Highscore Games

  • Animal Rescue Zoo
    Animal Rescue Zoo
    Played 1164 times

    These endangered animals will need some extra loving and care to make it to their new homes!

  • Run Run Hamster
    Run Run Hamster
    Played 794 times

    Hop and hustle for your pretty pink princess!

  • Pony Racing
    Pony Racing
    Played 857 times

    Rise through the ranks as you race to glamor and glory!

  • Street Avenger
    Street Avenger
    Played 739 times

    Kick and claw your way to vengeance!

  • Space Pirates Tower Defense
    Space Pirates Tower Defense
    Played 551 times

    In space, no one can hear you yarr!

  • Jigsaw City Trip
    Jigsaw City Trip
    Played 1270 times

    Take a virtual trip around the world while you piece together these gorgeous puzzles.

  • Elements & Magic
    Elements & Magic
    Played 2222 times

    Ready or not, here they come...

  • Purrfect Pet Shop
    Purrfect Pet Shop
    Played 1452 times

    Running a pet shop may be hard work, but it's worth it to see happy pets go home with loving owners!

  • Vintage Car Parking
    Vintage Car Parking
    Played 1244 times

    This isn't just any regular old parking game, son.

  • Pacific Thunder
    Pacific Thunder
    Played 655 times

    Pound the enemy to a pulp on the Pacific front!

  • Cycling Down
    Cycling Down
    Played 5905 times


  • Bubble Hit Valentine
    Bubble Hit Valentine
    Played 4332 times

    Calories don't count on Valentine's Day!

  • Rainbow
    Played 984 times

    In a world without color, you're our only hope...

  • Stickman Soccer 2
    Stickman Soccer 2
    Played 2452 times

    Who says stickmen can’t play sport?

  • Crusader Defense 2
    Crusader Defense 2
    Played 9504 times

    Another wave of warriors is trying to attack your castle. Defend it at all costs, brave knight!

  • Park My Truck
    Park My Truck
    Played 579 times

    Never challenge a monster truck for the last parking spot...

  • Alchemist Scroll
    Alchemist Scroll
    Played 608 times

    Apply your alchemy skills to unlock the secrets of the Philosopher's Stone!

  • BlockBuster
    Played 4947 times

    You’ll need some quick reflexes to smash this massive wave of blocks.

  • Pony Adventure
    Pony Adventure
    Played 1641 times

    Giddy up, girl! Lasso up that house!

  • Pro Motocross Racer
    Pro Motocross Racer
    Played 943 times

    Calling all stunt riders: want big air? Here's your game...

  • Traffic Madness Waterways
    Traffic Madness Waterways
    Played 697 times

    Master the roads where sea and street meet, if you can take the traffic heat.

  • Napoleon Stupid
    Napoleon Stupid
    Played 523 times

    Show them once and for all that size (and intelligence) doesn’t matter!

  • Oceanpark Manager
    Oceanpark Manager
    Played 600 times

    Wow park visitors with these fetching fish from the sea!

  • Zombies Mice Annihilation
    Zombies Mice Annihilation
    Played 653 times

    It's not a classic cat-and-mouse tale...

  • Farm Doggie
    Farm Doggie
    Played 6100 times

    What a wolf in sheep's clothing...

  • Duck Pond Mahjong
    Duck Pond Mahjong
    Played 2185 times

    Try out this fast-paced version of the classic board game. It’s just ducky.

  • The Jumper 2
    The Jumper 2
    Played 1135 times

    This hero who comes from the sky can't fly, but will make sure people don't die!

  • Carjacked in 60 Seconds
    Carjacked in 60 Seconds
    Played 1044 times

    Who’s the city’s most wanted criminal hotshot? Prove yourself and steal the title…

  • Kayaking Down
    Kayaking Down
    Played 1079 times

    The kayaking competition that’s waiting for you in this retro sports game is really intense! Can you outwit and outlast the competition? Avoid the rocks and other players while you race towards the finish line.

  • Jigsaw World: Puppies
    Jigsaw World: Puppies
    Played 911 times

    These cute puppies are just so puzzling!

  • Shopping Season
    Shopping Season
    Played 561 times

    Get your Santa on with a super-sized Christmas shopping spree!

  • Pin Balls
    Pin Balls
    Played 890 times

    Shoot through the obstacle course and show off your skills!

  • Cactus McCoy 2
    Cactus McCoy 2
    Played 11838 times

    This cunning cactus is in a prickly situation...

  • Green Ball
    Green Ball
    Played 812 times

    Get ready for an unusual adventure in this totally cool brand new arcade game, Green Ball. The controls are very simple but it'll take time to master! Jump over pits and sharp spikes in order to survive.

  • Chicken Jump
    Chicken Jump
    Played 873 times

    Launch this chicken into the sky with a hop, skip, and flap!

  • Little Romeo & Juliet
    Little Romeo & Juliet
    Played 1953 times

    Find a happy ending for this adorable pair of star-crossed lovers.

    • Moto Madness
      Moto Madness
      Played 851 times

      North, south, east, or west...when it comes to racing you're the best!

    • Fantacy Cricket
      Fantacy Cricket
      Played 829 times

      Fancy some fantasy batting practice? Get crackin'!

    • Cloud Wars
      Cloud Wars
      Played 1432 times

      A war is about to begin among some really kooky clouds. Can you help these puffy powerhouses seize the day?

    • Urban Baseball
      Urban Baseball
      Played 610 times

      Battle the urban jungle with your baseball in hand!

    • Bubble Mover
      Bubble Mover
      Played 1290 times

      Bubbles...beautiful bubbles!

    • Dwarf Runner
      Dwarf Runner
      Played 1009 times

      This magical dwarf is on a mad dash for lots of precious jewels. How long can you keep him on his feet in this free online game?

    • Snow White Valentine
      Snow White Valentine
      Played 993 times

      Join Gwen, Grace, and Gabriella for a chocolatey Valentine adventure!

    • Magic Solitaire: World
      Magic Solitaire: World
      Played 776 times

      You’ve never played a game of solitaire quite like this one. Join this brigade of bodacious bunnies as they take you on a magical adventure. Collect coins and boosters while they help you improve your card playing skills.

    • Time Machine: Stone Age Cooking
      Time Machine: Stone Age Cooking
      Played 731 times

      Serve up some Stone-Age cuisine--while surviving the locals!

    • Swingventure
      Played 529 times

      This blockhead is about to begin a swinging adventure. Can you help keep him out of trouble?

    • Dreamsdwell Stories
      Dreamsdwell Stories
      Played 717 times

      Connect the dots to earn...as even in magical medieval towns, it takes money to make money!

    • Vampire Valentine
      Vampire Valentine
      Played 2039 times

      This love story may be more spooky than sweet, but even vampires deserve Valentine's Day treats!