Highscore Games

  • Free Kick 2012
    Free Kick 2012
    Played 1510 times

    Can't make it to the European soccer championships this year? Get in on the action here!

  • Jigsaw City Trip
    Jigsaw City Trip
    Played 1002 times

    Take a virtual trip around the world while you piece together these gorgeous puzzles.

  • Flight Of The Hamsters
    Flight Of The Hamsters
    Played 10081 times

    Help the hamsters enjoy their time off with the new extreme sport of hamster launching!

  • Meerkat Mission
    Meerkat Mission
    Played 593 times

    This mob of meerkats has a mind for mayhem!

  • Helmet Bombers 3
    Helmet Bombers 3
    Played 555 times

    These bubble-headed soldiers are back for another explosive beatdown!

  • Oceanpark Manager
    Oceanpark Manager
    Played 698 times

    Wow park visitors with these fetching fish from the sea!

  • Pony Racing
    Pony Racing
    Played 889 times

    Rise through the ranks as you race to glamor and glory!

  • Street Avenger
    Street Avenger
    Played 671 times

    Kick and claw your way to vengeance!

  • Moto Madness
    Moto Madness
    Played 902 times

    North, south, east, or west...when it comes to racing you're the best!

  • Moon and Sun
    Moon and Sun
    Played 1332 times

    The moon and sun are on a tight schedule, so help them make their appearances on time!

  • Fantacy Cricket
    Fantacy Cricket
    Played 928 times

    Fancy some fantasy batting practice? Get crackin'!

  • Horse Stable Kissing
    Horse Stable Kissing
    Played 553 times

    Kissing on the job isn't strictly prohibited, so make sure the boss doesn't see!

  • Cut The Rope 2
    Cut The Rope 2
    Played 28623 times

    SWEET! Om Nom's shenanigans continue in Cut the Rope 2! With new characters, fresh gameplay elements and tricky missions, candy collecting has never been so fun! In his unexpected adventure, Om Nom breaks out of his box and travels through lush forests, busy cities, junkyards and underground tunnels, all in pursuit of one goal – CANDY! Along the way, he encounters the Nommies, the cutest candy collecting helpers a little green monster could wish for!

  • Hexagone
    Played 6347 times

    Check out this challenging match 3 puzzle game. Can you link together all of this yummy fruit? Put them into groups of three or more and see if you can earn a high-score.

  • Snow White Valentine
    Snow White Valentine
    Played 957 times

    Join Gwen, Grace, and Gabriella for a chocolatey Valentine adventure!

  • Rainbow
    Played 1094 times

    In a world without color, you're our only hope...

  • Pacific Thunder
    Pacific Thunder
    Played 690 times

    Pound the enemy to a pulp on the Pacific front!

  • Snoring 2: Wild West
    Snoring 2: Wild West
    Played 1154 times

    Snoring in the Wild West is a punishable offense!

  • Taxi Madness
    Taxi Madness
    Played 525 times

    Crash 'em, bash 'em, and wreak some crazy cabbie havoc...

  • Red Riot
    Red Riot
    Played 524 times

    In the New World, soldiers have jetpacks!

  • Pony Adventure
    Pony Adventure
    Played 1651 times

    Giddy up, girl! Lasso up that house!

  • Cactus McCoy 2
    Cactus McCoy 2
    Played 14222 times

    This cunning cactus is in a prickly situation...

  • Super Mahjong 3D
    Super Mahjong 3D
    Played 800 times

    Each stack gets trickier and more tactical in this extra-dimensional take on mahjong!

  • Death Racers
    Death Racers
    Played 1647 times

    In this desolate future, all that's left to do is drive or die by the will of the racetrack.

  • D.I.E.T.
    Played 575 times

    Freddy hadn’t seen his feet in years, 'til he started running…

  • Devilish Christmas
    Devilish Christmas
    Played 762 times

    There's something devilish going on in the chimney...

  • Cloud Wars
    Cloud Wars
    Played 1511 times

    A war is about to begin among some really kooky clouds. Can you help these puffy powerhouses seize the day?

  • Moon Elf Mahjong
    Moon Elf Mahjong
    Played 722 times

    Get into the Mahjong madness with a magical Moon Elf deck!

  • Metal Tank
    Metal Tank
    Played 515 times

    Blow the enemy out of the sky with the brute force of heavy metal.

  • Magic Solitaire: World
    Magic Solitaire: World
    Played 655 times

    You’ve never played a game of solitaire quite like this one. Join this brigade of bodacious bunnies as they take you on a magical adventure. Collect coins and boosters while they help you improve your card playing skills.

  • Run Run Hamster
    Run Run Hamster
    Played 682 times

    Hop and hustle for your pretty pink princess!

  • The Jumper 2
    The Jumper 2
    Played 1070 times

    This hero who comes from the sky can't fly, but will make sure people don't die!

  • Little Romeo & Juliet
    Little Romeo & Juliet
    Played 1940 times

    Find a happy ending for this adorable pair of star-crossed lovers.

  • Paper Survive
    Paper Survive
    Played 1060 times

    Fly as long as you can in this brand new endless flight simulator, Paper Survive. Control your paper airplane and collect coins as you dodge incoming missiles and traps!

  • Urban Baseball
    Urban Baseball
    Played 815 times

    Battle the urban jungle with your baseball in hand!

  • Dreamsdwell Stories
    Dreamsdwell Stories
    Played 758 times

    Connect the dots to earn...as even in magical medieval towns, it takes money to make money!

    • Time Machine: Medieval Cooking
      Time Machine: Medieval Cooking
      Played 663 times

      Dish out some delicious dinner—medieval style!

    • Pro Motocross Racer
      Pro Motocross Racer
      Played 908 times

      Calling all stunt riders: want big air? Here's your game...

    • Sparkanoid
      Played 1049 times

      These interstellar blocks could use some smashin’. How quickly can you turn them into space dust?

    • Bunny Pop
      Bunny Pop
      Played 3239 times

      Help this bunny pop as many colored balls as possible in a match 3 point and shoot game that deserves an extra carrot or two for bonus bunny points!

    • Jigsaw World: Puppies
      Jigsaw World: Puppies
      Played 757 times

      These cute puppies are just so puzzling!

    • Stickman Soccer 2
      Stickman Soccer 2
      Played 2507 times

      Who says stickmen can’t play sport?

    • FlakBoy Escape
      FlakBoy Escape
      Played 909 times

      FlakBoy’s trapped in a dangerous factory. Can you help him survive a challenge worthy of Crossy Road?

    • Dwarf Runner
      Dwarf Runner
      Played 757 times

      This magical dwarf is on a mad dash for lots of precious jewels. How long can you keep him on his feet in this free online game?

    • Cell Defense
      Cell Defense
      Played 851 times

      Tom hasn't been taking care of himself, so now there are tons of bacteria on the prowl trying to kill him!

    • Pin Balls
      Pin Balls
      Played 962 times

      Shoot through the obstacle course and show off your skills!

    • Time Machine: Stone Age Cooking
      Time Machine: Stone Age Cooking
      Played 643 times

      Serve up some Stone-Age cuisine--while surviving the locals!

    • Basketball Down
      Basketball Down
      Played 17460 times

      This endless court is filled with NBA superstars that are determined to block your shots and dunks. Rush past them while you aim for each one of the hoops in this retro basketball game. How long can you last out there while you fight to unlock jerseys from some of your favorite teams?