Room Decoration Games

  • Ellie and Kelly: Matching Bags
    Ellie and Kelly: Matching Bags
    Played 290 times

    Ellie and Kelly are at it again in this free to play dress-up game for girls. Design your own handbag using a variety of items!

  • Ellie: Easter Bunny Rescue
    Ellie: Easter Bunny Rescue
    Played 260 times

    The Easter Bunny hurt himself while delivering eggs. Join Ellie at the vet while she helps him feel better in this free online game.

  • Ellie: Latest Hair Trends
    Ellie: Latest Hair Trends
    Played 1842 times
  • Ellie: Scarf Knitting
    Ellie: Scarf Knitting
    Played 191 times

    Help Ellie design a cute scarf and a fantastic outfit to go with it.

  • Ellie's DIY Baby Nursery
    Ellie's DIY Baby Nursery
    Played 294 times

    Ellie's baby is on the way and she needs your help to choose a baby name, prepare and decorate the baby room and much more fun caring tasks to complete!

  • Dream Diva Legs
    Dream Diva Legs
    Played 26 times

    Every girl wants a perfect pair of legs…

  • Four Dances with Princesses
    Four Dances with Princesses
    Played 405 times

    Help the young princesses to show off their beautiful dresses in four Dances with Princesses!

  • Foxy Cutie
    Foxy Cutie
    Played 13 times

    What does the fox say...? DRESS ME UP!

  • Equestria Fashion Day
    Equestria Fashion Day
    Played 2852 times

    The Equestria girls are in the mood for dress up! Help them look as if they just stepped out of a fashion magazine!

  • Equestria Girls Back To School 2
    Equestria Girls Back To School 2
    Played 836 times

    In this fun dressup game you can help three friends prepare for the first day back at school! Every girl wants to look good, right? Be creative and choose the outfits you love most from the lockers. Get ready to study in style!

  • Equestria Girls: Secret Kiss
    Equestria Girls: Secret Kiss
    Played 2373 times

    The Equestria Girls are having sneaky fun! Sparkle and Flash is in love but can they have a secret kiss or two without being seen?

  • Equestria Girls: Sweet Shop
    Equestria Girls: Sweet Shop
    Played 93 times

    Looks like the girls from Equestria are setting up their own sweet shop and need your help to create their own sweets to attract customers. Can you help them out?

  • Flappy Doge
    Flappy Doge
    Played 1724 times
  • Fairy's Tiny Spa
    Fairy's Tiny Spa
    Played 0 times

    This magical fairy is enjoying a relaxing afternoon at the spa. Can you help her unwind with a rejuvenating makeover in this health and beauty game?

  • Fairytale Doll Decoration
    Fairytale Doll Decoration
    Played 1139 times

    Fix up this fairytale house for these fairytale creatures!

  • Fairytown
    Played 46 times

    Join a land of mystery and adventure with Yara, Cora, Jessica and Charlotte! Play with their pets, decorate the castle and collect hidden dwarfs for a party! So much fun things to do in this magical town!

  • Feline Cub Maker
    Feline Cub Maker
    Played 1553 times

    Dress up these adorable felines in this cute game made for girls, Feline Cub Maker. Choose from a variety of options to create your own special feline!

  • Ever After High: Cedar Wood
    Ever After High: Cedar Wood
    Played 57 times

    Nothing ever changes in this high school set in a fantasy world, so do what you must to help out! Ever After High: Cedar Wood is full of amazing characters too!

  • Ever After High: Doll House
    Ever After High: Doll House
    Played 292 times

    These lovely dolls need a new home to be placed in and only you and your creativity can help them out. Decorate their home in this family fun game made for girls, Ever After High: Doll House.

  • Fantasy Store Decoration
    Fantasy Store Decoration
    Played 129 times

    This enchanted shop needs to be decorated for Halloween. Do you have the magic touch?

  • Fashion Frenzy
    Fashion Frenzy
    Played 122 times

    Create your own fun and fabulous clothes!

  • Fashion Machine
    Fashion Machine
    Played 36 times

    Try this cool quiz to find out which fashion accessory the design bot will choose for you.

  • Fashion Monkey Dress Up
    Fashion Monkey Dress Up
    Played 69 times

    This monkey's going ape over his cool new clothes!

  • Fashion Professional Photographer
    Fashion Professional Photographer
    Played 111 times

    This stunning shutterbug wants to look as good as the models she photographs. Got any ideas?

  • Frankie Stein - Nose doctor
    Frankie Stein - Nose doctor
    Played 143 times
  • Chic Salon Decoration
    Chic Salon Decoration
    Played 260 times

    Veronica is giving her salon a chic, black makeover. Help her get everything into place!

  • From Ugly to Pretty
    From Ugly to Pretty
    Played 59887 times

    Help this geeky girl pick out the boy that’s just right for her.

  • Frozen Baby Care
    Frozen Baby Care
    Played 1758 times

    Which tyke would you like to take care of today? Elsa or Anna?

  • Frozen Costume Party
    Frozen Costume Party
    Played 163 times

    Princesses Elsa and Anna want to have a fresh new look for a costume party! Dress them up any way you want in Frozen Costume Party.

  • Frozen Dream Wedding
    Frozen Dream Wedding
    Played 293 times

    Create your own magical look for this royal bride-to-be! Mix and match dresses, shoes, hairstyles and more for the Frozen-perfect wedding!

  • Frozen Family at the Picnic
    Frozen Family at the Picnic
    Played 329 times

    Elsa, Anna and their loved ones are all getting together for a delightful picnic since the kingdom of Arendelle is experiencing some unusually warm and sunny weather this afternoon. The princesses will need your help gathering all of the yummy food they’ll need. Join them at the supermarket while they go shopping. That’s just the beginning of your adventure in this cooking game.

  • Frozen Fever
    Frozen Fever
    Played 362 times

    Its princess Anna’s birthday and you need to help princess Elsa to get everything ready for the party. Have fun dressing up Elsa and baking that delicious cake in Frozen Fever!

  • Frozen Ice Cream Pie
    Frozen Ice Cream Pie
    Played 966 times

    Make a yummy frozen ice cream pie with these easy steps and instructions and you can even print the recipe for later. Let's try it out now!

  • Frozen Lyric Quiz
    Frozen Lyric Quiz
    Played 837 times

    Do you know everything there is to know about the songs from Frozen? Put your knowledge to the test!

  • Frozen Prom Nails Designer
    Frozen Prom Nails Designer
    Played 82 times

    No one likes to have dirty nails, so that’s why you’ll be helping around the nail salon in this cute 2D graphic game for girls!

  • Frozen: Secret Diary Quiz
    Frozen: Secret Diary Quiz
    Played 2473 times

    How well do you know the Disney movie Frozen? Find out in this brand new browser quiz game, Frozen: Secret Diary Quiz! You can play with your friends, too!

    • Frozen Sisters Birthday Party
      Frozen Sisters Birthday Party
      Played 915 times

      The lovely princesses Elsa and Anna are getting ready for a big birthday party! Help them in this beautiful dress up game for girls.

    • Glitter Dress Up
      Glitter Dress Up
      Played 49 times

      Dress up this nice long-haired girl!

    • Globetrotter
      Played 488 times

      Where is WHAT? Test your supersonic geographic speed!

    • Go Fast Cooking Sandwiches
      Go Fast Cooking Sandwiches
      Played 1005 times

      It's your first day on the job as a sandwich chef and your customers are hungry! Create delicious sandwiches as quickly as you can in this fun cooking game.

    • Goldie Princess Wedding
      Goldie Princess Wedding
      Played 1812 times

      Looks like Goldie is having her own wedding and you’re invited! Help pick out the dress and design to make this the most wonderful event for Goldie!

    • Gorgeous Heels
      Gorgeous Heels
      Played 430 times

      Every girl loves high heels, right? Shoes with gorgeous heels can be a fashion statement like no other. Start this fun dress up game from the bottom up by choosing the perfect pair of heels (your favorite) and then the matching outfits that compliments your adorned feet. Help the girls to get dressed to walk a mile in absolute style!

    • Gorillaz
      Played 1132 times

      The Gorillaz should be making beats rather than beating the fuzz—get them to Plastic Beach!

    • Graveyard Cake: Sara's Cooking Class
      Graveyard Cake: Sara's Cooking Class
      Played 997 times

      This graveyard cake is frighteningly tasty, and it's perfect for Halloween!

    • Gubby’s Leaf Collect
      Gubby’s Leaf Collect
      Played 143 times

      Help Gubby gather all of the leaves!

    • Garfield Dress Up
      Garfield Dress Up
      Played 33 times
    • Ginger Star Dress Up
      Ginger Star Dress Up
      Played 222 times

      Dress up Ginger the star so she looks really nice!