Puzzle Games

  • Ryokan
    Played 43 times

    Match falling blocks of the same color and clear them from the screen.

  • Rec-Tang-Zings
    Played 68 times

    All of these wacky shapes have had a very busy day and now all they want is a little shut-eye. A group of grumpy rectangles don’t feel like going to bed though and they want to wake up all of their friends. Can you help knock them out so they don’t drive everybody crazy? Only you can ensure that they all get a good night’s rest.

  • Arranje That: Level Pack
    Arranje That: Level Pack
    Played 13 times

    Can you help this latest batch of silly shapes hit their marks?

  • Catch 33
    Catch 33
    Played 88 times

    Try to get rid of all the 33 blocks!

  • Orbox
    Played 31 times

    Guide your box to the exit by using the blocks to stop yourself.

  • Stackopolis
    Played 28 times

    Rearrange the blocks to follow the pattern!

  • Finders Critters
    Finders Critters
    Played 204 times

    These crafty creatures are trying to make their way back to their homes. Match up the colored blocks and help them clear a path to their underground dens in this crazy puzzle game.

  • X- training 1
    X- training 1
    Played 23 times

    Avoid the flying balls to save the red block!

  • Candy Bricks
    Candy Bricks
    Played 126 times

    Gravity has done a 180 on your favorite block-fitting game.

  • Crossblock
    Played 31 times

    2 by 2, 3 by 3, watch the blocks disappear.

  • Cover Orange Journey: Gangsters
    Cover Orange Journey: Gangsters
    Played 49 times

    This orange was out joyriding when he got sucked into a mysterious portal. Now he’s been whisked off to a city filled with dangerous gangsters. Can you keep him safe from their bullets until he can find a way to get back home? He could really use your help avoiding all of the city’s criminals in this physics-based action game.

  • Fisher
    Played 42 times

    Red, blue, green fish; how quickly can you stack 3 fish?

  • Gravity Pinball 2
    Gravity Pinball 2
    Played 112 times

    Get the ball to the exit and don't hit blocks!

  • Knight of the Day
    Knight of the Day
    Played 426 times

    Solve puzzles and become even stronger in this wonderful match 3 puzzle game mixed with adventure, Knight of the Day. Travel throughout the kingdom and far away lands with such awesome 2D graphics!

  • Micro Art
    Micro Art
    Played 122 times

    Catch and combine at least three symbols on the right and create existing horizontal or vertical combinations on the board to make them disappear.

  • Nambers
    Played 23 times
  • Orb Avoidance
    Orb Avoidance
    Played 18 times

    Guide the balls into the blocks to destroy them.

  • Ropascris
    Played 24 times

    Go full cycle in this rock, paper, scissors puzzle extravaganza!

  • Smash the Blocks
    Smash the Blocks
    Played 69 times

    Smash all the blocks with your mallet.

  • Power Block
    Power Block
    Played 421 times

    These blocks are coming down fast in this intense puzzle game! Fill in the gaps between them in order to eliminate each row. If they reach the bottom, it’ll be game over!

    Played 38 times

    Think you can complete the patterns in this challenging puzzle game? PTTRN will test your puzzle solving skills with countless hours of gameplay!

  • Flower Power
    Flower Power
    Played 353 times

    This groovy puzzle game is in full bloom...

  • Isoblocker master
    Isoblocker master
    Played 31 times

    Solve the puzzle by dragging and arranging the blocks until you full fill the white area. You will have more and more shapes to place as the game goes. Solve all levels and become the master of the isoblocks.

  • Pharaos
    Played 90 times

    Click on 4 tiles of the same color and make a big square.

  • Crabs Party
    Crabs Party
    Played 17 times

    Move your crab and break your opponent's blue blocks before he breaks yours!

  • Dipigeme
    Played 104 times

    Mix and match your way to blocktastic fun!

  • Biklo
    Played 30 times

    Every block has its mate...although joining them is sure to frustrate.

  • Blocks Jungle
    Blocks Jungle
    Played 326 times
  • Blue Box 2
    Blue Box 2
    Played 83 times

    Can you link up the cute boxes in this super fun sequel?

  • Diamond Match
    Diamond Match
    Played 475 times

    Match 3 or more of the same colored precious stones next to each other on this wheel of fortune but how long will it take before you run out of luck?

  • Fling 2
    Fling 2
    Played 98 times

    These tiles give you wiiiiiings!

  • Under Construction
    Under Construction
    Played 64 times

    These buildings ain’t gonna build themselves, bucko. Get to work!