Skill Games

  • Jailbreak Rush
    Jailbreak Rush
    Played 4260 times

    You're innocent, man, and you've got 2 weeks to bust out before you're locked up for good.

  • The Impossible Quiz
    The Impossible Quiz
    Played 88330 times

    Warning: this game may potentially contain offensive language and parental discretion advised for younger players. Try to beat this quiz by answering every question. It's as simple as that...or is it?

  • Scary Maze
    Scary Maze
    Played 6047 times

    How steady are your hands when you’re confronted with a game that will have you punished for touching the walls? Find out in Scary Maze!

  • Dog Mahjong
    Dog Mahjong
    Played 14666 times

    Line up your favorite breeds in this puppy puzzler.

  • Basketball Stars
    Basketball Stars
    Played 28904 times

    Do you think you can prove yourself in the sports world of basketball? Do your best in this brand new online game, Basketball Stars! Use your cool basketball skills to become a pro!

  • Flappy Bird
    Flappy Bird
    Played 4829 times

    Simple. Addictive. And REALLY, REALLY HARD. Tap to flap your wings and try not to kill the bird, OK?

  • Elevator Fart
    Elevator Fart
    Played 1765 times

    Sometimes you just can't hold it in anymore…

  • Pigstacks
    Played 654 times

    Plant these pink piggies' hooves back on solid ground!

  • The Desert Sun
    The Desert Sun
    Played 886 times

    What secrets will you uncover beneath the sands of Tunisia? Join the adventurer Francois as he goes in search of the legendary Desert Sun in this hidden objects game.

  • Word Bird
    Word Bird
    Played 11095 times

    This wordy birdy has created an awesome challenge for you. Put your vocabulary and puzzle skills to the test in this online game. How quickly can you find each one of the words hidden in the grid?

  • Firing Day
    Firing Day
    Played 1035 times

    A guy can't catch a break in this crumby economy!

  • Devilish Stylist
    Devilish Stylist
    Played 4645 times

    The battle between good and evil continues. Your weapon? Some deliciously devious styles!

  • Box Jump Up
    Box Jump Up
    Played 5267 times

    Get ready to tap to jump to the next platform and over enemies in this brand new mobile platformer game, Box Jump Up! The controls are really easy, but it'll take a pro to master it!

  • The Impossible Quiz 2
    The Impossible Quiz 2
    Played 21502 times

    It’s not called impossible for nothing…

  • Classroom Joker
    Classroom Joker
    Played 3846 times

    Trouble is his middle name.

  • Checkers Classic
    Checkers Classic
    Played 6608 times

    Play against the computer or a friend in this online version of the classic board game. Jump over your opponent’s checkers and see if you can get yours in the crownhead.

  • Sushi Cat: The Honeymoon
    Sushi Cat: The Honeymoon
    Played 1265 times

    Not even a honeymoon gets in the way of this cat's quest for sushi!

  • Sudoku Classic
    Sudoku Classic
    Played 2740 times

    Take on this version of the classic puzzle game from Japan. How quickly can you fill in the 9 x 9 grid with numbers?

  • Apple Shooter Champ
    Apple Shooter Champ
    Played 16363 times

    Use your bow and arrow in this cool shooter game and aim carefully to avoid a hit on your girlfriend!

  • Perfect Fall
    Perfect Fall
    Played 82823 times

    Are you ready to shoot some hoops? Hit the court and aim to win in this awesome sports game, Perfect Fall!

  • Stack Tower
    Stack Tower
    Played 13029 times

    Think you have the skills to perfectly stack these blocks as they build upwards? If you mess up, parts of them will fall off and they will speed up on stacking!

  • Shoot the Apple
    Shoot the Apple
    Played 2933 times

    Test your shooting skills in this family fun 2D browser game, Shoot the Apple. Make sure to aim properly before you fire your arrow, because you don't want to hit your friend!

  • Sailor Pop
    Sailor Pop
    Played 4648 times

    Tag along with this pirate while he goes searching for lots of tasty fish. Can you help him bring home tons of trout and an entire shipload of salmon in this match 3 puzzle game?

  • Wallpaper Connect
    Wallpaper Connect
    Played 2974 times

    How quickly can you match up all of these pieces of wallpaper? Pair them up based on their colorful designs in this puzzle game.

  • 4 in a Row
    4 in a Row
    Played 9729 times

    Play against the computer or a friend in this online version of the classic game. Can you link together four of your chips before your opponent does?

  • Mahjong Classic
    Mahjong Classic
    Played 1624 times

    This game is truly for the Mahjong fans and for those who are interested in learning all about it! In Mahjong Classic, enjoy the best it has to offer!

  • Folds
    Played 1259 times

    Do you have the special skills to master this mysterious ancient art form?

  • Hidden Kitchen
    Hidden Kitchen
    Played 8498 times

    Step inside of the kitchen at this busy bistro. Can you find all of the missing items in it? You only have a few minutes so you’ll have to work fast in this hidden objects game.

  • Hoshi Saga 3
    Hoshi Saga 3
    Played 1280 times

    A star is hidden in each level. Are you clever enough to figure out where it is?

  • Blob Thrower
    Blob Thrower
    Played 2894 times
  • Tip Tap
    Tip Tap
    Played 3536 times

    Click or tap the screen to turn your vehicle. See how far you can get without it falling off of the track!

  • Endless Lake
    Endless Lake
    Played 208271 times

    Time is of the essence in this riveting maze runner where one wrong step can make you fall into the endless lake! Time your jumps perfectly to get through the maze without plummeting into the endless lake! The clock ticks as you try to make your way at full speed through an intricate maze and not precipitate into never-ending waters! How far can you get in this challenging maze runner before the clock runs out and without falling into the boundless lake? The little cube hero needs to make it from one side of the lake to the other without falling into the water. Help him run through the maze while collecting coins on the way! Time your taps perfectly to jump the right distance onto the next platform. Gather as many points as you can before the clock runs out! You can use your points to get different skins for your game to make it look even cooler while playing. Challenge yourself with this addictive maze runner and be careful to not plunge into the lake!

  • Milionaire Quiz
    Milionaire Quiz
    Played 6959 times

    Will you go home with a million virtual dollars or jack squat after you play this exciting quiz game? Carefully answer each question. If you get stuck, you can phone a friend or remove half of the answers from the board.

  • Epic City Builder 3
    Epic City Builder 3
    Played 4498 times

    Build a mighty metropolis or take on one of several challenging scenarios in this design and management game. Can you create the world’s coolest city?

  • Solitaire Quest
    Solitaire Quest
    Played 1135 times

    Let Solitaire be your guide through this epic card adventure! Complete challenging levels of Solitaire! Play your cards right, and you might end up on the very top!

  • Unicorn 2048
    Unicorn 2048
    Played 5964 times

    How many magical animals does it take to make a unicorn? That’s a mystery that you can solve in this wacky and totally wild puzzle game. Link together chickens, piggies, monkeys and more until you create an enchanting steed.

    • Road Safety
      Road Safety
      Played 7107 times

      This highway is pretty dangerous. Can you get these people across it without getting hurt?

    • Handless Millionaire: Season 2
      Handless Millionaire: Season 2
      Played 1396 times

      It’s the world’s bloodiest game show! How much cash will you grab before the guillotine drops?

    • Island Carnival
      Island Carnival
      Played 1013 times

      Naomi is hosting the annual carnival on the island of Gauda. Can you help her find everything that she’ll need to ensure that it’s a huge success in this hidden objects game?

    • Deserted Island Escape
      Deserted Island Escape
      Played 1228 times

      You’re trapped on an abandoned island. You’ll need to solve puzzles and uncover lots of hidden objects in order to make it back to civilization in this point-and-click adventure game.

    • Line Connector
      Line Connector
      Played 2840 times


    • Receptionists Revenge
      Receptionists Revenge
      Played 3867 times

      When your lazy boss turns his back, it is time for you to take revenge!

    • Youda Jewel Shop
      Youda Jewel Shop
      Played 2539 times

      All that glitters isn't gold—it's diamonds!

    • Zombie Grave
      Zombie Grave
      Played 749 times

      This ancient tomb contains tons of treasure but there’s just one little problem. It’s chock full of zombies!

    • Arrow Spam
      Arrow Spam
      Played 1681 times

      These two groups of archers are determined to battle to the death. Which side will win? Join the red team or the blue team before they take aim at one another in this retro action game.

    • Tic Tac Toe
      Tic Tac Toe
      Played 6793 times

      Challenge the computer or a friend with this version of the beloved game. How many rounds will you win? It’s time to find out in this fun online game.

    • Doodle Rider
      Doodle Rider
      Played 1030 times

      This awesome and unique browser game is a mix between racing and drawing. You'll have to draw the road while you're driving the car! Doodle Rider will become your new favorite casual online game!

    • Pool: 8 Ball Billiards Snooker
      Pool: 8 Ball Billiards Snooker
      Played 1372 times

      Grab a cue stick, step up to the table and see if you can beat your opponents in this classic billiards game. There’s also lots of challenges that you can take on in order to improve your skills.

Improve Skills, Have Fun

Skill games are a great way to have fun while improving various skills, such as concentration, memory, reflexes, and strategy. This is already sounding too serious for a fun website so we need to point out that our games also have balloons, gluey creatures, bubbles, worms, and fish. And speaking of fish, games like Fishy help you train your reflexes as you swim around eating smaller fish while avoiding getting eaten by bigger fish. In Fish Eat Fish 3 you live in a fish-eat-fish world, and the only way to survive is to eat your way to the top of the fish chain.

And what’s the aim of games like Bubble Hit and Bloons? Why, it’s to improve your aim, of course. Try to pop as many balloons as possible using darts or hit the bubbles for some bubble-popping mayhem!

These games will also help you impress your friends and win your next Scrabble or Pictionary match! Improve your word skills with Bookworm, where you make words using the available tiles. Not the next da Vinci? Hone your drawing skills with Sketchpad DX by drawing the images that are shown. Looking to improve strategy? Miragine War lets you outsmart your opponent and lay waste to their legions, always a useful skill.

And looking to improve your pub quiz skills? Try the Impossible Quiz 2 – it’s not called impossible for nothing, and you may even pick up some interesting trivia.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started on improving your skills, and having fun!