jack. In return, he'll tell you his tale and give you the chance to prove you're worthy of his secret treasure. Gold Rush

    • Cubis Gold 2
      Cubis Gold 2
      Played 3420 times

      Take your love of Match 3 games to the next level: the third dimension!

    • Zball
      Played 4425 times

      Stay on the wall and do as many zigzags as you can! Just tap the screen to change the direction of the ball. Try not to fall off the edges! How far can you go?

    • Word Search
      Word Search
      Played 9731 times

      Can you beat the clock in this classic word search game? It’s not easy and some of the words are very tricky!

    • The Poppit Stress Buster
      The Poppit Stress Buster
      Played 22683 times

      Reduce your stress level by popping groups of 2 or more balloons of the same color!

    • 1001 Arabian Nights 7
      1001 Arabian Nights 7
      Played 19663 times
    • Shuigo
      Played 14279 times

      Try to match up all of these tiles before the monkey reaches the bananas.

    • Cube Crash
      Cube Crash
      Played 17547 times

      Click on the groups of three or more identical blocks to remove them and score points!