Building Games

  • Wheely
    Played 12260 times

    Here’s one Wheely that’s ready to pop!

  • Let It Flow
    Let It Flow
    Played 3988 times

    Connect the pipes and click on Pump It so the water can flow to the crops and animals.

  • Penguin Pass
    Penguin Pass
    Played 2384 times

    Place the ice blocks across the water to help our penguin friend make it to the other side!

  • Wheely 2
    Wheely 2
    Played 9491 times

    The adorable automobile is back in action. This time around, he’s on a quest for love.

  • Confuse Box
    Confuse Box
    Played 1308 times

    Twist the wires to light up this puzzle…

  • Harry The Hamster
    Harry The Hamster
    Played 3838 times

    Help Harry the hamster build tunnels to get safely home past the hungry cat.

  • Mini Train
    Mini Train
    Played 7816 times

    The laws of physics apply to every train, no matter the size...

  • Rev-Ups
    Played 3006 times

    Vroom, vroom… This cute puzzling game can keep you gaming for hours!

  • Mike & Mia
    Mike & Mia
    Played 1288 times

    Mike and Mia want to meet face-to-face but there’s tons of stuff in their way. Could you help them out?

  • Railroad Tycoon 3
    Railroad Tycoon 3
    Played 2943 times

    This train has a schedule to keep, so you better make sure it has the track to keep it!

  • Successful Experiment
    Successful Experiment
    Played 2703 times

    Lab rat...or Nobel Prize-winning physicist?

  • Techno Mania
    Techno Mania
    Played 2083 times

    Even a risky robotic landscape can't keep you from your mechanical mistress!

  • Pipeline Remixed
    Pipeline Remixed
    Played 602 times

    Go with the flow with all the colors of the rainbow!

  • Build the Bridge
    Build the Bridge
    Played 11141 times

    Use your master mason skills to help this train reach its destination safely!

  • Go Under
    Go Under
    Played 895 times

    Go on a dangerous adventure with this cute critter. Luckily he’s got an awesome trick up his sleeve...

  • Farm Road
    Farm Road
    Played 2410 times

    Link the whole farming community together to increase productivity!

  • Snoring 2: Wild West
    Snoring 2: Wild West
    Played 1102 times

    Snoring in the Wild West is a punishable offense!

  • Snoring
    Played 1179 times

    The animals aren't amused by this sleepy elephant's snoring antics...

  • Short Cut
    Short Cut
    Played 819 times

    Connect the road pieces together so the car can reach the end.

  • Waterdrops Waterway
    Waterdrops Waterway
    Played 727 times

    The way of the water is trecherous and fraught with bad timing.

  • Wooden Path 2
    Wooden Path 2
    Played 760 times

    Figure out how to build each bridge as quickly and efficiently as possible—people want to cross, ya know!

  • Mad DNA
    Mad DNA
    Played 1040 times

    You have to be careful with the building blocks of life; the tiniest mistake can have major consequences…

  • Connexions
    Played 680 times

    Connect the pipes to build a water pipeline before your time runs out!

  • Monkey Help
    Monkey Help
    Played 738 times

    Complete the route and pass the monkey to the opposite shore!

  • The Pipe Game
    The Pipe Game
    Played 4859 times

    Round and down the water's coming fast, so don't build slow!

  • Poop Pipes
    Poop Pipes
    Played 1557 times

    A pipe dream can so easily become a pipe nightmare...

  • Get Groovy
    Get Groovy
    Played 583 times

    Keep clicking the tiles to make a groove for the flipper to follow!

  • Sue Candy Eater
    Sue Candy Eater
    Played 688 times

    Build a path for Sue so she can collect all of the candy.

  • Let Me Grow
    Let Me Grow
    Played 1100 times

    Garden your way to a bigger brain with these water puzzles!

  • Crystal Runner
    Crystal Runner
    Played 2178 times

    Master the maze to save mankind from the Crystal World!

  • Stack Tower Classic
    Stack Tower Classic
    Played 3618 times

    Build an epic tower in this challenging skill game. Carefully stack each one of these objects and see how tall you can make the structure before it gets too wobbly.

  • Cute Owl
    Cute Owl
    Played 1110 times

    Wake the cute owl up, and get ready to make some noise!

  • Abombinaball
    Played 945 times

    It's a rolling race to stop these bombs from blowing!

  • Faze
    Played 595 times

    Can you solve these mind-bending puzzles, or are you just another loser with a laser?

  • Moon and Sun
    Moon and Sun
    Played 928 times

    The moon and sun are on a tight schedule, so help them make their appearances on time!

  • Fence Builder
    Fence Builder
    Played 451 times

    Get the sheep onto the lawn and then build the fence around it!

    • Sparks
      Played 42 times

      Flip the bridges so the spark could follow its path!

    • Cannon Balls
      Cannon Balls
      Played 97 times

      Click and place the triangles so the ball could get to the cannon!

    • Darkmelt
      Played 17 times

      Clear the ice by running and jumping. Once enough ice is removed, capture a flag!

    • Rebound
      Played 422 times

      Flip the mirrors to bounce the ball in the right direction!

    • Frog Day
      Frog Day
      Played 134 times

      Pass through all the white squares only once. Try to fill the board 100% with stars!

    • Disco Jungle
      Disco Jungle
      Played 377 times

      Change the color of the tiles and create chains of at least 3 tiles of the same color.

    • Kiss Call
      Kiss Call
      Played 55 times

      This lover wants to phone his girl. Fix the connection before time runs out.

    • Chat Noir
      Chat Noir
      Played 311 times

      Stop the cat from escaping the screen by clicking on the bright green circles.

    • Chimpy Jump
      Chimpy Jump
      Played 38 times

      Jump on the turtles to sink them and score points.

    • Baby Ball
      Baby Ball
      Played 93 times

      Put the ball into the same color basket and score points.

    • Squareblox
      Played 18 times

      Get your ball to the exit by bouncing it off the squares, Collect all the coins on your way to open the exit.

    • Bloc
      Played 249 times

      Drop the piece in the correct hole to go to the next level!