Physics Games

  • Line Connector
    Line Connector
    Played 1296 times


  • Rats Invasion 3
    Rats Invasion 3
    Played 1915 times

    These pesky rats are causing a lot of problems! Aim and shoot to land these infected rodents into traps that will destroy them once and for all in Rats Invasion 3!

  • Energy Physics
    Energy Physics
    Played 1521 times

    Science can really pack a punch!

  • Cover Orange 2
    Cover Orange 2
    Played 8986 times

    It's a beautiful day...but what's that? Here comes the bad weather!

  • Catastrophic Construction
    Catastrophic Construction
    Played 1224 times

    After playing for just two minutes, you'll gain new appreciation for the fine art of clicking-and-dragging!

  • Free Rider HD
    Free Rider HD
    Played 3920 times

    Gamers from all around the world have gathered to design levels and challenge each other’s racing skills in this online game. You can create tracks yourself or just try to make your way to a few finish lines. There’s also cool achievements that you can earn while you design and play.

  • Splitter Pals
    Splitter Pals
    Played 1831 times

    Every ball needs a hole, but reaching it can be a problem.

  • Cover Orange
    Cover Orange
    Played 5192 times

    Without some shelter, the fruit doesn't stand a chance in the nasty rain...

  • Feed Me Moar 3
    Feed Me Moar 3
    Played 2453 times

    These aliens need feeding! Give them what they need to make it through the maze!

  • Cut the Rope
    Cut the Rope
    Played 151498 times

    Sometimes there's just no alternative: you have to cut the rope.

  • Zball 2
    Zball 2
    Played 7736 times

    Can you maneuver this ball across the platform without it falling off the edge? In this sequel of the popular original Zball, it gets's a little trickier!

  • Canary
    Played 2793 times

    Deep underground, there's a busy canary with an important job to do...

  • Jelly Alien
    Jelly Alien
    Played 3094 times

    This gooey creature really needs to pull itself together...

  • GraviCat
    Played 3856 times
  • Prehistoric Pizza Rampage: Dinosaur Game
    Prehistoric Pizza Rampage: Dinosaur Game
    Played 3229 times

    An epic battle for pizza is about to begin...and the T-Rex is starving!

  • Galaxy Force
    Galaxy Force
    Played 7124 times

    Let's frag some aliens! Use your grenade launcher to explode these aliens at just the right moment!

  • Ping Pong Chaos
    Ping Pong Chaos
    Played 2878 times

    Things are bound to get really intense in this retro sports game. The reason why is because these athletes don’t use paddles while they play ping pong, they use their own bodies instead! Join them for what’s sure to be a totally wild tournament.

  • Pillage the Village
    Pillage the Village
    Played 3007 times

    Destroy these worthless villagers and collect their coins in this funny and addictive game on the browser, Pillage the Village! Grab hold of your fortune, player!

  • No Limits
    No Limits
    Played 7632 times

    Can you reach each finish line in these crazy, off-road races?

  • Dream Car Racing
    Dream Car Racing
    Played 3633 times

    Build car—drive car—win race!

  • Fantasy Pinball
    Fantasy Pinball
    Played 2384 times
  • Disaster Will Strike 4
    Disaster Will Strike 4
    Played 6051 times

    All of these monstrous eggs are really getting annoying. Could you smash them to bits?

  • Cradle of Egypt
    Cradle of Egypt
    Played 3979 times

    Rewrite history in this ancient Egyptian puzzle game.

  • Free the Key
    Free the Key
    Played 5731 times

    There’s only one way to escape from this deadly temple: you’ll need to grab the keys in each one of these levels. Move the blocks so you can grab them in this tricky puzzle game.

  • Crash The Robot!: Explosive Edition
    Crash The Robot!: Explosive Edition
    Played 2203 times

    Bye bye, bot.

  • Kaboomz 3
    Kaboomz 3
    Played 2295 times

    With all of these balloons, something is guaranteed to go off with a BANG!

  • Zombie Demolisher 3
    Zombie Demolisher 3
    Played 1722 times

    Zombies are marching and munching their way up through North America. Only you can stop their latest feeding frenzy. Tear them to shreds with a flying wrecking ball in this free online game.

  • Vehicles
    Played 6311 times

    It's time for some defensive driving—the dark vehicles are invading!

  • Go Home Ball 2
    Go Home Ball 2
    Played 2036 times

    Show off your sick physics skills and bounce these balls home!

  • Ninja Painter 2
    Ninja Painter 2
    Played 2653 times

    This ninja master is back in action and this time he’s bringing a friend along. Help them complete their missions while they take the art of the ninja to a whole new level. Can you help them find stars and paint buckets as they begin their journey in this action game?

  • Disaster Will Strike 3
    Disaster Will Strike 3
    Played 2791 times

    You can’t save a planet without breaking a few eggs…that’s how the saying goes, right?

  • Andy's Golf
    Andy's Golf
    Played 15397 times

    Think you’ve got what it takes to get a hole in one? It’s not as easy as it looks. Complete the course!

  • Little Alchemy 2
    Little Alchemy 2
    Played 9159 times

    You never know what you’ll wind up with in this magical online game. Combine the elements of the earth, wind and more to create new objects.

  • Spaceman 2023
    Spaceman 2023
    Played 2373 times

    Put on your space suit and travel the galaxy killing aliens and exploring new fantastic worlds!

  • Operate Now: Pericardium Surgery
    Operate Now: Pericardium Surgery
    Played 33068 times

    Get down to the OR, Doc! This young patient is experiencing chest pains and he needs your help...

  • Cute Owl
    Cute Owl
    Played 2481 times

    Wake the cute owl up, and get ready to make some noise!

An Atomic Blast

Why do we need physics? Well, the most basic answer is that physics makes things possible. Just think, without the branch of science that sprung from the study of nature and philosophy, there would be no space rockets, cars, computers, iPhones, airplanes, or the plethora of other inventions that we use daily. Sir Issac Newton knew this in the 17th century when he tried to pin down what made the world go round. Before Newton though, in ancient Greece Aristotle used it to start to explain nature. 

Physics can be fascinating. Some of the concepts aren’t always the easiest for pupils, or adults for that matter, to grasp. Online games can spotlight the major ideas of this branch of science. Physics kids games teach about world’s great thinkers, both from the past and present, through virtual examples and simulations. Kids can play with virtual wooden blocks to meet the world of physics with Blosics. High-school physics games get a little tougher...and more exciting! 

Or maybe you're just looking for a little physics-based engineering fun? With the Engine of Creation, players defy the laws of Physics with their creepy crawly triangle. For an electrifying experience, Wirebuzz tests concentration skills as you guide a metal loop along a wire without touching it. Touch the wire, and you lose! 

Astronomical discoveries helped Italian mathematician, astronomer, and physicist Galileo Galilei as he spearheaded the Scientific revolution and improved his telescope in the 16th and 17th centuries. You too can reach for the stars with the physics game Lofty Tower, pillaring up as high as possible, without toppling down.

Explode onto the scene with any one of these games and see how the world really turns.