Puzzle Games

  • Ocean Puzzle
    Ocean Puzzle
    Played 415 times

    Can you piece these wonderful photos of underwater gardens back together again?

  • Prince of Persia Video Jigsaw
    Prince of Persia Video Jigsaw
    Played 103 times

    Piece together this silver-screen adventure straight out of the Sands of Time!

  • Totally Spies Puzzle 6
    Totally Spies Puzzle 6
    Played 33 times

    Match the puzzle pieces and complete the picture of Totally Spies.

  • Super Santa Bomber
    Super Santa Bomber
    Played 30 times

    This Santa could use an explosive boost this holiday season...

  • Monster Mansion
    Monster Mansion
    Played 182 times

    The monsters in this mansion are all mixed up! Can you help them straighten themselves out?

  • Arthur Christmas Puzzle
    Arthur Christmas Puzzle
    Played 476 times

    You can get into the spirit of the holiday season with all nine of these puzzles based on the hit film Arthur Christmas. Piece together each one of these delightful scenes from the movie in this online game.

  • Snowflake Puzzle
    Snowflake Puzzle
    Played 91 times

    Complete the puzzle to reveal the picture!