Virus Effect Games

  • Chickaboom
    Played 781 times

    Help! Help! The chickens are falling!

  • Gem Smash
    Gem Smash
    Played 798 times

    So many jewels, so little time...

  • Gluey
    Played 1173 times

    Make a stir with these super-sticky blobs and their slippery stunts.

  • Biomass
    Played 567 times

    Infectiously fun...

  • Flip Fruit
    Flip Fruit
    Played 7867 times

    Flip these fruit 'til they're ready to scoot!

  • Biolabs Outbreak
    Biolabs Outbreak
    Played 3223 times

    Set the trap to make these vigorous viruses fall flat.

  • Mad Virus
    Mad Virus
    Played 1358 times

    Choose the cell you want to control and then choose the color on the left to expand the virus.

  • Hexion
    Played 373 times

    Turn all of the tiles yellow by placing them next to exactly as many other tiles as the number they are showing.

  • Virus 3
    Virus 3
    Played 3081 times

    Grow your Virus to cover the whole playing area within the number of moves allowed.

  • Proximity
    Played 77 times

    Try to conquer the field and to create the highest score!

  • Quarkz
    Played 258 times

    Try to control as much subnuclear matter as possible by clicking on the fields!