Skill Games

  • Princesses Fashion Hunters
    Princesses Fashion Hunters
    Played 571 times

    Snow White and Rapunzel are hunting for a new look and they want to try on some jumpsuits. Can you help them with their makeup before they jump into these cool outfits?

  • Princesses Casting Rush
    Princesses Casting Rush
    Played 1178 times

    All three of these princesses overslept and they’re running late for a casting call. Can you help them put together some cute outfits, and fast, in this dress up game for girls? They’ll also need some help with their makeup and finding their phones too!

  • Antonio's Professional Make-Up
    Antonio's Professional Make-Up
    Played 2705 times

    Pick up some pro make-up tips from Antonio's popular salon!

  • Sweet Girl Makeover
    Sweet Girl Makeover
    Played 661 times

    Sweet as this girl may be, she needs you to scoop her out a big makeover sundae. Make sure she's fresh and fragrant and then give her a new look that's pure confection.

  • Sue's Make Up Makeover
    Sue's Make Up Makeover
    Played 1063 times

    Give Sue the perfect make up makeover for her date!

  • Princess Selfie Lover
    Princess Selfie Lover
    Played 3896 times

    Selfies are one of this princess’ favorite things in the whole wide world. Can you help her choose some great outfits for each one of these three outings so she can take a few photos? Once she’s done, she can meet up with her friends in this online game for girls.

  • Sue's Beauty Machine
    Sue's Beauty Machine
    Played 2135 times

    Pull the handle, mix body parts, and see the character created.

  • Stella's Dress Up: Date Night
    Stella's Dress Up: Date Night
    Played 1583 times

    Stella and her lovely friends are getting ready for a romantic date night! Play this glamorous dress up game with countless fashion items to make any date a runway success!

  • Polynesian Princess Adventure Style
    Polynesian Princess Adventure Style
    Played 3081 times

    This princess lives on a tropical island and she’s searching for a new look that represents her adventurous spirit. Join her while she picks out a new style of lipstick, a cool outfit and more in this dress up game for girls.

  • Elements Makeover: Earth Princess
    Elements Makeover: Earth Princess
    Played 652 times

    Let this girl's earthy natural beauty shine!

  • Popstar Girl Facial
    Popstar Girl Facial
    Played 1256 times

    Popstars get blemishes too, so get your facial kit ready and turn this spotlet into a starlet.

  • Ledge and the Spirit Stone
    Ledge and the Spirit Stone
    Played 1386 times

    Head straight into the path of danger and face off against an evil wizard to save the Spirit Stone!

  • Time for School Make Up
    Time for School Make Up
    Played 1541 times

    It doesn’t matter when you’re late to school if you're this fabulous!

  • Make Up Race
    Make Up Race
    Played 732 times

    This make-up match will make your head spin!

  • Japanese Spa Facial Beauty
    Japanese Spa Facial Beauty
    Played 766 times

    Japanese makeovers are a fine art. Get one now!

  • Doll Make Up
    Doll Make Up
    Played 622 times

    Choose the nicest make-up for this cute little doll!

  • Funny Food Face
    Funny Food Face
    Played 1430 times

    Click on a piece of food, drag it onto the plate, and create a funny face!

  • Nerdy Girl Makeover 2
    Nerdy Girl Makeover 2
    Played 4267 times

    Everyone needs their spa time...especially Nerdy Girl.

  • Cannon Tester
    Cannon Tester
    Played 1391 times

    Set your own face a-flying in this explosive challenge from the land of Aus.

  • Princesses Winter Fun
    Princesses Winter Fun
    Played 5917 times

    These three princesses just can’t decide how to enjoy a snowy afternoon. Should they go ice skating or start a snowball fight? Or maybe they could just stay inside and have some hot cocoa instead? What do you think they should do in this wintry game for girls?

  • Bride Preparation Facial
    Bride Preparation Facial
    Played 678 times

    This girl’s very special day is coming up quick. She could really use your make-up tips and advice.

  • Curveball
    Played 1722 times

    Curveballs flying at your face! Do you have the paddle skills to handle them?

  • My Cold Season Avatar
    My Cold Season Avatar
    Played 689 times

    This girl is getting ready for the coolest season of the year in this game for girls. Can you help her prepare for all of the wintry weather that’s coming? She needs to choose an outfit that’s perfect for a frosty day and some great makeup to go with it.

  • Princesses Beauty Vlog
    Princesses Beauty Vlog
    Played 3011 times

    These two princesses want to start a vlog but they could use your help. Join them while they try on some cool makeup and choose the perfect outfits. Afterwards, you can upload their fashion videos to YouTube for them in this dress up game for girls.

  • Bridal Beauty Makeover
    Bridal Beauty Makeover
    Played 886 times

    When the Big Day finally arrives, every blushing bride wants to look her best.

  • Princesses BFFs Summer Break
    Princesses BFFs Summer Break
    Played 521 times
  • Ellie Becomes an Actress
    Ellie Becomes an Actress
    Played 1449 times

    Ellie has always wanted to become an actress in Hollywood and now she’s about to make her dreams come true! Her first audition is tomorrow. Help Ellie make sure that her makeup is just right and her outfit looks awesome in this dress up game for girls.

  • TV Anchor Makeover
    TV Anchor Makeover
    Played 869 times

    This reporter needs a relaxing trip to the spa before her next big broadcast. Can you help?

  • Princess Wedding Makeup
    Princess Wedding Makeup
    Played 524 times

    This princess is getting herself ready for the best wedding ever! Help her pick out a great gown, the perfect shoes and some awesome makeup in this makeover game.

  • Ellie Magazine: Cover Star
    Ellie Magazine: Cover Star
    Played 771 times

    Ellie is getting ready for a Vogue magazine cover shoot. She’ll need help with her hair, her outfit and her makeup in this very fashionable game for girls.

  • Winter Fairies: Princesses
    Winter Fairies: Princesses
    Played 1297 times

    These three princesses are dreaming about a fairy tale kingdom filled with magic and adventure. Tag along with them while they go in search of some enchanting outfits in this dress up game for girls. They’ll need your help while they explore dangerous mountaintops and investigate a mysterious workshop.

  • Princess Plaid Fashion Trend
    Princess Plaid Fashion Trend
    Played 1891 times

    This fashionable princess is trying out a new trend today. Help her design a cool outfit with lots of awesome plaid patterns in this makeover game for girls. She also wants to experiment with some new makeup too.

  •  Dating My Crush: Makeover
    Dating My Crush: Makeover
    Played 738 times

    This girl has a date with the guy she’s been chasing all year. Help her look fab!

  • Cute Student Makeover
    Cute Student Makeover
    Played 745 times

    This student has a major fashion emergency, and the first day of class is coming up quick! Can you help?

  • Prom Princess Makeover
    Prom Princess Makeover
    Played 591 times

    Prom season is just around the corner. Will you be ready?

  • Spider Riders: The Hunt
    Spider Riders: The Hunt
    Played 525 times

    Can you face down this Invectid-infested landscape to be a hero to the health of your people?

    • Audrey Venice Carnival Fashion
      Audrey Venice Carnival Fashion
      Played 1558 times

      Audrey is getting ready for one of the coolest events of the year in Venice. Join her while she picks out some makeup and a fantastic gown that’s totally perfect for Carnival. Can you help her look great in this dress up game for girls?

    • Angeline Make Over
      Angeline Make Over
      Played 570 times

      Change Angeline's look by choosing for her a make-up, hairdo and clothes.

    • Ellie & Ben: Fashion Couple
      Ellie & Ben: Fashion Couple
      Played 796 times

      This cute couple is getting ready for a photo shoot with a photographer from a very popular fashion magazine. Can you help them pick out some outfits for it in this dress up game?

    • My Beauty Spa Panic
      My Beauty Spa Panic
      Played 1412 times

      Don’t panic! This luxurious spa has a ton of customers waiting and they need your help, ASAP.

    • Ellie's Ultimate Studs Look
      Ellie's Ultimate Studs Look
      Played 1402 times

      Ellie wants to try out some new looks that include tons of glittering studs and other awesome features. Could you help her put together some outfits that are totally cool in this design game for girls? She’ll also need some assistance with her makeup too.

    • Princesses Sparkle Fashion
      Princesses Sparkle Fashion
      Played 1377 times

      These two princesses totally love outfits that sparkle and shine. Can you help them put on some makeup before they pick out what to wear in this dress up game for girls?

    • Makeover Designer
      Makeover Designer
      Played 856 times

      Choose a new face, design new clothes, and dress your girl, boy, or cat model in this fun makeover game!

    • Jessy’s Party Prep
      Jessy’s Party Prep
      Played 714 times

      Jessy's pumped for tonight's party, but she hasn't prepared at all!

    • Inked Up Tattoo Shop
      Inked Up Tattoo Shop
      Played 910 times

      Are you ready to sling some ink and design some tight tats for these two girls?

    • Carol's Temp Job
      Carol's Temp Job
      Played 1705 times

      Carol’s new job is pretty boring. Could you help her put on some makeup and do her nails without her annoying coworkers finding out about it? She would really appreciate it in this game for girls.

    • Celebrity Fan's Facial
      Celebrity Fan's Facial
      Played 109 times

      These beautiful celebrities always look amazing and the fans what to look just like them. Do a makeover on the fans to look like their favorite celebrity in this family fun game.

    • Dream Diva Legs
      Dream Diva Legs
      Played 26 times

      Every girl wants a perfect pair of legs…