Uphill Racing Games

  • Stickman Downhill
    Stickman Downhill
    Played 4637 times

    The world’s favorite daredevil stickman goes downhill!

  • Dirtbike Apocalypse
    Dirtbike Apocalypse
    Played 831 times

    It's the end of the world, and all you've got left is this lousy dirtbike... Oh, and a shotgun and a chainsaw and a suit of armor made of bones. Pull off some sweet tricks while you blaze your way across the mutant-infested landscape. Mad Max would be proud.

  • Heat Rush Future
    Heat Rush Future
    Played 3944 times

    Warning! Speeds like this are not for the faint-hearted.

  • Customize Your Ride
    Customize Your Ride
    Played 17981 times

    Choose your car and customize it by changing its parts just as you like.

  • Rich Cars 3
    Rich Cars 3
    Played 3404 times

    Even crooks like the best set of vintage wheels possible.

  • Xpeed Unleashed
    Xpeed Unleashed
    Played 10703 times

    Pick your pilot, rev your engines, and get ready for the intergalactic ride of your life!

  • Maxx Machine
    Maxx Machine
    Played 2319 times

    Ever look at a beautifully tuned bike and think, 'I could do that'? Well, prove it.

  • Drag Racer
    Drag Racer
    Played 2403 times

    Burn rubber down the drag in the sweetest cars.

  • Cargo Parking: Jersey Shore
    Cargo Parking: Jersey Shore
    Played 7696 times

    You’re the foreman of New Jersey’s busiest port. Prove you’ve got what it takes to keep things running.

  • Bike Racing 2
    Bike Racing 2
    Played 81191 times

    Three challenging tracks are waiting for you in this racing game. Hop on your bike and see how much air time you can earn on each one. How quickly will you reach the finish line on all three tracks?

  • Money Truck
    Money Truck
    Played 10554 times

    Money, money, money...

  • Driftin.io
    Played 2434 times

    Race or die! Take control of one of the shapes on this relentless racing track and compete against players from all over the world. Will you reach the finish line in this epic io game?

  • Puppy Racing
    Puppy Racing
    Played 602 times

    Collect red and blue stars, be the first to end the race, and win the gold!

  • Canyon Valley Rally
    Canyon Valley Rally
    Played 2609 times

    Get ready for some off road racing in this brand new 3D browser game, Canyon Valley Rally! Compete against professional racers as you swerve past boulders and reach that finish line!

  • Sports Bike Challenge
    Sports Bike Challenge
    Played 6811 times

    Over a dozen exciting courses are waiting for you and your bike. Better get ridin’...

  • Red Driver 5
    Red Driver 5
    Played 2740 times

    Take on your rivals while you blaze down the streets of New York City’s famous Chinatown district.

  • ModNation Racers: Mini GP
    ModNation Racers: Mini GP
    Played 799 times

    Not satisfied with the karting games out there? Then build your own!

  • Night Drivin
    Night Drivin
    Played 1276 times

    Hey night riders, ready for a fast night out? Complete each track to unlock the next and earn money to fuel the fire with cool upgrades. Drive through an underpass, dark tunnels and drag race your way between high rising skyscrapers and much more! This fast paced racing game will keep you in the dark and glued to your seat. So fasten those seatbelts and put some pedal to the metal.

  • Dare Devil
    Dare Devil
    Played 3640 times

    Steer your bike, perform tricks and score points!

  • Thrill Rush
    Thrill Rush
    Played 6804 times

    Hold on tight—it's gonna be a bumpy ride!

  • Street Pursuit
    Street Pursuit
    Played 23502 times

    Take racing to a whole new level on your mobile with this exciting racing game, Street Pursuit! Avoid the cops and traps, but make sure to collect that money!

  • Parking Passion
    Parking Passion
    Played 8115 times

    The goal in this challenging skill game is simple: park the car! Use the arrow buttons on the screen to move the car and maneuver it into the marked spot. The faster you park correctly, the higher your score will be in each level.

  • Mo'Bike!
    Played 2933 times

    Choose your speed and jump over the obstacles to score points.

  • Super 4x4 Rally
    Super 4x4 Rally
    Played 3434 times

    Prepare yourself for an epic road rally. Pick out your favorite jeep, SUV or buggy before you head to the starting line in this cool racing game.

  • Hell Cops
    Hell Cops
    Played 3477 times

    Neither rain, nor snow, nor innocent pedestrians will keep these policemen from their donuts…

  • Fever For Speed
    Fever For Speed
    Played 993 times

    Fever for Speed is an awesome 3D car racing game. You have to drive your vehicle at the highest speed possible along the racetrack to earn money and buy cool upgrades. Dodge your opponents and the different obstacles on your way and try to have the best time on track.

  • Pimp my Jeep
    Pimp my Jeep
    Played 2337 times

    Design your favorite Jeep and then take it for a ride!

  • Crazy Topy
    Crazy Topy
    Played 2099 times

    Bounce, wriggle, and roll to the finish line in this weirdly insane racing machine!

  • Two Cars
    Two Cars
    Played 1049 times

    This old-school racing game only takes a few seconds to learn how to play but it could take a lifetime to master. See if you can prevent the red and blue cars from hitting the barriers.

  • BMX Ghost
    BMX Ghost
    Played 880 times

    See former shadows of your newbie self (the ghosts of biffs past) while you improve your BMX stunt skills!

  • Motor Beast
    Motor Beast
    Played 7126 times

    In the mood for a roarin’ rampage? Then jump behind the wheel of this monster truck!

  • Rally Racer
    Rally Racer
    Played 19094 times

    Do you think you have what it takes to be the best driver in the entire world? Take on the best as you try to reach first place in this totally cool sports racing game, Rally Racer!

  • Neon Race
    Neon Race
    Played 1003 times

    Power up and knuckle down for some neon racing action.

  • Downhill Hamsterball
    Downhill Hamsterball
    Played 1950 times

    This hamster is loose and ready to go on a rollicking roll to the finish line!

  • LA Traffic Mayhem
    LA Traffic Mayhem
    Played 4597 times

    With a city of 8 million drivers, every hour is rush hour.

  • Trials Dynamite Tumble
    Trials Dynamite Tumble
    Played 2451 times

    Do some motor-driver damage for more points!

    • Absotruckinlutely!
      Played 1546 times

      Finally! A monster-truck game so weird, even your little sister will like it.

    • Russian Road Rage 3D
      Russian Road Rage 3D
      Played 3407 times

      How long will you last on one of the world’s craziest highways?

    • Dusk Drive
      Dusk Drive
      Played 4486 times

      Hog the turns and blast your way down this thrilling track while the light outside is just right.

    • Tuning 4 Dates
      Tuning 4 Dates
      Played 1022 times

      What hottie could resist a car created just for her?

    • Amazing Maze
      Amazing Maze
      Played 5089 times

      The race is on: who can unravel the complexities of this amazing maze first?

    • Drift Revolution
      Drift Revolution
      Played 2965 times

      Join Mercedes in the revolution of perfect ice-drifting action.

    • Super Bike X
      Super Bike X
      Played 2013 times

      Try to drive over all of the obstacles without falling off of your bike in this realistic environment.

    • Medieval Jousting
      Medieval Jousting
      Played 1391 times

      Jousting takes speed, accuracy...and, most of all, timing.

    • Ragdoll Runner
      Ragdoll Runner
      Played 3915 times

      These athletes may be a bit awkward but they’re still ready to go for the gold! Compete against the computer, your friends or players around the world in this wacky ragdoll game. Can you get yours across the finish line before he flops over?

    • Thrill Rush 3
      Thrill Rush 3
      Played 32805 times

      This girl’s fun day at the theme park just jumped the tracks! Help her find a way off this crazy coaster.

    • Pony Racing
      Pony Racing
      Played 878 times

      Rise through the ranks as you race to glamor and glory!

    • Slotcar Mania
      Slotcar Mania
      Played 620 times

      A very wild race is about to begin in the middle of this living room. Are you ready to roll?