Skill Games

  • Snail Bob 2
    Snail Bob 2
    Played 65979 times

    Snail Bob's back—and it's grandpa's birthday party or bust!

  • The First Winter Rain
    The First Winter Rain
    Played 542 times
  • The Soul Driver
    The Soul Driver
    Played 1575 times

    Speed limits are for losers. Make a mad dash for the Mexican border!

  • Pixalypse
    Played 1497 times

    All of these futuristic booby traps won’t make stealing these jewels very easy—but you can do it, right?

  • Alchemist
    Played 653 times

    You are the alchemist. Only you can save the land from shadows—if you manage brew the potion of light...

  • Smove Paradise
    Smove Paradise
    Played 1612 times

    How long can you keep this treasure hunter safe while he grabs lots of priceless jewels?

  • The Line Game: Orange Edition
    The Line Game: Orange Edition
    Played 2193 times

    The fine line between skill and luck just got a little bit slippery…with orange juice!

  • Ode To Pixel Days
    Ode To Pixel Days
    Played 902 times

    In a world where everyone looks the same it should be pretty simple to get your dream girl, right? Wrong.

  • Skateboard Challenge
    Skateboard Challenge
    Played 1155 times

    How long can you stay on your board?

  • Super Sneak
    Super Sneak
    Played 730 times

    You're a robber with a cause: steal as much as you can, in the name of love!

  • Crush
    Played 668 times

    Think fast to avoid getting crushed!

  • Particles
    Played 1048 times

    Move the blue ball and avoid the red balls for as long as you can.

  • Dwarf Runner
    Dwarf Runner
    Played 1033 times

    This magical dwarf is on a mad dash for lots of precious jewels. How long can you keep him on his feet in this free online game?

  • River Adventure
    River Adventure
    Played 738 times

    It’s the perfect day for an adventure. That’s why this guy is planning to sail down the river and collect lots of jewels. Can you help him stay safe for as long as possible in this online game?

  • Kayaking Down
    Kayaking Down
    Played 1092 times

    The kayaking competition that’s waiting for you in this retro sports game is really intense! Can you outwit and outlast the competition? Avoid the rocks and other players while you race towards the finish line.

  • Fireball
    Played 549 times

    This supernova is hot on your heels—can you stand the heat?

  • Ninja Jump
    Ninja Jump
    Played 654 times

    Can you master the art of becoming a ninja? Test your skills and take control by only using one finger!

  • Bionicle Napuro
    Bionicle Napuro
    Played 557 times

    Guide the underwater robot safely through the dangerous maze!

  • UFO Run: The Castle Tower
    UFO Run: The Castle Tower
    Played 592 times

    This intergalactic explorer has found himself in a dangerous castle. Will he make it out in one piece?

  • Fish Adventure
    Fish Adventure
    Played 101 times

    Navigate your fish through the ocean while shooting the enemy fish.

  • Full Immersion
    Full Immersion
    Played 37 times

    Dive into an undersea world and find out if you can maneuver this submarine past all of the dangerous mines. Will you make it all the way to the treasure chest in this action game?

  • Going Down
    Going Down
    Played 70 times

    The more you go down, the more your score goes up!

  • Jumping Man
    Jumping Man
    Played 117 times

    Run first, ask questions later!

  • Rocket Man
    Rocket Man
    Played 118 times

    Blast your human target!

  • Pirates vs. Ninjas
    Pirates vs. Ninjas
    Played 116 times

    How's a pirate supposed to loot with all these pesky ninja swords??

  • Rush Hour
    Rush Hour
    Played 485 times

    Help Little Bear collect all of the stars.

  • Iron Ranger
    Iron Ranger
    Played 24 times

    Try to steer the spaceship through the labyrinth full of traps.

  • Ironpants
    Played 15 times

    Flying’s pretty tricky when you’re wearing pants made of iron…

  • Jelly Survival
    Jelly Survival
    Played 97 times

    These two slimy buddies are on an adventure in this brand new arcade game, Jelly Survival! Dodge obstacles and collect coins that you can use to purchase upgrades and items!

  • Hopsa Pop
    Hopsa Pop
    Played 27 times

    Hop and pop your way through the maze of boxes!

  • Blosso Run
    Blosso Run
    Played 18 times

    Run as fast as you can as a crazy viking in this fun and addictive 2D endless runner game, Blosso Run! Collect coins and gems that you can use later on to purchase upgrades!

  • Crunching Ninjas
    Crunching Ninjas
    Played 73 times

    Choose your ninja and collect and munch on the delicious crunchy apples. Try to avoid the razor sharp ninja stars and traps and aim to beat your high score all the time. Ready to put your ninjutsu skills to the test?

  • Dam It
    Dam It
    Played 215 times

    This beaver's eager to rebuild his decimated dwelling!

  • Mi Adventures
    Mi Adventures
    Played 39 times

    You might say that prickly little Mi has a "split" personality! Help him make mini Mi's to finish the levels!

  • Mission to Venus
    Mission to Venus
    Played 27 times

    How deep into this space cave can you make it?

  • An Ordinary Day
    An Ordinary Day
    Played 64 times

    It was a day like any other. Then the dinosaurs and aliens showed up...

    • Toxic Surfer
      Toxic Surfer
      Played 79 times

      Can you keep your balance in a sea of toxic waste? Avoid the floating debris and other dangers to make it to the mistake and you'll be acid burned to skull and bones!

    • XCrisis
      Played 4 times

      Guide your character through the stages, avoiding traps and dangers.

    • Fart Kaiju Fart
      Fart Kaiju Fart
      Played 217 times
    • Fish Food
      Fish Food
      Played 290 times

      Collect the fish food and avoid the sharks to keep your fish alive.

    • Give Up
      Give Up
      Played 201 times

      Few who enter this testing chamber ever survive its dangers. Will you beat the odds?

    • Kaboom Bot
      Kaboom Bot
      Played 19 times

      Remote-controlled demolition drone to the rescue!

    • Kim Jong Nuke Trouble
      Kim Jong Nuke Trouble
      Played 43 times

      Nukes are raining down on the North Korean dictator. Can he stop his pesky capitalist oppressors?

    • Headfolk Boom!
      Headfolk Boom!
      Played 17 times

      From followers to food in one to two booms!

    • Helicoptergame
      Played 33 times

      Control your helicopter as long as you can, avoiding all obstacles.

    • Magic Monty
      Magic Monty
      Played 33 times

      Magic Monty and Evil Eric duel with magic orbs!

    • Pushies Plus 2
      Pushies Plus 2
      Played 288 times

      The pushies will try to push you to the bottom and out of the game! Stay in for as long as possible.

    • Putin's Olympic Games
      Putin's Olympic Games
      Played 24 times

      Putin’s always dreamed of becoming an Olympic figure skater. Dreams really can come true!