Mobile & Tablet Games

  • Popstar Dentist
    Popstar Dentist
    Played 5209 times

    Eww…do these popstars ever brush their teeth?

  • Blue Box 2
    Blue Box 2
    Played 462 times

    Can you link up the cute boxes in this super fun sequel?

  • Bike Tyke
    Bike Tyke
    Played 76 times

    The paperboy has an easy job...except for potholes, obstacles in the street, pedestrians, and cops.

  • The Cheapskates
    The Cheapskates
    Played 109 times

    There's nothing wrong with being a cheapskate: instead, it's a whole lot of fun!

  • Wasabi
    Played 255 times

    This little bundle of spicy joy has a serious sweet tooth and a fatal allergy to vegetables!

  • Magic Monsters
    Magic Monsters
    Played 1700 times

    They’re lovable…but huggable? Not so much. See how many monsters you can match up.

  • Loot the King
    Loot the King
    Played 1665 times

    This greedy monarch needs to be taught a lesson or two. It’s time to raid the royal treasury!

  • Happy Stacking
    Happy Stacking
    Played 193 times

    Pile up these smiling boxes before your time runs out.

  • Nutrush
    Played 2913 times

    Winter is coming and this squirrel needs to collect tons of tasty acorns.

  • Dream Love Link 2
    Dream Love Link 2
    Played 2988 times

    True love has met its match—its Mahjong match that is.

  • Eye Eye
    Eye Eye
    Played 775 times

    This fiendish puzzle is not for the faint-hearted! How far can you get without falling??

  • All About Strawberry
    All About Strawberry
    Played 302 times

    This girl knows a berry cool way to look berrylicious.

  • Dream Farm Link 2
    Dream Farm Link 2
    Played 8989 times

    We insist that you play with your food.

  • Bob the Robber 2
    Bob the Robber 2
    Played 64758 times

    The city is in danger again and only this pint-sized bandit can save the day.

  • Antonio's Professional Make-Up
    Antonio's Professional Make-Up
    Played 3362 times

    Pick up some pro make-up tips from Antonio's popular salon!

  • Hair Expert 2
    Hair Expert 2
    Played 1716 times

    Wonder what it’s like to work in a luxurious salon? Let Georgio take you on a tour.

  • 7 Dates: Second Date
    7 Dates: Second Date
    Played 5187 times

    So many cute guys to choose from! Can you sweet-talk yourself a fun date with one of them?

  • Hair Expert
    Hair Expert
    Played 2054 times

    So much hair, so little time. The salon is where all the action is!

  • Touchdown: American Football
    Touchdown: American Football
    Played 37685 times

    You'll need some serious skills (or a miracle) to score the winning touchdown!

  • 7 Dates
    7 Dates
    Played 7670 times

    Forget the seven wonders of the ancient world: here are seven wonders of the dating world!

  • Dream Pet Link 2
    Dream Pet Link 2
    Played 7533 times

    It's double trouble: cute animals must meet their match.

  • Shopaholic: Models
    Shopaholic: Models
    Played 7678 times

    Can you shop your way to supermodel stardom?

  • Beckham Celebrity Puzzle
    Beckham Celebrity Puzzle
    Played 574 times

    World-famous soccer player David Beckham and his posh wife, Victoria, are in pieces!

  • Midnight Snacks
    Midnight Snacks
    Played 2363 times

    The tummy wants what the tummy wants...

  • Digging Diamonds
    Digging Diamonds
    Played 11746 times

    Dig through the dirt for a diamond in the rough.

  • The Candy is Mine
    The Candy is Mine
    Played 1149 times

    The big bad wolf is on a hunt for sugar 'n' spice...

  • Dream Farm Link
    Dream Farm Link
    Played 22995 times

    We insist that you play with your food.

  • Sea Treasure Match
    Sea Treasure Match
    Played 6071 times

    Swap this sea maiden's secret stash of jewels!