Skill Games

  • Flakboy 2
    Flakboy 2
    Played 8766 times

    Flakboy's back for another beating, so bust out the arsenal and show him what you've got!

  • Wake the Rabbit
    Wake the Rabbit
    Played 593 times

    It’s time for this dozy bunny to wake up! What’s it gonna take?

  • Geometry Dash Online
    Geometry Dash Online
    Played 11904 times

    Put your reaction skills to the test in this fast-paced game where you have to jump to avoid oncoming objects.

  • Destroy the Village
    Destroy the Village
    Played 2894 times

    It may take a village to raise a child, but to destroy a village, it takes rockets.

  • Flakboy
    Played 9989 times

    An experiment in physical destruction: how much damage can you deal?

  • Days of Monsters
    Days of Monsters
    Played 2856 times

    This diabolical doctor is about to unleash something sinister on the world. Doesn’t that sound like a blast?

  • Bridge Builder
    Bridge Builder
    Played 3250 times

    Help build bridges in this family fun game for all ages on the browser, Bridge Builder! Build the best bridges you can while earning the highest score!

  • Wheely 5: Armageddon
    Wheely 5: Armageddon
    Played 6630 times
  • Snail Bob 7: Fantasy Story
    Snail Bob 7: Fantasy Story
    Played 27569 times

    Bob was up late reading fairy tales. Now his dreams are filled with dragons and wizards...

  • Steamlands
    Played 1784 times

    When pirates in steam tanks roam the lands, a mercenary commander must venture forth to save the day...

  • Cover Orange: Wild West
    Cover Orange: Wild West
    Played 2161 times

    Being small and alone in the mean old wild west ain’t easy. Try to save your skin in this fun puzzle game.

  • Cover Orange: Player Pack
    Cover Orange: Player Pack
    Played 3526 times

    Agh! These cute fruits don't want to be pulp—they just want some shelter.

  • Conveyor
    Played 637 times

    The next shipment date is coming up soon, and all these boxes still need to be packed!

  • Color World
    Color World
    Played 2570 times

    Conquer color with your cunning cannon craft.

  • Snail Bob
    Snail Bob
    Played 137497 times

    Help this slimy but spirited snail make the journey to his sparkling new abode!

  • Rubble Trouble Tokyo
    Rubble Trouble Tokyo
    Played 5153 times

    It's time to take out Tokyo...

  • Toilet Success
    Toilet Success
    Played 9480 times

    Successful toilet trips are all about careful planning: never let the turtle stick its head out.

  • Frogout
    Played 5713 times

    Humans have made a mess of the planet—and and a mutant frog is our only hope!

  • Laser Cannon 2
    Laser Cannon 2
    Played 3957 times

    Zap these monsters into oblivion!

  • Rubble Trouble Moscow
    Rubble Trouble Moscow
    Played 4307 times

    Ready for some noise? Things are going off with a BANG.

  • Crush the Castle
    Crush the Castle
    Played 8976 times

    Your king demands the upstart castles of the would-be usurpers be CRUSHED. (Literally.)

  • Cubium
    Played 1600 times

    These cubes have just one destination: the ground.

  • Bowman 2
    Bowman 2
    Played 15354 times

    Find out who is the best archer in the entire world in this intense archer game, Bowman 2! Fight against either the computer or your friend!

  • Illuminate 1
    Illuminate 1
    Played 8436 times

    This puzzle game will help you light up your life! Switch around the wires so they can connect each one of these batteries to the light bulbs.

  • Doodle God Blitz
    Doodle God Blitz
    Played 1321 times

    This delightful deity has a brand new world on his hands. Can you help him fill it with tons of cool stuff?

  • Circus Acrobats
    Circus Acrobats
    Played 697 times

    Send the circus acrobat spinning through the air, but make sure he lands safely instead of going splat!

  • Cover Orange 2
    Cover Orange 2
    Played 4801 times

    It's a beautiful day...but what's that? Here comes the bad weather!

  • Bridge Tactics 2
    Bridge Tactics 2
    Played 6829 times

    Back with a bridge-blasting vengeance!

  • Crush The Castle 2
    Crush The Castle 2
    Played 745 times

    Play the game that will have you try out different weapons of ranged battle in order to crush your enemy in the exciting browser game, Crush the Castle 2!

  • Zombotron
    Played 2143 times

    Planet Zombotron is overrun with zombies—and they're hungry.

  • Destroy More Cars
    Destroy More Cars
    Played 4542 times

    Have a need for speed?

  • Laser Cannon 3: Levels Pack
    Laser Cannon 3: Levels Pack
    Played 2851 times

    Take control of this super-powered laser to squish as many of these icky aliens as you can.

  • Bouncing Dot
    Bouncing Dot
    Played 8275 times

    Can you keep this colorful dot afloat without it hitting the ground?

  • Line Connector
    Line Connector
    Played 2274 times


  • Water Ragdoll 2
    Water Ragdoll 2
    Played 6050 times

    Let your imagination run wild again in the sequel of the popular Water Ragdoll! Torture the locked up doll with various weapons, crazy new experiments, balloons, bombs and so much more!

  • Ricochet Kills 4
    Ricochet Kills 4
    Played 2959 times

    You’ll need to use the awesome power of physics in order to defeat this latest batch of criminals. Use your shooting skills to take them out, one by one, in this online game.

    • London Rex
      London Rex
      Played 6067 times

      This very hungry dinosaur has never been to London before. Can you help him find some tasty humans to eat?

    • Paper Pirates
      Paper Pirates
      Played 576 times

      Pirates hate getting wet—especially when there’s a hungry shark on the prowl!

    • Circus LP
      Circus LP
      Played 2244 times
    • Light People on Fire
      Light People on Fire
      Played 725 times

      Share your flame with as many people as possible by running past them.

    • Apple Shooter Champ
      Apple Shooter Champ
      Played 19442 times

      Use your bow and arrow in this cool shooter game and aim carefully to avoid a hit on your girlfriend!

    • Truck Loader 2
      Truck Loader 2
      Played 3376 times

      Forklifts are easy to operate...right?

    • Crash the Robot!
      Crash the Robot!
      Played 1477 times

      Bot go boom!

    • The Stuntman
      The Stuntman
      Played 5413 times

      Hit this guy as hard as you can!

    • Tornado
      Played 6061 times

      Steer your tornado and destroy trees, cars, and buildings for points.

    • Operate Now: Pericardium Surgery
      Operate Now: Pericardium Surgery
      Played 16342 times

      Get down to the OR, Doc! This young patient is experiencing chest pains and he needs your help...

    • Riggs Digger
      Riggs Digger
      Played 2250 times

      Why build when you can break? Time to manipulate the physics of destruction!

    • Laser Cannon 3
      Laser Cannon 3
      Played 2638 times

      Dust off your trigger finger. Another wave of pesky monsters has invaded the planet...