Skill Games

  • Midsummer Love
    Midsummer Love
    Played 1239 times

    This woman is deeply in love with her secret boyfriend Marco. Can you help her make her dreams come true at his uncle's fairy tale castle in Italy? She’s depending on you in this hidden objects game.

  • Arrow Spam
    Arrow Spam
    Played 1767 times

    These two groups of archers are determined to battle to the death. Which side will win? Join the red team or the blue team before they take aim at one another in this retro action game.

  • Piano Tiles
    Piano Tiles
    Played 9506 times

    Show off your skills on the keys. Just don’t hit the white ones!

  • Sushi Cat
    Sushi Cat
    Played 2092 times

    This tubby kitty is hungry for love...and hungry for sushi.

  • Jigsaw Puzzle Classic
    Jigsaw Puzzle Classic
    Played 3012 times

    There’s nothing quite like a jigsaw puzzle. Kick back and relax with the ones available in this online game. Its three different challenge modes are great for both new and experienced players.

  • Devilish Hairdresser
    Devilish Hairdresser
    Played 3667 times

    Create devilish haircuts in this naughty hairdressing game!

  • Line Connector
    Line Connector
    Played 2849 times


  • Happy Faces
    Happy Faces
    Played 1946 times

    Nothing puts these silly shapes in a bad mood like getting stacked too high. Can you keep them happy?

  • Monkey Go Happy Marathon 3
    Monkey Go Happy Marathon 3
    Played 843 times

    Those pessimistic primates still have the blues. Have you got what it takes to improve their moods?

  • The Magician
    The Magician
    Played 1149 times

    Learn the amazing secrets behind this illusionist’s tricks.

  • Cheat in 60 Seconds
    Cheat in 60 Seconds
    Played 665 times

    Cheat your way to the top of the class! (Just be sneaky about it...)

  • Pool: 8 Ball Billiards Snooker
    Pool: 8 Ball Billiards Snooker
    Played 1400 times

    Grab a cue stick, step up to the table and see if you can beat your opponents in this classic billiards game. There’s also lots of challenges that you can take on in order to improve your skills.

  • Backyard of My Dreams
    Backyard of My Dreams
    Played 1364 times

    This patio could use some tender loving care. Help it become a relaxing mini oasis.

  • Zombie Grave
    Zombie Grave
    Played 763 times

    This ancient tomb contains tons of treasure but there’s just one little problem. It’s chock full of zombies!

  • Summer Dance Off
    Summer Dance Off
    Played 3718 times

    Hit the hottest stage in town and show everybody you’ve got the smoothest moves around.

  • Chainsaw Chuck
    Chainsaw Chuck
    Played 572 times

    How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Chuck wood with a chainsaw and find out how much wood you can chuck before you rest in peace, Chuck!

  • Toss A Paper MP
    Toss A Paper MP
    Played 12568 times

    Tossing a crumpled paper ball in an trash can is ultimately satisying. Compete against other players worldwide a become the paper ball tossing champion!

  • Nurse Slacking
    Nurse Slacking
    Played 1082 times

    Nurse Sarah is a bit of a dreamer…make sure she doesn’t get caught slacking on the ward!

  • Adventurous Eric
    Adventurous Eric
    Played 1155 times

    It'll take a steady hand to follow Eric through his animated adventures!

  • Did You Know
    Did You Know
    Played 811 times

    Pick your brain for the answers to these fun facts.

  • Midnight Snacks
    Midnight Snacks
    Played 1989 times

    The tummy wants what the tummy wants...

  • Murder on a Full Moon
    Murder on a Full Moon
    Played 6312 times

    A mysterious murder has taken place within this luxurious manor house. The butler has been killed. Who could have done it? Join this daring investigator while she searches for the killer in this hidden objects game.

  • Lots O'Leaps
    Lots O'Leaps
    Played 1334 times

    If you've ever watched a dog playing catch with a Frisbee, you know what it means to "jump for joy"!

  • Sheep's Adventure
    Sheep's Adventure
    Played 2350 times

    These two poor sheep are stuck on a deserted island in this online game. The only way they’ll be able to get back home is if you help them beat each one of these match 3 puzzles.

  • Christmas Words
    Christmas Words
    Played 3108 times

    How fast can you piece together all of these festive words in this Christmas puzzle game? Quickly look for the letters you need on the board and try to earn a high score before the clock runs down to zero.

  • Cake Link
    Cake Link
    Played 4598 times

    All of these totally adorable desserts want to form connections with each other. Can you link them together with tons of sugary sweet frosting in this cute mobile game?

  • Strategic Tic Tac Toe
    Strategic Tic Tac Toe
    Played 4628 times

    You’ve probably played this classic game before but never quite like this. Challenge a friend or the computer to a few rounds of this wild version of Tic Tac Toe.

  • Bouncing Dot
    Bouncing Dot
    Played 8735 times

    Can you keep this colorful dot afloat without it hitting the ground?

  • Bloom Boom
    Bloom Boom
    Played 660 times

    Pick the perfect flower for your adorable panda girlfriend and she'll love you forever!

  • Movie Maker
    Movie Maker
    Played 1715 times

    Become Stephen Spielberg and shoot the best movies ever!

  • Unite
    Played 1702 times

    Can you match up the numbered squares correctly in order to clear them off the board in this challenging puzzle game?

  • Hatch the Unicorn
    Hatch the Unicorn
    Played 1461 times
  • Swerve
    Played 2077 times

    Driving can definitely be a challenge on this intense highway. Jump behind the wheel of this car and see how long your joy ride will last in this exciting online game.

  • Noughts and Crosses
    Noughts and Crosses
    Played 3170 times

    Can you beat the computer in this online version of the classic game Tic-Tac-Toe? Step up to the virtual chalkboard and see how many rounds you can win.

  • Sudoku Challenge
    Sudoku Challenge
    Played 1173 times

    Give this exciting mobile version of the classic puzzle game a go. Can you handle the challenge mode? What about expert mode or hard mode?

  • Climb It Right
    Climb It Right
    Played 607 times

    Make like a spider monkey up the mountain as you sort through this arrow confusion.

    • Rock Paper Siz
      Rock Paper Siz
      Played 709 times

      Work on your Rock, Paper, Scissors strategy in this virtual throwdown.

    • Pencil Panic
      Pencil Panic
      Played 1127 times

      Guide your marble through a maze filled with ultra-sharp pencils. Can you reach the end without panicking?

    • Dungeon Descender
      Dungeon Descender
      Played 1860 times


    • Circus Adventures
      Circus Adventures
      Played 3428 times

      Many things have gone missing at this circus. Can you explore each one of the tents and find them in this family game? The acrobats, clowns and their friends have misplaced their teddy bears and much more.

    • Monkey Go Happy Marathon
      Monkey Go Happy Marathon
      Played 781 times

      All of these monkeys are down in the dumps. How many of them can you cheer up before time runs out?

    • Candy Ride 3
      Candy Ride 3
      Played 1086 times

      This boy sure loves candy. Can you help him get lots of it out of this crazy contraption?

    • Devilish Cat
      Devilish Cat
      Played 2247 times

      This insatiable feline will eat you out of house and home...

    • Monkey Go Happy Marathon 2
      Monkey Go Happy Marathon 2
      Played 715 times

      The sad simians are back for another round of crazy challenges. Can you cheer them up?

    • Tiny Trials
      Tiny Trials
      Played 557 times

      Is this mini-game heaven or hell?

    • Ice Cream Slicer
      Ice Cream Slicer
      Played 1176 times
    • Hold My Hand, Friend
      Hold My Hand, Friend
      Played 1637 times

      These friendly monsters want to hold hands with each other. Can you help them connect with one another in this cute puzzle game?

    • Supermarket Numbers
      Supermarket Numbers
      Played 1813 times

      Step inside this virtual supermarket for a fun batch of mathematical puzzles. Add up the numbers on the blocks as fast as you can in this family-friendly online game.