Skill Games

  • High Tea Hotel
    High Tea Hotel
    Played 2437 times

    Frothy drinks and dainty cakes? It must be afternoon tea!

  • Stuffed Peppers: Sara's Cooking Class
    Stuffed Peppers: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 1393 times

    Treat your tastebuds with Sara's stuffed peppers!

  • Style Kaya's Phone
    Style Kaya's Phone
    Played 1399 times

    Your cell phone says a lot about you!

  • Moon Police
    Moon Police
    Played 4828 times

    Zoom sensitive outerspace materials across a pockmarked lunar landscape, sirens ablaze!

  • Banana Muffins: Sara's Cooking Class
    Banana Muffins: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 1261 times

    Hip hip hooray—it's banana muffins today!

  • American Truck: Ice Age
    American Truck: Ice Age
    Played 1670 times

    Think you've got what it takes to be an ice road trucker?

  • Cheer Champions
    Cheer Champions
    Played 525 times

    All's fair in cheerleading and war.

  • Dirty Drag
    Dirty Drag
    Played 952 times

    It's not important that your car makes it to the finish in one piece—just that it makes it first.

  • Big Evil Robots
    Big Evil Robots
    Played 664 times

    It's a 21st-century David and Goliath—are you bad enough to beat the bots?

  • Dream Tower
    Dream Tower
    Played 649 times

    Bounce and bound your way to the top of a mystical dream tower!

  • Chicken Parmesan: Sara's Cooking Class
    Chicken Parmesan: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 1185 times

    This yummy-looking chicken dish is perfect for a rainy day.

  • Spa Day Makeover
    Spa Day Makeover
    Played 1556 times

    Are you breaking out in acne? A day spa will fix everything!

  • Rainbow
    Played 860 times

    In a world without color, you're our only hope...

  • Christmas Pudding: Sara's Cooking Class
    Christmas Pudding: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 3129 times

    Pudding, dessert, whatever you want to call it—this festive treat is delish.

  • Pavlova: Sara’s Cooking Class
    Pavlova: Sara’s Cooking Class
    Played 2876 times

    Could anything be sweeter than a dessert named after a ballerina?

  • Sugar Cookies: Sara's Cooking Class
    Sugar Cookies: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 2010 times

    What’s in the cookie jar?

  • Bella's Love Kitchen
    Bella's Love Kitchen
    Played 905 times

    Love and pizza: a match made in heaven!

  • Star Splash
    Star Splash
    Played 2207 times

    Freewheeling, frolicking flipper fun!

  • Safari Time
    Safari Time
    Played 1023 times

    Unlike some others in the herd, this zebra has earned his stripes!

  • Skate Mania
    Skate Mania
    Played 5520 times

    Grab your skateboard and prepare yourself for some big air, dude.

  • Rachel's Kitchen Grand Prix: Christmas
    Rachel's Kitchen Grand Prix: Christmas
    Played 3686 times

    Rachel's back in the kitchen and cooking up some sweet treats for Christmas!

  • Bella's Wedding Cake
    Bella's Wedding Cake
    Played 2685 times

    Be cake boss with Bella!

  • Champions of Chaos
    Champions of Chaos
    Played 2010 times

    Rebels aren't always the bad guys—lead a revolt against the dark emperor!

  • Death Racers 2
    Death Racers 2
    Played 658 times

    A group of maximum-security inmates has just one chance for freedom: the Death Racer championship.

  • Brownies: Sara's Cooking Class
    Brownies: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 1893 times

    It's brownies! 2, 4, 6, 8, dig in—don't wait!

  • Park My Truck
    Park My Truck
    Played 608 times

    Never challenge a monster truck for the last parking spot...

  • Pigstacks
    Played 616 times

    Plant these pink piggies' hooves back on solid ground!

  • Ninja Miner 2
    Ninja Miner 2
    Played 5172 times

    He’s one of the world’s best treasure hunters and he’s about to go searching for another batch of precious jewels in these forbidden temples. Wanna tag along with him in this online game?

  • Mini Car Racer
    Mini Car Racer
    Played 2256 times

    Go the distance. Go for speed. Go—now!

  • Ninja Painter 1
    Ninja Painter 1
    Played 27731 times

    This ninja loves adventure and excitement but he doesn’t go anywhere without his paintbrush. Join him while he, literally, paints the town red in this action game. He’ll need your help while he collects stars and other valuable items.

  • Pimp My Monster Truck
    Pimp My Monster Truck
    Played 1311 times

    It's time to customize your lean mean monster-truck machine...

  • Cargo Parking: Jersey Shore
    Cargo Parking: Jersey Shore
    Played 8027 times

    You’re the foreman of New Jersey’s busiest port. Prove you’ve got what it takes to keep things running.

  • Level Editor 2
    Level Editor 2
    Played 2485 times

    This little stickman punches in above his wimpy weight.

  • My Romantic Town
    My Romantic Town
    Played 1611 times

    Recreate your own rendition of romance!

  • Bridal Beauty Makeover
    Bridal Beauty Makeover
    Played 1065 times

    When the Big Day finally arrives, every blushing bride wants to look her best.

  • Zombie Dolls
    Zombie Dolls
    Played 908 times

    Zombies aren't superficial: they don't want you for your looks, they want you for your brains.

    • Parking Trainee
      Parking Trainee
      Played 1256 times

      Even F1 drivers have to start somewhere...

    • Devilish Candy House
      Devilish Candy House
      Played 1760 times

      This heavenly cutie sure is hungry, but will her really evil rival steal all of her yummy treats?

    • Purrfect Kitten
      Purrfect Kitten
      Played 893 times

      Play cat and mouse with this perfect kitty's feline fashion!

    • Baked Chicken: Sara's Cooking Class
      Baked Chicken: Sara's Cooking Class
      Played 1209 times

      Here's a classic quick-fix for dinner: baked chicken with a nice 'n' crispy skin.

    • Storm Ops: Desert Storm
      Storm Ops: Desert Storm
      Played 2041 times

      The enemy's coming over the sand dunes—but you're ready for them!

    • Bubble Hit: Pony Parade
      Bubble Hit: Pony Parade
      Played 1292 times

      Round 'em up and wrangle 'em in—these prancing ponies are looking for a poppin' good time!

    • Monster Truck Destroyer
      Monster Truck Destroyer
      Played 5280 times

      Don’t drive around your opponents. Drive over them.

    • Mini Train
      Mini Train
      Played 5887 times

      The laws of physics apply to every train, no matter the size...

    • Red Kart Racer
      Red Kart Racer
      Played 1570 times

      Be a riot on the racetrack!

    • Park My Boat
      Park My Boat
      Played 1262 times

      Park 15 boats in the correct places and avoid the obstacles; aye aye captain!

    • Snow Plow
      Snow Plow
      Played 3402 times

      Hate shoveling snow? Wait til you get behind the wheel of this awesome machine. It'll change your mind!

    • Ticket
      Played 885 times

      Join Bob and Jerry as they head off to cash in the lottery ticket that will change their lives forever.