Room Decoration Games

  • Chic Salon Decoration
    Chic Salon Decoration
    Played 299 times

    Veronica is giving her salon a chic, black makeover. Help her get everything into place!

  • Room Challenge
    Room Challenge
    Played 109 times

    Can you decorate on a budget? Earn money and then spend it wisely!

  • Magic Forest Decoration
    Magic Forest Decoration
    Played 95 times

    Bring some order to this cute, magical forest village!

  • Hansel and Gretel Decoration 2
    Hansel and Gretel Decoration 2
    Played 194 times

    Decorate the gingerbread house with cakes and candies!

  • Teenage Bedroom Makeover
    Teenage Bedroom Makeover
    Played 287 times

    Help Chrissy rearrange her bedroom!

  • Purple Room Makeover
    Purple Room Makeover
    Played 318 times

    Rearrange Violet's room any way you like!

  • Room Challenge 2
    Room Challenge 2
    Played 92 times

    Earn money and spend it on decorating your room!

  • Antique Room Décor
    Antique Room Décor
    Played 469 times

    Jocelyn has inherited some of her aunt's antique furniture. Help her fit these with the other pieces in her living room.

  • Ice Cream Parlor Makeover
    Ice Cream Parlor Makeover
    Played 207 times

    Help these two sisters get their parents' ice cream parlor ready to open for the day!

  • Autumn on the Ranch Makeover
    Autumn on the Ranch Makeover
    Played 209 times

    Build a cosy ranch home where Dakota can spend her Autumn.

  • Choose a Pet
    Choose a Pet
    Played 184 times

    Choose your favorite pets. You can change their sizes by clicking on the colorful arrows.

  • Picnic Decoration
    Picnic Decoration
    Played 368 times

    Help little Jenna get this teddy bear-themed picnic in order.

  • Stuffed Animal Decoration
    Stuffed Animal Decoration
    Played 500 times

    Get this toy shop ready for a swarm of kiddie customers!

  • Hair Salon Décor
    Hair Salon Décor
    Played 192 times

    This new chic hair salon is almost ready for business--help put everything in place!

  • Apartment Décor 2
    Apartment Décor 2
    Played 322 times

    Lynn is moving into a new studio apartment. Help her decorate!

  • Kitchen Makeover 4
    Kitchen Makeover 4
    Played 86 times

    Gretchen has just gone shopping…help her get her groceries ready for cooking!

  • Teenage Bedroom Makeover 2
    Teenage Bedroom Makeover 2
    Played 73 times

    Clara is a typical teenage girl with a lot of stuff. Help her find a way to fit it all in her room.

  • Christmas Tree Decoration 2
    Christmas Tree Decoration 2
    Played 26 times

    Add Christmas spirit to these snowy trees.

  • Pimp My Computer
    Pimp My Computer
    Played 66 times

    It's time to make your Personal Computer even more personal!

  • Pimp My Phone
    Pimp My Phone
    Played 210 times

    With a phone this pimp, you won't mind being put on hold.

  • Puppy Star Dog House
    Puppy Star Dog House
    Played 226 times

    Puppy Star needs to plush out his new pad!

  • Christmas Arty Crafty
    Christmas Arty Crafty
    Played 49 times

    Don't just deck the halls with boughs of holly and other goodies. Deck the whole house, from top to bottom!

  • Pet Home Designer: Cozy Pony Land
    Pet Home Designer: Cozy Pony Land
    Played 472 times

    Do you know what kind of home ponies love? Find out by designing one and seeing if the pony likes it!

  • Pet Home Designer: Fish Dreams
    Pet Home Designer: Fish Dreams
    Played 314 times

    Our fine finned friends can be finicky about their fishbowls! And this one is hoping for something special...

  • Cutesy Bento
    Cutesy Bento
    Played 362 times

    Need some ideas for a nutritious lunch that’s yummy and adorable too? Let this game inspire you.

  • Fantasy Store Decoration
    Fantasy Store Decoration
    Played 200 times

    This enchanted shop needs to be decorated for Halloween. Do you have the magic touch?

  • Halloween House Decoration
    Halloween House Decoration
    Played 328 times

    This spooky cottage could use some sprucing up to make it perfectly boo-tiful.

  • Pregnant Rapunzel Maternity Deco
    Pregnant Rapunzel Maternity Deco
    Played 394 times

    Rapunzel is expecting a new baby and she really doesn’t have much time to get a room ready for her little bundle of joy. If you’ve got a few minutes to spare, could you help her figure out which crib to buy and where to put it? The princess could also use some advice about curtains and wallpaper too. You’ll have a magical time with this decorating game.

  • Mommy Rapunzel Crib Decor
    Mommy Rapunzel Crib Decor
    Played 335 times

    Rapunzel wants to decorate her baby's brand new crib. Can you help her assemble and then decorate the crib to be the best place for her baby to rest and play?

  • Ellie's DIY Baby Nursery
    Ellie's DIY Baby Nursery
    Played 457 times

    Ellie's baby is on the way and she needs your help to choose a baby name, prepare and decorate the baby room and much more fun caring tasks to complete!

  • Cute Toy Store
    Cute Toy Store
    Played 220 times

    Create your very own amazing toy store and decorate it any way you want!

  • Family picnic decor
    Family picnic decor
    Played 142 times

    Create the perfect family picnic in this family fun game on the browser, Family Picnic Decor. You get to decide on placing the objects and look of the picture!

  • Hello Kitty Fan Room
    Hello Kitty Fan Room
    Played 327 times

    Everyone loves Hello Kitty and now you can redecorate her room. You decide on the furniture and style of the room and then show it off!

  • Eliza Coronation Ceremony
    Eliza Coronation Ceremony
    Played 388 times

    It’s time for Eliza’s coronation. Can you help her pick out the perfect gown? Oh, and she’ll also need someone to redesign her throne room too in this dress up and decoration game.

  • Eliza & Chloe BFF Pool Party
    Eliza & Chloe BFF Pool Party
    Played 206 times

    More than just a dress-up game, for this pool party every detail is in your hands, from drinks to décor. Will you go full floral or sleek and chic? The party begins when you hit play.