Highscore Games

  • Rachel's Kitchen Grand Prix: Seafood
    Rachel's Kitchen Grand Prix: Seafood
    Played 1769 times

    Rachel’s done it again, this time with seafood!

  • Make Up Race
    Make Up Race
    Played 1432 times

    This make-up match will make your head spin!

  • Big Evil Robots
    Big Evil Robots
    Played 568 times

    It's a 21st-century David and Goliath—are you bad enough to beat the bots?

  • Rich Cars
    Rich Cars
    Played 2342 times

    These <b>racing</b> machines pack some serious rocket power!

  • Kissing Rikshaw
    Kissing Rikshaw
    Played 1166 times

    Stealthy secret smooching...

  • Total Takedown
    Total Takedown
    Played 5200 times

    Road rage (noun): Aggressive behavior behind the wheel, provoked by another driver's irritating actions.

  • Successful Experiment
    Successful Experiment
    Played 2739 times

    Lab rat...or Nobel Prize-winning physicist?

  • Swindler
    Played 668 times

    To slime or not to slime, that is the question.

  • Rush Rush Pizza
    Rush Rush Pizza
    Played 1597 times

    Everybody wants a piece of you (well, of your pizza). So, hop on your scooter and get delivering!

  • Tank Attack
    Tank Attack
    Played 2880 times

    Time to tank out your enemies!

  • I am Voodoo
    I am Voodoo
    Played 645 times

    Armed only with pins, sewing is the last thing on this little voodoo doll's mind...

  • Elevator Rush
    Elevator Rush
    Played 4004 times

    Whether they're moving on up or going down, it's your job to get them there!

  • Dream Tower
    Dream Tower
    Played 585 times

    Bounce and bound your way to the top of a mystical dream tower!

  • Yacht Parking
    Yacht Parking
    Played 1821 times

    Careful! Do you have any idea how much one of these things costs?!

  • Cricket Rivals
    Cricket Rivals
    Played 4130 times

    Bowl them over with your beastly batting skills!

  • Bug Attack
    Bug Attack
    Played 1172 times

    Defend your picnic from hordes of bugs on the rampage!

  • Car Ferry
    Car Ferry
    Played 751 times

    Better brush up on your bridge-building skills or this car's gonna be sleeping with the fishes...

  • Make it Rain
    Make it Rain
    Played 5417 times
  • Donut Bar
    Donut Bar
    Played 2874 times

    Open wide and take a giant bite of chocolate-covered, deep-fried fun!

  • Hot Pursuit City
    Hot Pursuit City
    Played 5018 times

    Being a cop isn't easy—but you do get to drive fast and shoot stuff. #WINNING!

  • Go Home Ball 2
    Go Home Ball 2
    Played 888 times

    Show off your sick physics skills and bounce these balls home!

  • Kamikaze Blocks
    Kamikaze Blocks
    Played 699 times

    Feed the monsters! Hint: they love a tasty block or two. Mmm.

  • Blast!
    Played 4682 times

    Whether they go pop or bang, clearing these balls is sure to be a blast!

  • Jumping Bananas
    Jumping Bananas
    Played 5028 times

    Help the monkey collect every banana in the level.

  • Diving for Love
    Diving for Love
    Played 1280 times

    How deep is your love?

  • Meerkat Mission
    Meerkat Mission
    Played 780 times

    This mob of meerkats has a mind for mayhem!

  • Rocketville
    Played 759 times

    They might look cute...but they must be destroyed!

  • Babe Rescue
    Babe Rescue
    Played 593 times

    Somebody's nabbed your babes. NOBODY nabs your babes.

  • Rolling Fall 2
    Rolling Fall 2
    Played 916 times

    Unleash the power of physics...these zombies won't know what hit them.

  • Rugby Down Hero
    Rugby Down Hero
    Played 5955 times

    This crazy game combines the thrills of football with the excitement of rugby. Can you become a gridiron hero?

  • Epic Defender
    Epic Defender
    Played 3018 times

    Eradicate the enemy to become king of the hill!

  • Space Pirates Tower Defense
    Space Pirates Tower Defense
    Played 1094 times

    In space, no one can hear you yarr!

  • Robin Hood and Treasures
    Robin Hood and Treasures
    Played 2655 times

    Rob from the rich and give to the poor!

  • Breakout
    Played 2354 times

    It’s easy to get into prison, but tough to get out!

  • Lizzie's Royal Dinner
    Lizzie's Royal Dinner
    Played 1892 times

    Kitchen chaos can't keep this lucky lady from her prince charming!

  • Fish Tacos: Sara's Cooking Class
    Fish Tacos: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 1544 times

    No silverware allowed—these tacos are fit for finger-food fans only!

    • Daily Witness 2
      Daily Witness 2
      Played 980 times

      4 weeks, 4 cases, with each day's scene bringing you one step closer to the truth...

    • Mini Car Racer
      Mini Car Racer
      Played 3076 times

      Go the distance. Go for speed. Go—now!

    • My Perfume Salon 2
      My Perfume Salon 2
      Played 1001 times

      Ah, the sweet smell of success!

    • Burger Restaurant 4
      Burger Restaurant 4
      Played 8241 times

      Travel all over the world...and the solar system...and keep those burger lovers happy!

    • Go Go Agent Zero!
      Go Go Agent Zero!
      Played 5013 times

      Shoot 'em up, secret-agent style! Eat your heart out, Mr. Bond...

    • Last Guardian
      Last Guardian
      Played 851 times

      The city's last hopes for survival are resting on you...no pressure, soldier.

    • Love at the Lake
      Love at the Lake
      Played 2111 times

      Board the boat and lock lips on the open water!

    • Papa's Taco Mia
      Papa's Taco Mia
      Played 15406 times

      Take a bite of this tasty, tempting, Mexican treat!

    • Downhill Hamsterball
      Downhill Hamsterball
      Played 3047 times

      This hamster is loose and ready to go on a rollicking roll to the finish line!

    • Car Eats Car
      Car Eats Car
      Played 7678 times

      Fight your way to the finish in this demolition derby gone wild!

    • Blockmover
      Played 3663 times

      Making blocks disappear doesn’t require a lot of heavy lifting—just a click of the mouse!

    • Animal Dash
      Animal Dash
      Played 5172 times

      Run, cow, run!