Skill Games

  • Patterns Link
    Patterns Link
    Played 31639 times

    Breaking news from the Fashion Police—mixing and matching patterns is encouraged!

  • 1001 Arabian Nights
    1001 Arabian Nights
    Played 90171 times

    The Arabian Desert is full of mysterious treasures that are yours for the taking.

  • Mystic India Pop
    Mystic India Pop
    Played 33254 times

    Pop over to India for a mysterious elephant safari...

  • Dream Christmas Link
    Dream Christmas Link
    Played 11825 times

    Match your way to a very merry Christmas!

  • Miragine War
    Miragine War
    Played 63775 times

    Outsmart your opponent and lay waste to their legions!

  • Skateboard City
    Skateboard City
    Played 13240 times

    Complete these missions and, in the world of skateboarding, you'll rule!

  • Operate Now: Heart Surgery
    Operate Now: Heart Surgery
    Played 34550 times

    Heart surgeons need courage and a steady hand—are you up to it?

  • Cactus McCoy and the Curse of Thorns
    Cactus McCoy and the Curse of Thorns
    Played 2105 times

    Cactus McCoy is a cowboy with a thorny problem on his hands...

  • My "Dear" Boss
    My "Dear" Boss
    Played 11546 times

    Show them who’s boss.

  • Hyper Dunker
    Hyper Dunker
    Played 11643 times

    What would make basketball an even better game? If you got points for style.

  • Touchdown USA
    Touchdown USA
    Played 7912 times

    Go big or go home! Pass, block, and tackle your way to glory...

  • Long Way
    Long Way
    Played 1690 times

    Blast those bull-snatching bandits!

  • Castle Solitaire
    Castle Solitaire
    Played 4598 times

    The castle's covered! Dig through the deck and clear things up!

  • Flick Color
    Flick Color
    Played 2866 times

    It's a technicolor battle for the board!

  • L.A. Rex
    L.A. Rex
    Played 4838 times

    It’s your first trip to LA, so be a total tourist: hit the beach, see the sites...and eat tasty humans!

  • Castaway 2: Isle of the Titans
    Castaway 2: Isle of the Titans
    Played 2018 times

    Who am I? Where am I?

  • Jumporama
    Played 772 times

    Horsing around is off-limits for this eager equestrian!

  • Zombie Trapper
    Zombie Trapper
    Played 2346 times

    As the sheriff of Oakwood, it's your job to protect the village from an impending swarm of zombies!

  • Rally Point 2
    Rally Point 2
    Played 13312 times

    Rev your engines and rally 'round the race track!

  • NY Cab Drive
    NY Cab Drive
    Played 23738 times

    Show off your driving skills with New York's finest.

  • Storm Ops
    Storm Ops
    Played 17517 times

    Snuff out the enemy with your super-sharp sniper skills.

  • Touchdown: American Football
    Touchdown: American Football
    Played 15686 times

    You'll need some serious skills (or a miracle) to score the winning touchdown!

  • Skullhunter: Player Pack
    Skullhunter: Player Pack
    Played 1648 times

    These smug-looking bags of bones have it coming.

  • Geeky to Emo Makeover
    Geeky to Emo Makeover
    Played 4981 times

    It’s only a short step from awkward geek to elegant emo!

  • Yacht Parking
    Yacht Parking
    Played 655 times

    Careful! Do you have any idea how much one of these things costs?!

  • 911 Rescue Team
    911 Rescue Team
    Played 17889 times

    Race to the rescue; it's an emergency!

  • Color World
    Color World
    Played 2770 times

    Conquer color with your cunning cannon craft.

  • Jumping Bananas
    Jumping Bananas
    Played 2922 times

    Help the monkey collect every banana in the level.

  • Ninja Painter
    Ninja Painter
    Played 1321 times

    Trade in your nunchucks for a roller and a bucket of paint...

  • Ultimate Cricket
    Ultimate Cricket
    Played 6646 times

    Settle on the sofa for some cracking cricketing action!

  • Rachel's Kitchen Grand Prix: Valentine
    Rachel's Kitchen Grand Prix: Valentine
    Played 1240 times

    Baked with love for Valentine's Day: cupcakes even Cupid can't resist!

  • Coin Pusher Mania
    Coin Pusher Mania
    Played 3520 times

    Try your luck with this addictive arcade classic.

  • Stickman Freeride
    Stickman Freeride
    Played 14490 times

    Stickman loves sticky cycling situations.

  • Cute Farm Hospital
    Cute Farm Hospital
    Played 5728 times

    Help! These farmyard cuties need your veterinary skills to get back on their paws.

  • Zombie Tower Defense: Reborn
    Zombie Tower Defense: Reborn
    Played 10175 times

    Annihilate these ugly undead assassins with your trusty high-tech towers.

  • Uphill Rush 5
    Uphill Rush 5
    Played 35024 times

    Slide, ride, and gallop your way to the ultimate racing title!

    • Monster Truck Demolisher
      Monster Truck Demolisher
      Played 13241 times

      Better buckle up!

    • Thrill Rush 2
      Thrill Rush 2
      Played 14481 times

      Jump back in the cart for the ride of your life! Do you have the skills to survive this runaway rollercoaster?

    • Blockmover
      Played 3538 times

      Making blocks disappear doesn’t require a lot of heavy lifting—just a click of the mouse!

    • Police Pursuit
      Police Pursuit
      Played 1661 times

      Climb behind the wheel and take this cruiser for a ride.

    • Tractor Mania
      Tractor Mania
      Played 17287 times

      This ain't your grandpa's tractor...

    • Money Truck
      Money Truck
      Played 8821 times

      Money, money, money...

    • Park My Car
      Park My Car
      Played 4046 times

      Park the expensive cars of the stars in the parking lot without damaging them!

    • Destroy More Cars
      Destroy More Cars
      Played 3908 times

      Have a need for speed?

    • Mini Train
      Mini Train
      Played 5046 times

      The laws of physics apply to every train, no matter the size...

    • Destroy All Cars
      Destroy All Cars
      Played 2352 times

      Unleash the physics of arena destruction.

    • Solid Rider
      Solid Rider
      Played 10131 times

      Grab your dirt bike and get ready for a rough ride!

    • Pro Racing GT
      Pro Racing GT
      Played 1572 times

      Ready to let those engines roar?