Colored Blocks Games

  • Sparks Online
    Sparks Online
    Played 11560 times

    Enjoy one of the most amazing mix of a puzzle and match-3 game on the browser, Sparks Online. Choose your difficulty, and then try to get the highest score!

  • Tetris® Twist
    Tetris® Twist
    Played 12663 times

    The Tetris® game is a deceptively simple, completely addictive puzzle game. In Tetris® Twist, you'll puzzle your way through different cities. Discover new, fun ways to play Tetris® with a twist, or play Marathon Mode to experience the traditional gameplay.

  • Diamond Match
    Diamond Match
    Played 9489 times

    Match 3 or more of the same colored precious stones next to each other on this wheel of fortune but how long will it take before you run out of luck?

  • Prism
    Played 22040 times

    Match the same color cubes on a 4x4 square grid to change the color of the cubes and to create more space as the cubes merge into each other. How far can you get into the rainbow before you run out of space in the prism?

  • Dots Mania
    Dots Mania
    Played 22095 times

    How well can you connect the dots? Play this colorful game, connect at least two dots of the same color in limited time and moves, activate bonuses with high scores and find out if you have your dots in a row!

  • 2020! Jelly Time
    2020! Jelly Time
    Played 16576 times

    Set the jelly-figures to fill out horizontal or vertical lines to earn as many points, combos and boosters as possible. Game over if you run out of space on the grid!

  • Isoblocker master
    Isoblocker master
    Played 2188 times

    Solve the puzzle by dragging and arranging the blocks until you full fill the white area. You will have more and more shapes to place as the game goes. Solve all levels and become the master of the isoblocks.

  • 2020 Tetra
    2020 Tetra
    Played 21487 times

    Enjoy this Tetris-like puzzle game that will have you playing for hours as it becomes more and more challenging!

  • 10x10!+
    Played 15603 times

    Pick out one of these cool grids and find out how many of the pieces you can fit into them. You’ll need to stay sharp in order to make it to the final level of this innovative puzzle game.

  • Finders Critters
    Finders Critters
    Played 5149 times

    These crafty creatures are trying to make their way back to their homes. Match up the colored blocks and help them clear a path to their underground dens in this crazy puzzle game.

    Played 5218 times

    Think you can complete the patterns in this challenging puzzle game? PTTRN will test your puzzle solving skills with countless hours of gameplay!

  • Stream Master Unlimited
    Stream Master Unlimited
    Played 7633 times

    Connect the matching colors with a solid line to create a flow of paired colors to cover the entire board.

  • Mahjong Pyramid
    Mahjong Pyramid
    Played 10365 times

    Any one who likes to play Mahjong will absolutely love this! Test your Mahjong skills as you progress through each stage and becoming better at it!

  • Tetra
    Played 25053 times

    Enjoy this Tetris-like puzzle game that will have you playing for hours and only becoming more challenging, Tetra! Are you ready to the ultimate puzzle game ever made?

  • 1212!
    Played 15270 times

    Can you fit all the pieces in this brain challenging puzzle game, 1212? Earn as many points as you can while figuring out what piece to use next!

  • Hexa Fever
    Hexa Fever
    Played 5232 times

    Arrange the figures to fill horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines with the aim to score as many points as possible in this fun puzzle game!

  • Magic Stones 2
    Magic Stones 2
    Played 8484 times

    Do you have the magic touch? Play the sequel to the popular match 3 game, Magic Stones, now and find out. Tap on two or more matching colored stones and reach the target of each fun new level. Gain experience points by completing levels and unlock special powers for endless magic matching fun!

  • 1010 Deluxe
    1010 Deluxe
    Played 20641 times

    Earn the highest score in this exciting and challenging puzzle game. How far can you make it?

  • Tetroid 2
    Tetroid 2
    Played 2886 times

    Like Tetris the perfect fit comes in all sizes. Drag the square figures on the grid to complete lines to make space for more blocks. The more lines you complete the higher you score in this free and fun Tetroid game.

  • Hivex
    Played 117 times

    Match up all of the cells in this puzzling hive and find out if you can make it to the final level.

  • Fruit Pop
    Fruit Pop
    Played 1222 times

    No expiry date on this fruity game! Draw a line to collect 3 or more fruits. Clear special areas and receive a bonus if you collect more than 8! Use a special feature like picking that odd fruit from the batch. Have fresh fruit fun in a match 3 game that just never turns stale.

  • Rec-Tang-Zings
    Played 630 times

    All of these wacky shapes have had a very busy day and now all they want is a little shut-eye. A group of grumpy rectangles don’t feel like going to bed though and they want to wake up all of their friends. Can you help knock them out so they don’t drive everybody crazy? Only you can ensure that they all get a good night’s rest.

  • 2020! Reloaded
    2020! Reloaded
    Played 11378 times

    Even better than the popular original, 2020! Reloaded will challenge every move you make! This fast-paced puzzle game, the likes of Tetris, has a new career mode with exciting variations. Fill horizontal or vertical lines to make blocks disappear to create space. Never a dull moment with 2020! Reloaded. Play it for free now.

  • 2020!
    Played 75083 times

    Arrange these blocks on the table and find out if you can fit all of them on it.

  • Magic Stones
    Magic Stones
    Played 4750 times
  • Pet Party Columns
    Pet Party Columns
    Played 1120 times

    Can you link together all of the colorful animals in this addictive match 3 puzzle game?

  • Frozen 10
    Frozen 10
    Played 1862 times

    Frozen 10 is a fun puzzle game in which you must fit the shapes onto the hexagonal grid. Fill the lines horizontally and vertically to clear the blocks for more space to fit the next shape. The more lines you can make the higher you score.

  • Puzzle Painter
    Puzzle Painter
    Played 3506 times
  • Gem Legends
    Gem Legends
    Played 19832 times
  • Blocks Jungle
    Blocks Jungle
    Played 540 times
  • Nambers
    Played 612 times
  • 10x10
    Played 45628 times
  • Candy Cubes
    Candy Cubes
    Played 1572 times

    Can you fit all of these tasty candies in the box before time runs out?

  • Flower Power
    Flower Power
    Played 13747 times

    Can you prevent this garden from getting completely overrun with flowers?

  • Go Home Block 2
    Go Home Block 2
    Played 551 times

    This little block is still trying to find his way back home. Could you help him out?

  • Go Home Block
    Go Home Block
    Played 3550 times

    This bouncy block is trying to find his way back home. Can you point him in the right direction?

    • Steak and Jake
      Steak and Jake
      Played 185 times

      Moooo-ve out of the way for this milkman's deliveries!

    • Discover Istanbul
      Discover Istanbul
      Played 903 times

      Unlock the gems of Istanbul one puzzle board at a time.

    • Snap The Shape
      Snap The Shape
      Played 2336 times
    • Arranje That: Level Pack
      Arranje That: Level Pack
      Played 72 times

      Can you help this latest batch of silly shapes hit their marks?

    • Candy Flip
      Candy Flip
      Played 15030 times

      Be sweet to your brain with this colorful candy puzzle!

    • China Tangram
      China Tangram
      Played 52 times

      Go Zen with classic Chinese block-building shape making.

    • Minola
      Played 41 times

      This little guy sure could use your help playing this crazy version of the classic puzzle game.

    • GlowGrid
      Played 1942 times

      Match up all of the illuminated tiles as fast as you can.

    • Blue Box 2
      Blue Box 2
      Played 381 times

      Can you link up the cute boxes in this super fun sequel?

    • Harvest Day
      Harvest Day
      Played 5250 times

      Who’s the fastest fruit farmer in the field? Test yourself and challenge your friends!

    • Under Construction
      Under Construction
      Played 104 times

      These buildings ain’t gonna build themselves, bucko. Get to work!

    • Cleopatra's Treasure
      Cleopatra's Treasure
      Played 4481 times

      Can you unlock the secrets of the Ancient Egyptian queen’s jewels?