Skill Games

  • Super Playboy
    Super Playboy
    Played 1468 times

    You thought it was super to step out on your supergirlfriend, and now you're super-stranded in super-trouble!

  • Cars vs. Zombies
    Cars vs. Zombies
    Played 1814 times

    Vent your zombie-apocalypse frustrations on the walking dead, because...well...they're already dead.

  • NightFlies
    Played 1747 times

    These lightning bugs love to boogie. Solve each puzzle to turn the light on so they can dance the night away.

  • Hippos vs Rhinos
    Hippos vs Rhinos
    Played 657 times

    The hippos are finally fighting back, and it’s gonna get nasty…

  • Pirate Booty
    Pirate Booty
    Played 7903 times

    A pirate ship was just spotted offshore! Can you blow up all of the buccaneers on board before they invade the island and steal all of its precious booty? The locals are depending on you in this action game.

  • Cute Owl
    Cute Owl
    Played 908 times

    Wake the cute owl up, and get ready to make some noise!

  • Mad Bombs 2
    Mad Bombs 2
    Played 699 times

    Sometimes slaying zombies requires some self-sacrifice...

  • Grace QWOP
    Grace QWOP
    Played 775 times

    You are Grace, but not always when you are running for the first time. Use the QWOP keys to move your legs and try to run 100 meters. Be careful, it is much harder than it looks! This is not about winning or losing, but how determined are you to complete the distance to the finishing line?

  • Save The Chicken
    Save The Chicken
    Played 666 times

    Your mission, should you choose to accept it: save the chicken!

  • Sly Fox
    Sly Fox
    Played 2009 times

    This clever fox is no match for your farm fresh puzzle-solving skills!

  • Moon and Sun
    Moon and Sun
    Played 945 times

    The moon and sun are on a tight schedule, so help them make their appearances on time!

  • Good Daddy
    Good Daddy
    Played 542 times

    He might be a total square but he’s a great parent.

  • Loot the King
    Loot the King
    Played 928 times

    This greedy monarch needs to be taught a lesson or two. It’s time to raid the royal treasury!

  • Teddies & Monsters
    Teddies & Monsters
    Played 580 times

    Help some lovable and huggable bears defeat some not-so lovable or huggable beasts.

  • Super Soccer Star 2
    Super Soccer Star 2
    Played 761 times

    Head back to the field and see if you can score tons of goals in this challenging soccer game. Can you get the ball into the net and collect lots of stars too?

  • Cars vs. Robots
    Cars vs. Robots
    Played 973 times

    Bad bots, bad bots, whatcha gonna do?

  • Mazerat
    Played 578 times

    This poor rat was just kidnapped by aliens and now he has to escape from a maze on their spaceship. Can you help him move blocks and avoid lasers while he searches for an escape route in this online game?

  • Slam Dunk Forever
    Slam Dunk Forever
    Played 3434 times

    Hit the court for some exciting b-ball action with this intense online game. How many times in a row can you toss the explosive ball through the hoop? If you miss a shot, it’ll blow up. Literally!

  • Cheese Dash Ninja
    Cheese Dash Ninja
    Played 2680 times
  • Age Manipulation 2
    Age Manipulation 2
    Played 62 times
  • Apple Boom
    Apple Boom
    Played 37 times

    Destroy apples with the help of some spikey hedgehogs...just because you can.

  • Beaver Blocks 2
    Beaver Blocks 2
    Played 409 times

    Can you help this radical rodent avoid the obstacles, and a hungry fox or two, so he can join his friends?

  • Bipole
    Played 42 times

    Put a positive spin on the rule that opposites attract!

  • Bouncy and Monstro
    Bouncy and Monstro
    Played 17 times

    Bouncy and Monsto are two best friends who love to chase after stars and eat them for dinner. Help them in their adventure of collecting stars which unfortunately got little Bouncy stuck!

  • Box Rotation
    Box Rotation
    Played 164 times

    Need a little help sharpening your reflexes? Whirl, twirl, swoop, and soar around these obstacle courses. Just master some tricky turning maneuvers, and you'll be on a roll!

  • Car Ferry
    Car Ferry
    Played 233 times

    Better brush up on your bridge-building skills or this car's gonna be sleeping with the fishes...

  • Deconstruction 2
    Deconstruction 2
    Played 65 times

    Blast these buildings to bits with your own friendly demolition robot!

  • Choose Your 2012
    Choose Your 2012
    Played 358 times

    How will you destroy the world? Meteorites, hurricane, volcano…

  • Dots: Revamped
    Dots: Revamped
    Played 103 times

    Join these wacky heads as they try to catch as much of the smiley faces they can. Catch them all and dodge the unhappy faces. How many of them will you capture?

  • Feed the Dragon
    Feed the Dragon
    Played 86 times

    This dragon is very hungry. If you don’t keep him well fed, you might wind up dead. So grab the pillow and help all of this yummy fruit bounce into his mouth in this crazy action game.

  • Fluffy Rescue
    Fluffy Rescue
    Played 21 times

    These little balls of fluff were just trying to enjoy a relaxing afternoon in their nest. Then a spider showed up and ruined everything. Can you help them fight back and rescue their friend in this online game?

  • Fractured
    Played 13 times

    This boy is desperate to get back to his mom but he’s trapped in a very mixed-up place. Can you help him?

  • Good Daddy 2
    Good Daddy 2
    Played 132 times

    This fabulous father is trying to get his son to school, but he could use a little help...

  • Hold My Hand, Friend
    Hold My Hand, Friend
    Played 26 times

    These friendly monsters want to hold hands with each other. Can you help them connect with one another in this cute puzzle game?

  • Hungry Insects
    Hungry Insects
    Played 22 times

    These bugs are really hungry, but it looks like they’ve just found their next meal...

  • Light People on Fire
    Light People on Fire
    Played 425 times

    Share your flame with as many people as possible by running past them.

    • Pazuru
      Played 18 times

      Can you direct this beam to the right spot by shifting these barriers? It’s trickier than it looks...

    • Piggy Wiggy 4 Zombie Edition
      Piggy Wiggy 4 Zombie Edition
      Played 70 times

      On this new horrific version of Piggy Wiggy or fat friends are turned into zombies! Join them on a new adventure where you have to eat brains, avoid obstacles and overall have a lot of fun!

    • Playful Kitty
      Playful Kitty
      Played 107 times

      Help this poor kitty get their yarn ball in this family fun puzzle game, Playful Kitty! If you make a mistake, you can quickly retry!

    • Raccoon Sweet Rush
      Raccoon Sweet Rush
      Played 77 times

      This furry fellow loves candy and doughnuts. He just can’t seem to get enough of them. Help him gobble up as many sweets as he can in this fun, and totally free, online game.

    • Red and Green
      Red and Green
      Played 325 times

      These colorful monsters love candy. Take control of the cannon and see if you can knock them over towards some yummy sweets. Help them fill their tummies in this free online game.

    • Roadkill Revenge
      Roadkill Revenge
      Played 33 times

      How much damage can you cause in this hilarious 2D arcade game, Roadkill Revenge? Find out by crashing your vehicle into a variety of cars and trucks to cause the most destruction!

    • SmashZ
      Played 47 times

      In a world overrun with zombies, only one construction worker can put an end to all of the madness. Join Big Bob as he wipes out the undead with anvils and other heavy objects in this action game.

    • Soccer Mover 2015
      Soccer Mover 2015
      Played 296 times
    • Space Duuude
      Space Duuude
      Played 20 times

      This green one-eyed ghost alien is on a roll towards the light! Overcome obstacles, jump and collect the various bolts and screws along the way! Avoid the scary dark monsters and robots in 27 levels of space explorations, duuude!

    • The Tower
      The Tower
      Played 150 times

      Can you build a tower that will stand the test of time...or at least for the next few minutes?

    • Traffic
      Played 314 times

      The goal in the reaction game Traffic is to find the right moment to guide the little chicken safely across the streets. Be careful and watch out for the cars! Show your skills and reflexes and beat the high-score in this challenging street crossing game!

    • Wirebuzz
      Played 146 times

      This wire loop game is all about concentration as you guide the metal loop along a wire without touching it. If you touch the wire you lose. Guide the loop down or up along the twisting shape of the path. Wirebuzz is a virtual fun way to develop or improve your hand-eye coordination!