Skill Games

  • Car Chaos
    Car Chaos
    Played 1196 times

    Can you keep your cool in times of chaos—or will your nerves result in a crippling car crash?

  • Urban Assassin
    Urban Assassin
    Played 1427 times

    Go ahead, make my day.

  • Canary
    Played 1966 times

    Deep underground, there's a busy canary with an important job to do...

  • Money Truck
    Money Truck
    Played 10647 times

    Money, money, money...

  • Skateboard City 2
    Skateboard City 2
    Played 6516 times

    Urban skateboarding is probably the best extreme sport ever created. Grab your board and join the crew!

  • Emma's Recipes: Rainbow Clown Cake
    Emma's Recipes: Rainbow Clown Cake
    Played 2232 times

    Emma's really done it this time!

  • Perfect Fall
    Perfect Fall
    Played 102837 times

    Are you ready to shoot some hoops? Hit the court and aim to win in this awesome sports game, Perfect Fall!

  • Super Doggy
    Super Doggy
    Played 1342 times

    Super doggy needs to use his super powers to save the puppies from the evil Lord Claw.

  • Tractor Mania
    Tractor Mania
    Played 20344 times

    This ain't your grandpa's tractor...

  • Dolphin Pop
    Dolphin Pop
    Played 5309 times

    Pop this porpoise's pesky problems away!

  • Azgard Tower Defense
    Azgard Tower Defense
    Played 6972 times

    Hordes of horrible creatures descend upon your fantasy land. Magic towers to the defense!

  • Carjacked in 60 Seconds
    Carjacked in 60 Seconds
    Played 1034 times

    Who’s the city’s most wanted criminal hotshot? Prove yourself and steal the title…

  • Headless Joe
    Headless Joe
    Played 1152 times

    Lucky for Joe, there's still hope for robots without heads!

  • Gunshot Cowboy
    Gunshot Cowboy
    Played 1383 times

    When the going gets tough, the tough see red!

  • Double Panda
    Double Panda
    Played 596 times

    Two pandas are better than one...

  • Operate Now: Leg Surgery
    Operate Now: Leg Surgery
    Played 21643 times

    Surgery saves lives...if you can handle the heat!

  • Follow a Line
    Follow a Line
    Played 15342 times

    Can you lead this dot along the winding path? It’s a challenge that’s tougher than it looks...

  • Spy Car
    Spy Car
    Played 3519 times

    Your driving skills are the only thing keeping your country safe from criminals.

  • Jewel Academy
    Jewel Academy
    Played 195448 times

    Enjoy match-3 gameplay at its finest! Match the gems, activate special power-ups and solve puzzles in this great new match-3 game! Jewel Academy is a gem-filled, action packed game with a ton of levels to complete.

  • Age Of Defense
    Age Of Defense
    Played 841 times

    The best offense is a good defense!

  • Dodgeball Medieval
    Dodgeball Medieval
    Played 2175 times

    Even in the days of knights and castles, the famous sport of Dodgeball was played then. Move your knight around the incoming balls and collect the glamouring diamonds to earn points.

  • King of Thieves
    King of Thieves
    Played 6935 times

    Leap into this awesome game that combines the best of platformers with the excitement of MMOs. Design dungeons, steal treasure and find out if you’ve got what it takes to become the King of Thieves.

  • Daily Witness 2
    Daily Witness 2
    Played 842 times

    4 weeks, 4 cases, with each day's scene bringing you one step closer to the truth...

  • Basketball Blitz
    Basketball Blitz
    Played 1999 times

    Vertically challenged? You can still free-throw your way to basketball stardom.

  • Tip Tap
    Tip Tap
    Played 4481 times

    Click or tap the screen to turn your vehicle. See how far you can get without it falling off of the track!

  • Rugby Down Hero
    Rugby Down Hero
    Played 7808 times

    This crazy game combines the thrills of football with the excitement of rugby. Can you become a gridiron hero?

  • Police Pursuit
    Police Pursuit
    Played 1939 times

    Climb behind the wheel and take this cruiser for a ride.

  • Burger Restaurant 4
    Burger Restaurant 4
    Played 6827 times

    Travel all over the world...and the solar system...and keep those burger lovers happy!

  • Cute Puzzle Witch
    Cute Puzzle Witch
    Played 2817 times

    Can you keep up with all of these magical tiles? Make them vanish as quickly as you can!

  • Arcade Baseball
    Arcade Baseball
    Played 2509 times

    Just landing a hit won't cut it. You need to have accuracy and precision in this ball game!

  • Jellydad Hero
    Jellydad Hero
    Played 3592 times

    Some space pirates are trying to ruin their vacation but these jellies aren’t gonna let that happen.

  • Gemollection
    Played 2025 times

    Get rich + brain exercise = double win!

  • Bella's Love Kitchen
    Bella's Love Kitchen
    Played 839 times

    Love and pizza: a match made in heaven!

  • Dirty Drag
    Dirty Drag
    Played 903 times

    It's not important that your car makes it to the finish in one piece—just that it makes it first.

  • Free Kick 2012
    Free Kick 2012
    Played 2008 times

    Can't make it to the European soccer championships this year? Get in on the action here!

  • Moto Stunts
    Moto Stunts
    Played 4057 times

    Flaunt your stunts at the stadium!

    • Ski Resort Mogul
      Ski Resort Mogul
      Played 1503 times

      Help Julia save a struggling ski resort from foreclosure by turning it into an upscale getaway!

    • Jumporama
      Played 1071 times

      Horsing around is off-limits for this eager equestrian!

    • Park My Boat
      Park My Boat
      Played 1200 times

      Park 15 boats in the correct places and avoid the obstacles; aye aye captain!

    • Blockmover
      Played 4572 times

      Making blocks disappear doesn’t require a lot of heavy lifting—just a click of the mouse!

    • Get Your Girl
      Get Your Girl
      Played 1081 times

      Romeo and Juliet never had it this hard!

    • Stix Basketball
      Stix Basketball
      Played 4874 times

      Basketball season's here, so get shooting...with stickman!

    • Sparkanoid
      Played 1044 times

      These interstellar blocks could use some smashin’. How quickly can you turn them into space dust?

    • Tank Mania
      Tank Mania
      Played 11226 times

      Smash and blast your way to the top of the heap!

    • Bear Grills
      Bear Grills
      Played 2563 times

      This big ol’ bear loves to BBQ but a vegan has stolen his grill! Now it’s time to get grizzly!

    • Tetroid 2
      Tetroid 2
      Played 2010 times

      Like Tetris the perfect fit comes in all sizes. Drag the square figures on the grid to complete lines to make space for more blocks. The more lines you complete the higher you score in this free and fun Tetroid game.

    • American Truck 2: The Mean Machine
      American Truck 2: The Mean Machine
      Played 4922 times

      Tame this monster tanker!

    • Disco Flirt
      Disco Flirt
      Played 1301 times

      Impress the ladies with your smooth moves and fine flirting!