• Silly Ways to Die 3
    Silly Ways to Die 3
    Played 2995 times

    These crazy creatures have decided to work at a dangerous construction site. Can you help them stay safe and avoid getting killed by everything from drills to falling bricks in this action game?

  • Patterns Link
    Patterns Link
    Played 40589 times

    Breaking news from the Fashion Police—mixing and matching patterns is encouraged!

  • Dreamfields
    Played 51827 times

    Restore magical pastures and meet enchanting characters when fantasy meets farming.

  • Terraria Online
    Terraria Online
    Played 77040 times

    The kingdom’s been destroyed and all its people are imprisoned underground. What are you waiting for? Fix it!

  • 3D Bugatti Racing
    3D Bugatti Racing
    Played 61877 times
  • Pixel Warfare 5
    Pixel Warfare 5
    Played 106202 times

    Get ready for another few rounds of old-school action. Join a room, grab some weapons and prepare yourself for a deathmatch or two in this multiplayer first person shooter game.

  • Spider Soli
    Spider Soli
    Played 34299 times

    Reorder the cards on the table to build them down the ranks!

  • Bartender
    Played 68584 times

    Pour, shake, and serve your own mouth-watering cocktail!

  • Hill climb racing
    Hill climb racing
    Played 71919 times

    Play the most addictive physics-based car & bike racing game

  • My Dolphin Show 8
    My Dolphin Show 8
    Played 135919 times

    Welcome to a paradise of aquatic sea animals! This ever popular show is unstoppable and offers a splashing 126 levels to play in 6 different worlds. Perform amazing tricks like doughnut jumping, splashing the audience and even score a soccer goal! Play various mini-games to keep your dolphin motivated. Are you ready to jump in and dive into a world of fun with your cute dolphin? Endless splashing fun!

  • Color Switch
    Color Switch
    Played 217913 times

    Never before will you face a more challenging puzzle game that will have you playing for hours! Color Switch will truly test your puzzle skills!

  • Papa’s Cheeseria
    Papa’s Cheeseria
    Played 60490 times

    This rocker’s band just had their gear stolen. Now he’ll have to make some quick dough to buy replacements.

  • Cut the Rope
    Cut the Rope
    Played 107163 times

    Sometimes there's just no alternative: you have to cut the rope.

  • Summer Sports: Rugby
    Summer Sports: Rugby
    Played 37053 times

    Go for gold and glory as you rough it up in a game of rugby! Run as far as you can, dodge vicious tackles and blindside your opponent with spectacular drop-goals! Combine in a PvP tournament with other Qlympics games to become the ultimate champion!

  • Happy Wheels
    Happy Wheels
    Played 112528 times

    Looking for an offbeat racing game? Check.

  • Rio 2016
    Rio 2016
    Played 3690 times

    Experience the thrills and excitement of Rio 2016 this online game. Travel to Rio and lead your nation to victory in football, tennis and four additional events!

  • Billards
    Played 40123 times

    Choose the 8-ball or Straight Pool game, pocket your balls, and win!

  • Mine Blocks
    Mine Blocks
    Played 69638 times

    Grab a pickaxe and get ready to explore an underground world inspired by Minecraft.

  • Sniper Team 2
    Sniper Team 2
    Played 66411 times

    Think you’ve got a sharp eye and a steady hand? Grab your rifle and defend the position!

  • Simply Jigsaw
    Simply Jigsaw
    Played 32603 times

    The totally awesome photography gives these daily puzzles a little extra something.

  • Takeover
    Played 45063 times

    Bring glory and peace to the empire once more—to battle!

  • Anna's Pedicure
    Anna's Pedicure
    Played 197320 times

    Disney princess Anna always likes to look pretty and she needs your help with her pedicure!

  • 3D Motorbike Racing
    3D Motorbike Racing
    Played 128138 times

    Customize your bike, race, and be the first at the finish.

  • Papa's Bakeria
    Papa's Bakeria
    Played 86551 times

    You just scored a sweet new job at Whiskview Mall! Papa Loue entrusted you with his brand new Bakeria! Bake away, earn big and keep your customers happy in this sweet as pie management game!

  • Agar.io
    Played 55778 times
  • Back to Candyland 4: Lollipop Garden
    Back to Candyland 4: Lollipop Garden
    Played 36686 times

    It’s time to return to the world’s sweetest and tastiest jelly-matching game!

  • Street Fighter 2
    Street Fighter 2
    Played 91879 times

    Fight against several enemies in this cool game, street fighter 2!

  • Toy Defense
    Toy Defense
    Played 30123 times

    They may be made out of plastic but they definitely pack a punch! Strategically position your toy soldiers and cannons in order to defend your base in this exciting tower defense game.

  • Trollface Quest 1
    Trollface Quest 1
    Played 89610 times

    Though you walk through the valley of the shadow of the lolz, fear no trolls.

  • Swimming Pro
    Swimming Pro
    Played 35876 times

    You’re the chosen swimmer to represent your country in this thrilling sports game, Swimming Pro! Pick the country and swimmer that you want and then perform at your best!

  • Totem
    Played 36895 times

    Everyone of us, deep inside, is eager for adventures. So do our young friends-archaeologists Martin and Jane! Accompanied by professor, they went to the excavation site to investigate mysteries of formerly unknown civilization. As soon as they started their exploration, our young friends found a strong artifact. While studying it, they activated the artifact and were transported to ancient times. When the dust faded, they saw a settlement that had been located here for a long time. Unfortunately, they discovered that professor disappeared. And our friends decided to go to the village and ask for help. There they have met tribal chief - Zikimo! Help our heroes find professor and their way back home. Discover new, even more powerful artifacts and use them for good!

  • Governor of Poker
    Governor of Poker
    Played 44425 times

    In the Wild West, the cards are the law.

  • Action Bros
    Action Bros
    Played 3262 times

    These two bros are super soldiers and they’ll need your help with six different missions. Join forces with them as they rush to stop a dangerous rocket and much more in this intense action game.

  • Jim Loves Mary
    Jim Loves Mary
    Played 196662 times

    Destiny has brought them together but will Mary’s parents tear them apart?

  • Sports Heads Basketball
    Sports Heads Basketball
    Played 70223 times

    Having a big head never got in the way of shooting hoops.

  • Ninja Miner
    Ninja Miner
    Played 13322 times

    Leap from wall to wall and floor to ceiling as your ninja skills are put to the test in an increasingly complex underground labyrinth of sweet, sweet jewels (and stars). Welcome to a whole new type of ninja game.

    • Bubble Charms
      Bubble Charms
      Played 36653 times

      How high will you make it in this bubbly puzzle game?

    • Bubbles Shooter
      Bubbles Shooter
      Played 29006 times

      Join three or more bubbles of the same color to pop them! Can you clear all of the rows from the grid?

    • Swords & Souls: A Soul Adventure
      Swords & Souls: A Soul Adventure
      Played 39294 times

      Join the battle in the Fighting Arena with Sir Scarow at your service. A quest for the riches for the survival of the fittest soul will have you fight against creatures of old. Or you could be taken to the training room to improve your strength by hitting the apples thrown at you. Create your own gladiator style look and get ready to cross swords with a stinging mosquito or even a blind mole.

    • Racing Movie Cars
      Racing Movie Cars
      Played 7453 times

      Have you ever wanted to drive Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters? Now you can in this racing game. Pick out your favorite vehicle from a few of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters and get ready to roll.

    • Solitaire FRVR
      Solitaire FRVR
      Played 39677 times

      There’s a reason why Solitaire is one of the world’s most popular card games. Ready for a few rounds?

    • Tri Tower Solitaire
      Tri Tower Solitaire
      Played 30498 times

      A chain of cards will lead you to the hidden castle…

    • Warfare 1917
      Warfare 1917
      Played 40735 times

      You are a commander of the British army—send your troops to the trenches!

    • From Ugly to Pretty
      From Ugly to Pretty
      Played 68035 times

      Help this geeky girl pick out the boy that’s just right for her.

    • Back to Candyland: Episode 2
      Back to Candyland: Episode 2
      Played 36254 times

      When you go back to Candyland, you’ll wonder why you ever left in the first place!

    • Papa Louie 3: When Sundaes Attack
      Papa Louie 3: When Sundaes Attack
      Played 61989 times

      This relaxing cruise just took a very creepy and creamy turn for the worse....

    • Solitaire Classic
      Solitaire Classic
      Played 31100 times

      Solitaire can keep you busy with hours of card game fun. This classic version is no different. Create four piles of a card suit in ascending order. Do you have the patience to win?

    • Long Bus Driver 2
      Long Bus Driver 2
      Played 54076 times