Puzzle Games

  • Two Blocks
    Two Blocks
    Played 4178 times

    Connect the blocks as quickly as you can in this fun and challenging puzzle game. Make squares and create other designs but don’t try to link them together diagonally. That just won’t work.

  • 2020! Reloaded
    2020! Reloaded
    Played 4085 times

    Even better than the popular original, 2020! Reloaded will challenge every move you make! This fast-paced puzzle game, the likes of Tetris, has a new career mode with exciting variations. Fill horizontal or vertical lines to make blocks disappear to create space. Never a dull moment with 2020! Reloaded. Play it for free now.

  • Linyca
    Played 2527 times

    These blocks will disappear for a song.

  • Blast!
    Played 3515 times

    Whether they go pop or bang, clearing these balls is sure to be a blast!

  • Snap The Shape
    Snap The Shape
    Played 567 times
  • 2020! Jelly Time
    2020! Jelly Time
    Played 2085 times

    Set the jelly-figures to fill out horizontal or vertical lines to earn as many points, combos and boosters as possible. Game over if you run out of space on the grid!

  • 10x10
    Played 74187 times
  • Cube Tema
    Cube Tema
    Played 1528 times

    Click one of the two like-colored blocks touching each other to clear them.

  • Crazy Colors
    Crazy Colors
    Played 1493 times

    Take control of this colorful dot and see if you can get it through the ring in this online skill game. Will you make it all the way to the finish line in each one of these crazy levels?

  • Candy Flip World
    Candy Flip World
    Played 1131 times

    You’ll flip for this innovative puzzle game. Can you make all of these delicious candies match up before you run out of moves?

  • Color Pin
    Color Pin
    Played 31408 times

    Can you put the pins in the correct spots in this fast-paced puzzle game? Hit the right targets while you avoid the other pins and match up the colors.

  • Clix
    Played 532 times

    Arrange the Clix so they match the shape shown on the left!

  • Fruit Pop
    Fruit Pop
    Played 752 times

    No expiry date on this fruity game! Draw a line to collect 3 or more fruits. Clear special areas and receive a bonus if you collect more than 8! Use a special feature like picking that odd fruit from the batch. Have fresh fruit fun in a match 3 game that just never turns stale.

  • Candy Cubes
    Candy Cubes
    Played 615 times

    Can you fit all of these tasty candies in the box before time runs out?

  • Cleopatra's Treasure
    Cleopatra's Treasure
    Played 3241 times

    Can you unlock the secrets of the Ancient Egyptian queen’s jewels?

  • Yin And Yang
    Yin And Yang
    Played 1989 times

    Give your puzzle skills a workout with this online game. Quickly link together the colored squares while you collect useful items like bombs, energy bolts and more.

  • Frozen 10
    Frozen 10
    Played 722 times

    Frozen 10 is a fun puzzle game in which you must fit the shapes onto the hexagonal grid. Fill the lines horizontally and vertically to clear the blocks for more space to fit the next shape. The more lines you can make the higher you score.

  • Glops
    Played 1569 times

    Click on Glops of the same color that are grouped together to remove them.

  • ColorSmash
    Played 939 times

    Clear squares by clicking on a square that has two or more of its color next to it. Simple.

  • Tap the Black Tile!
    Tap the Black Tile!
    Played 7457 times

    Whatever you do, you’ll need to avoid the white tiles at all costs in this addictive online game. Focus on the black ones instead and keep clicking on them for as long as you can before time runs out.

  • Poux
    Played 1937 times

    Click on groups of 2 or more similar jewels!

  • Bubble Mover
    Bubble Mover
    Played 1396 times

    Bubbles...beautiful bubbles!

  • Jelly Madness
    Jelly Madness
    Played 651 times

    Those wobbly jellies don't always have it all together and sometimes they go completely jelly-jolly. Match and line up the same jellies to remove them from the screen in this mad match-3 game!

  • Chinese Bubbles
    Chinese Bubbles
    Played 951 times

    Don't get crushed by this quickly-stacking pile of bubbles!

  • Mahjong Pyramid
    Mahjong Pyramid
    Played 950 times

    Any one who likes to play Mahjong will absolutely love this! Test your Mahjong skills as you progress through each stage and becoming better at it!

  • Rockoblox
    Played 827 times

    Rocks and blocks can be a mind-boggling, but at least there are special abilities to get you out of any bind!

  • Road Blocks
    Road Blocks
    Played 16751 times

    Guide the ball right into the red goal by bouncing it off the blocks!

  • Alchemist Scroll
    Alchemist Scroll
    Played 719 times

    Apply your alchemy skills to unlock the secrets of the Philosopher's Stone!

  • Block Movers
    Block Movers
    Played 3194 times

    How many moves will you need to get this little monster across the playing board in each one of these challenging levels? Avoid the blocks, walls and other hurdles in this mobile game.

  • Candy Monsters
    Candy Monsters
    Played 2032 times

    When it comes to candy, these very hungry monsters just can’t get enough. Help them fill their tummies with tons of sweets in this crazy mobile game.

  • Pet Party Columns
    Pet Party Columns
    Played 715 times

    Can you link together all of the colorful animals in this addictive match 3 puzzle game?

  • Space Bricks
    Space Bricks
    Played 759 times

    Space-saving efficiency is the Space Age take on that other block-fitting game.

  • Match 3 Squared
    Match 3 Squared
    Played 523 times

    Find out how long you can keep putting colored blocks into this square. Match them up into groups of three of a kind for as long as possible in this challenging puzzle game.

  • Magic Gem
    Magic Gem
    Played 590 times

    Make columns of three or more identical balls to remove them from the board.

  • Makos
    Played 1112 times

    Make rows of 3 or more blocks of the same color by pushing vertically or horizontally.

  • Impossible Colors
    Impossible Colors
    Played 588 times

    Take control of this three-dimensional diagram and see how quickly you can hit all of the colored blocks. Can you complete each level with as few swipes as possible in this challenging puzzle game?

    • Blockslide 2
      Blockslide 2
      Played 506 times

      Push the blocks and try to get to the gem to go to the next level.

    • Pixel Purge
      Pixel Purge
      Played 568 times

      The world of pixels is in danger. A purge is on the horizon…

    • Jewels 2
      Jewels 2
      Played 3767 times

      Detonate groups of 3 or more the same gems.

    • Ceasar Pizza
      Ceasar Pizza
      Played 898 times

      From Palermo to Pisa, the best pizzas come from Italy!

    • Lt. Fly Vs. The Spiders
      Lt. Fly Vs. The Spiders
      Played 728 times

      Change the colors of the blocks by clicking on them and create a group of 4 or more blocks of the same color.

    • Zop
      Played 3421 times

      How many of these colored blocks can you match up before the clock runs down to zero? It’s a challenge that will definitely keep you on your toes in this match 3 puzzle game.

    • Tiles
      Played 2898 times

      Find out if you can earn a high score in this challenging puzzle game. Match up the tiles as quickly as you can. If you run into trouble, try clicking on the bomb to see what will happen!

    • Pixo Cross
      Pixo Cross
      Played 655 times

      Can you master this online version of sudoku? Put your puzzle skills to the test and see if you can insert all of the numbers in the correct order.

    • Tetroid 2
      Tetroid 2
      Played 1730 times

      Like Tetris the perfect fit comes in all sizes. Drag the square figures on the grid to complete lines to make space for more blocks. The more lines you complete the higher you score in this free and fun Tetroid game.

    • Color Pop
      Color Pop
      Played 706 times

      How long can you keep up with the rapidly assembling blocks in this match 3 puzzle game? Link them together into groups of three or more to eliminate them before they reach the top of the screen.

    • Farm Challenge
      Farm Challenge
      Played 1061 times

      Have you had your veggies today?

    • Hexa Fever
      Hexa Fever
      Played 896 times

      Arrange the figures to fill horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines with the aim to score as many points as possible in this fun puzzle game!