Skill Games

  • Ballerina Perfect Dress Up
    Ballerina Perfect Dress Up
    Played 518 times

    Take this ballet beauty from the studio to center stage!

  • Purrfect Pet Shop
    Purrfect Pet Shop
    Played 1497 times

    Running a pet shop may be hard work, but it's worth it to see happy pets go home with loving owners!

  • Chocolate Cookies: Sara's Cooking Class
    Chocolate Cookies: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 837 times

    Finally, Sara combines two of the BEST things in the world: chocolate and cookies!

  • Sleeping Beauty
    Sleeping Beauty
    Played 676 times

    What’s the best way to wake up a sleeping princess? With a kiss, of course!

  • Incoming
    Played 809 times

    Own the day: these marauding enemy troops must be defeated!

  • Style Kaya's Phone
    Style Kaya's Phone
    Played 827 times

    Your cell phone says a lot about you!

  • Tarte Tatin: Sara's Cooking Class
    Tarte Tatin: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 977 times

    Another delish cake from the French kitchen…with Sara’s special twist!

  • Gravitee Wars
    Gravitee Wars
    Played 664 times

    Use the laws of gravity to gain the advantage in this outerspace battle to the finish!

  • Operate Now: Leg Surgery
    Operate Now: Leg Surgery
    Played 30850 times

    Surgery saves lives...if you can handle the heat!

  • Baked Chicken: Sara's Cooking Class
    Baked Chicken: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 1127 times

    Here's a classic quick-fix for dinner: baked chicken with a nice 'n' crispy skin.

  • Gem Invasion
    Gem Invasion
    Played 3232 times

    Don't be distracted by the rows of sparkling jewels! They're coming for you...

  • Pony Adventure
    Pony Adventure
    Played 1373 times

    Giddy up, girl! Lasso up that house!

  • Ski Resort Mogul
    Ski Resort Mogul
    Played 801 times

    Help Julia save a struggling ski resort from foreclosure by turning it into an upscale getaway!

  • Level Editor 2
    Level Editor 2
    Played 1683 times

    This little stickman punches in above his wimpy weight.

  • Cinema Rush
    Cinema Rush
    Played 7863 times

    Don’t panic! Keep calm...and shovel popcorn.

  • Lovely Mermaid
    Lovely Mermaid
    Played 2361 times

    Dive into the details of this underwater love story!

  • Stickman Downhill
    Stickman Downhill
    Played 3634 times

    The world’s favorite daredevil stickman goes downhill!

  • Quesadillas: Sara's Cooking Class
    Quesadillas: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 1002 times

    Melted cheesy goodness to make your tummy happy...

  • Celebrity Spa
    Celebrity Spa
    Played 921 times

    Welcome to the best spa in town! Treat every customer like they’re a star.

  • Feed the Panda
    Feed the Panda
    Played 659 times

    Plump up these pandas with piles of candy!

  • Test Subject Complete
    Test Subject Complete
    Played 540 times

    The next test subject is ready to enter the chamber. Will he make it back out again though?

  • Saturday Night Sleepover
    Saturday Night Sleepover
    Played 1191 times

    There will be pedis. There will be hairstyling. And of course, there will be pillow fights!

  • Fluffy’s Kitchen Adventure
    Fluffy’s Kitchen Adventure
    Played 1679 times

    Curiosity may not kill the cat, but it will set Fluffy on a fun adventure!

  • Mince Pies: Sara's Cooking Class
    Mince Pies: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 775 times

    Dust off your apron and get ready to make this traditional English Christmas treat.

  • Slip Slide Sloth
    Slip Slide Sloth
    Played 722 times

    Swing these sloths to some sweet smooching!

  • My Cute Pets
    My Cute Pets
    Played 1010 times

    Take good care of your cute pets, the kitten, puppy and pony. How long can you keep them happy?

  • ATV Destroyer
    ATV Destroyer
    Played 21403 times

    Crank up the crazy with this all-terrain adventure!

  • Go Go Agent Zero!
    Go Go Agent Zero!
    Played 2129 times

    Shoot 'em up, secret-agent style! Eat your heart out, Mr. Bond...

  • Spy Girl Dress Up
    Spy Girl Dress Up
    Played 878 times

    A spy should never stand out...except in the style stakes!

  • Dirty Drag
    Dirty Drag
    Played 709 times

    It's not important that your car makes it to the finish in one piece—just that it makes it first.

  • Eggs Benedict: Sara's Cooking Class
    Eggs Benedict: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 694 times

    Sara's serving up a sophisticated snack!

  • Tattoo Style Shop
    Tattoo Style Shop
    Played 2596 times

    It's not just ink—it's art.

  • High Tea Hotel
    High Tea Hotel
    Played 2237 times

    Frothy drinks and dainty cakes? It must be afternoon tea!

  • Spa Day Makeover
    Spa Day Makeover
    Played 1131 times

    Are you breaking out in acne? A day spa will fix everything!

  • Chocolate Churros: Sara's Cooking Class
    Chocolate Churros: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 1092 times

    Yep. A fried doughnuty treat dipped in chocolate sauce. FEED ME!

  • Paula Paparazzi
    Paula Paparazzi
    Played 932 times

    Help a celebrity gossip magazine get the REAL scoop, in all its juicy glory!

    • Nachos & Dip: Sara's Cooking Class
      Nachos & Dip: Sara's Cooking Class
      Played 875 times

      The expert chef is back in action with a scrumptious treat from south of the border.

    • Bug Attack
      Bug Attack
      Played 1141 times

      Defend your picnic from hordes of bugs on the rampage!

    • Ark of Treasure
      Ark of Treasure
      Played 1961 times

      Use your Match-3 powers to discover priceless relics from ancient civilizations!

    • Mermaid Christmas
      Mermaid Christmas
      Played 484 times

      Take an adventurous holiday plunge with your 3 favorite mermaids!

    • Miami Outlaws
      Miami Outlaws
      Played 1081 times

      Somebody should teach these bad boys a lesson…

    • Rush Rush Pizza
      Rush Rush Pizza
      Played 556 times

      Everybody wants a piece of you (well, of your pizza). So, hop on your scooter and get delivering!

    • Bubble Mover
      Bubble Mover
      Played 1434 times

      Bubbles...beautiful bubbles!

    • Make Up Race
      Make Up Race
      Played 1258 times

      This make-up match will make your head spin!

    • Scones: Sara's Cooking Class
      Scones: Sara's Cooking Class
      Played 640 times

      Want delish ideas for afternoon tea? How about some super scrumptious scones?

    • Successful Experiment
      Successful Experiment
      Played 1505 times

      Lab rat...or Nobel Prize-winning physicist?

    • Little Romeo & Juliet
      Little Romeo & Juliet
      Played 1321 times

      Find a happy ending for this adorable pair of star-crossed lovers.

    • Star Splash
      Star Splash
      Played 1277 times

      Freewheeling, frolicking flipper fun!