• The Poppit Stress Buster
    The Poppit Stress Buster
    Played 21111 times

    Reduce your stress level by popping groups of 2 or more balloons of the same color!

  • Shuigo
    Played 13255 times

    Try to match up all of these tiles before the monkey reaches the bananas.

  • Jim Loves Mary
    Jim Loves Mary
    Played 81513 times

    Destiny has brought them together but will Mary’s parents tear them apart?

  • Bomb It 5
    Bomb It 5
    Played 21774 times

    Is your robot the ultimate bomber gladiator? Step into the Bomb It arena and find out...

  • Farm of Dreams
    Farm of Dreams
    Played 12430 times

    Dreams can come true on the Farm of Dreams! Earn golden coins with your match 3 skills and buy the best plants, animals and stalls to expand your business. Match the same fruits and veggies and expand the level of comfort on your land to be the best farmer in the country. Do you have what it takes to become a successful farmer? Build the farm of your dreams now in the free online game.

  • LoneWolf
    Played 15700 times

    Think you've got what it takes to become an elite sniper? This non-stop action shooter has intense gameplay that will really put your skills to the test!

  • Snail Bob 3
    Snail Bob 3
    Played 16382 times

    HELP! Snail Bob is in a hot spot—the desert. You gotta get him out!

  • Dream Farm Link
    Dream Farm Link
    Played 11999 times

    We insist that you play with your food.

  • Swords & Souls: A Soul Adventure
    Swords & Souls: A Soul Adventure
    Played 25125 times

    Join the battle in the Fighting Arena with Sir Scarow at your service. A quest for the riches for the survival of the fittest soul will have you fight against creatures of old. Or you could be taken to the training room to improve your strength by hitting the apples thrown at you. Create your own gladiator style look and get ready to cross swords with a stinging mosquito or even a blind mole.

  • Bubble Academy
    Bubble Academy
    Played 25284 times

    Shoot colorful bubbles with magical experiments. Follow classes at the Academy to learn all about magical bubble shooting and become top of your class!

  • Treasures of Atlantis
    Treasures of Atlantis
    Played 20443 times

    Collect rare and valuable sunken treasure in this awesome new match 3 game, Treasures of Atlantis. Match 3 or more of the same gem while finding pieces of treasure in each stage.

  • Papa's Freezeria
    Papa's Freezeria
    Played 22988 times

    Papa's new ice cream parlor has opened its doors! Ready to scoop treats for hordes of cruise-ship tourists?

  • Speedback
    Played 24503 times

    Real American Football: strong-arm your way into the end zone!

  • Illuminate 1
    Illuminate 1
    Played 5432 times

    This puzzle game will help you light up your life! Switch around the wires so they can connect each one of these batteries to the light bulbs.

  • Sir Jump
    Sir Jump
    Played 20481 times

    This fancy guy sure loves to bounce. All the way over the top of mountains, if you can believe it...

  • 1001 Arabian Nights 7
    1001 Arabian Nights 7
    Played 18128 times
  • Highway Racer 3D
    Highway Racer 3D
    Played 47974 times

    Customize your cars and race against the best in the biz with this thrilling 3D game.

  • Dream Love Link
    Dream Love Link
    Played 15967 times

    Link up these Mahjong lovelies!

  • Bubble Raiders
    Bubble Raiders
    Played 15035 times

    Help Anna and Eva unlock the mysteries of the guardian bubbles! Aim and shoot at 3 or more same colored bubbles to make them disappear and unlock the secrets of each level in this mysterious match-3 bubble shooter game.

  • Sparta: War Of Empires
    Sparta: War Of Empires
    Played 11974 times

    The Persian king Xerxes has amassed a gigantic army that is marching straight towards your city. Defend its gates and lead your people to glory in this MMO game.

  • Snow Queen 4
    Snow Queen 4
    Played 18116 times

    The Snow Queen has turned everything to ice and the mermaids are in danger. Save them!

  • Snow Queen 2
    Snow Queen 2
    Played 13276 times

    Free a band of elves from the clutches of a rotten royal in this puzzle game.

  • American Football Kicks
    American Football Kicks
    Played 6187 times

    How many field goals can you make in this challenging football game? You’ll need to stay focused in order to earn lots of points for your team.

  • Easy Chess
    Easy Chess
    Played 17490 times

    Play this nice chess game and try to win against the computer.

  • Burger Restaurant Express
    Burger Restaurant Express
    Played 26654 times

    Things can get a little crazy at this burger joint, especially during lunch hour!

  • Bike Racing
    Bike Racing
    Played 70364 times

    Show off your awesome bike racing skills in this totally fun and competitive sports game, Bike Racing! There are many stages to ride through and each one offers a different challenge.

  • Love Tester 2.0
    Love Tester 2.0
    Played 33509 times

    Are you and your crush perfect for one another? Discover the answer with this mystical machine...

  • Merge 10
    Merge 10
    Played 7227 times

    How many times can you make the numbers on this grid add up to 10? Collect coins while you give your mathematical skills a workout in this challenging puzzle game.

  • Color Switch
    Color Switch
    Played 53382 times

    Never before will you face a more challenging puzzle game that will have you playing for hours! Color Switch will truly test your puzzle skills!

  • Parking Training
    Parking Training
    Played 48274 times

    Can you park your car in these spots? You’ll have to use your reversing skills to avoid hitting anything!

  • Snail Bob 6: Winter Story
    Snail Bob 6: Winter Story
    Played 10010 times

    Help Snail Bob have a very merry Christmas by keeping him alive in this puzzle-ridden winter wonderland.

  • Bomb It 4
    Bomb It 4
    Played 20253 times

    Blow away the competition!

  • Boat Drive
    Boat Drive
    Played 32566 times

    Steer your power boat in the right direction and outwit your fellow racers in this amazing 3D racing game! Explore narrow river bends and earn cash to splash on your brand new motor boat! This game should rock any racers boat!

  • Tiny Rifles
    Tiny Rifles
    Played 26668 times

    Lock n’ load, soldier. The enemy is heading straight towards you.

  • Butterfly Kyodai 2
    Butterfly Kyodai 2
    Played 11624 times

    Butterfly Kyodai 2 is a mahjong matching game. Connect matching butterflies to clear the board as quick as you can.

  • Theme Hotel
    Theme Hotel
    Played 17100 times

    Build the perfect hotel for your guests from the ground up.

    • Create a Ride 2
      Create a Ride 2
      Played 30639 times

      Select a car and modify it using the arrows on the right.

    • Soccer Heads: Premier League
      Soccer Heads: Premier League
      Played 20530 times

      Ever wanted to play in England's Premier League? Don't quit while you're a head.

    • Jim Loves Mary 2
      Jim Loves Mary 2
      Played 79719 times

      Jim and Mary are on the run and they need your help to make it through this forest.

    • 3D Bugatti Racing
      3D Bugatti Racing
      Played 43332 times
    • Color Pin
      Color Pin
      Played 29015 times

      Can you put the pins in the correct spots in this fast-paced puzzle game? Hit the right targets while you avoid the other pins and match up the colors.

    • Long Bus Driver 2
      Long Bus Driver 2
      Played 30472 times
    • Battle Towers
      Battle Towers
      Played 961 times

      An army of goblins is determined to ransack the kingdom. You’re not going to let them get away with that, right? Assemble your knights and protect the kingdom at all costs in this 3D tower defense game.

    • Pool Live Pro
      Pool Live Pro
      Played 13984 times

      Play your favorite billiards and compete with other online players every day!

    • Bomb It 3
      Bomb It 3
      Played 20097 times

      Bomb and blast your enemies to smithereens!

    • King Soldiers 3
      King Soldiers 3
      Played 43548 times

      Your mission: rid the kingdom of all of these irksome monsters. Your weapons: a bazooka and a rifle. Can you wipe them all out in this action game?

    • FC Barcelona: Ultimate Rush
      FC Barcelona: Ultimate Rush
      Played 57725 times

      The players from this European football team are hitting the streets of Barcelona to raise some much needed cash. Join them as they jump, slide and blast their way through this crazy sports game.

    • Back to Santaland: Winter Holidays
      Back to Santaland: Winter Holidays
      Played 8340 times

      Try out all of these puzzles as you travel down a path to an enchanted castle made out of candy canes.