Room Decoration Games

  • Avie: My Pretty Avatar
    Avie: My Pretty Avatar
    Played 3760 times

    Pamper yourself before you hit the town to play some fun mini-games.

  • Manicure Salon
    Manicure Salon
    Played 2721 times
  • Super Tattoo Artist 2
    Super Tattoo Artist 2
    Played 11155 times

    It’s a busy day down at the tattoo shop. Can you help each one of these clients pick the right one for them?

  • Speed Dating
    Speed Dating
    Played 7090 times

    Speed dating is hot! Try to get as many dates as possible in record time!

  • Bride and Bridesmaids Dress Up
    Bride and Bridesmaids Dress Up
    Played 3123 times

    This young woman is getting ready for the wedding of her dreams. Can you help her and her bridesmaids get ready for this very important day in this dress up game? They’ll need help with their dresses and their hair and makeup too.

  • Backyard Sports: Sandlot Sluggers
    Backyard Sports: Sandlot Sluggers
    Played 21490 times

    When the weather's bad outside, there's a realistic summer sandlot waiting for you right here...

  • Baby Hazel Skin Care
    Baby Hazel Skin Care
    Played 534 times

    Baby Hazel had a fun day in the snow! Help her not to get a cold and get ready for a nice relaxing bath to warm her up.

  • Ponies in the City
    Ponies in the City
    Played 2819 times

    What's your inner pony, city girl?

  • Avie Pocket: Popstar
    Avie Pocket: Popstar
    Played 1407 times
  • Baby Animal Shelter
    Baby Animal Shelter
    Played 3596 times

    Pamper these bouncing bundles of joy—then release them back into the wild!

  • Pink Apartment Makeover
    Pink Apartment Makeover
    Played 6840 times

    Rose loves her pink apartment, but she's getting bored with the layout. Will you help her rearrange the furniture?

  • Valentine Night of Kisses
    Valentine Night of Kisses
    Played 7411 times

    Can you sneak a kiss without being spotted on Valentine's Day? Earn some loving points while love is in the air but hurry, if you get caught the night might end in tears!

  • Delicious - Emily's New Beginning
    Delicious - Emily's New Beginning
    Played 26274 times

    In Delicious - Emily's New Beginning, Emily's trying to combine running her restaurant with being a good mother.

  • Park My Car
    Park My Car
    Played 4531 times

    Park the expensive cars of the stars in the parking lot without damaging them!

  • Skater Style Inspiration
    Skater Style Inspiration
    Played 2705 times

    This fashionable teen is searching for the perfect skater style. Help her choose an awesome outfit that will look totally cool at the skate park in this dress up game.

  • Uphill Rush 2
    Uphill Rush 2
    Played 28412 times

    In your own customized vehicle, can you score all the stuntacular titles?

  • Princess Super Team
    Princess Super Team
    Played 3008 times
  • Jojo’s Fashion Show
    Jojo’s Fashion Show
    Played 3853 times

    Showcase your fashion sense on runways from New York to Paris!

  • Net Pet
    Net Pet
    Played 4493 times

    Decide if you want to adopt a cat or dog and take care of your new pet.

  • Bomb It 5
    Bomb It 5
    Played 27898 times

    Is your robot the ultimate bomber gladiator? Step into the Bomb It arena and find out...

  • Boyfriend Today
    Boyfriend Today
    Played 4565 times

    So many boys, so little time...

  • Cute Camryn Nose Treatment
    Cute Camryn Nose Treatment
    Played 4218 times

    Camryn’s nose is a total disaster! It’s covered in pimples and there’s hairs in some pretty unsightly spots. Can you help make her schnoz more snazzy in this online game?

  • My Baby Unicorn 2
    My Baby Unicorn 2
    Played 1066 times

    Swaddle this bundle of unicorn joy in style!

  • Pony coloring game
    Pony coloring game
    Played 2632 times

    Have fun with this game of coloring pony. Colour your favourite pony ad make this white paper a masterpiece!

  • Sword Art Online Dress Up
    Sword Art Online Dress Up
    Played 4062 times

    Help this duo get ready for their next battle in the dangerous corridors of the SAO.

  • Welcome to Las Vegas
    Welcome to Las Vegas
    Played 2762 times

    Funky or fabulous? You decide in what style state these royal beauties hit the Strip in Sin City in this travel-based dress-up game! In any case, as their stylist, you're sure to hit the fashion jackpot!

  • Kitten Village
    Kitten Village
    Played 2961 times
  • Lily Real Makeup
    Lily Real Makeup
    Played 3072 times

    Lily could really use some advice about makeup. Could you help her pick out the perfect blush and choose the right lipstick in this free online game?

  • My Dolphin Show 2
    My Dolphin Show 2
    Played 8629 times

    Jump through the hoops, my darling dolphins!

  • My Dolphin Show 8
    My Dolphin Show 8
    Played 41149 times

    Welcome to a paradise of aquatic sea animals! This ever popular show is unstoppable and offers a splashing 126 levels to play in 6 different worlds. Perform amazing tricks like doughnut jumping, splashing the audience and even score a soccer goal! Play various mini-games to keep your dolphin motivated. Are you ready to jump in and dive into a world of fun with your cute dolphin? Endless splashing fun!

  • 3 Pandas 2: Night
    3 Pandas 2: Night
    Played 4353 times

    How could three cute little pandas get into so much trouble? You’ve gotta do something!

  • Ice Princess: Hospital Recovery
    Ice Princess: Hospital Recovery
    Played 740 times

    Riding a reindeer seemed like a cool idea until he tripped and tossed this cool princess into a bush filled with thorns. Could you help treat her injuries in this adorable medical simulation game?

  • Sushi Cat
    Sushi Cat
    Played 1799 times

    This tubby kitty is hungry for love...and hungry for sushi.

  • Pet Center
    Pet Center
    Played 954 times

    Pamper these pets before they give you the sad puppy look!

  • Princess of a Year
    Princess of a Year
    Played 2625 times

    Each one of these princesses is competing in the Princess of a Year contest. Which one of them will win? That all depends on your fashion skills! Help them put together some cool outfits before the event begins in this dress up game.

  • Princesses Great Reunion
    Princesses Great Reunion
    Played 1456 times

    These three princesses are getting ready for a reunion in this dress up game for girls. Help them choose some great outfits before they go to the event and catch up with some of their old friends.

    • My Dolphin Show 7
      My Dolphin Show 7
      Played 83068 times

      The dolphin trainer and her dolphin are ready to impress the audience with a specular show. This is not a small aquarium, but a big show like you would see in Sea World or any other water park. New Jungle World with 18 levels. </br> </br> IOS <a style="color:#438afe;text-decoration: underline;" href="">link</a></br> Google Play <a style="color:#438afe;text-decoration: underline;" href="">link</a>

    • Hair Expert
      Hair Expert
      Played 2185 times

      So much hair, so little time. The salon is where all the action is!

    • Modern Princesses: College Day
      Modern Princesses: College Day
      Played 5023 times

      These two princesses love modern fashion but they’re running late for class this morning. Can you help them each put together an awesome outfit before they head to campus in this dress up game?

    • Barbara's Second Child Birth
      Barbara's Second Child Birth
      Played 3261 times

      Is Barbara going to have a second baby? Join her while she goes to the hospital for an exam with her doctor.

    • Mansion Impossible
      Mansion Impossible
      Played 4269 times

      Make enough money buying and selling houses on the property market to buy the 10 million-pound mansion.

    • Penguin Diner
      Penguin Diner
      Played 55248 times

      Seat your customers, take their orders, serve the food and collect money.

    • A Beach Day: Spa Care
      A Beach Day: Spa Care
      Played 4172 times

      This young woman is on vacation and she’s enjoying an afternoon at a luxurious beachside spa. Can you help her relax with a massage and a beauty treatment in this game for girls?

    • Lady Popular
      Lady Popular
      Played 10178 times

      Explore a world of fashion and romance in this MMO game. Customize hundreds of outfits and accessories while you search for the love of your life and work to become the ultimate fashionista.

    • Mix a Monster
      Mix a Monster
      Played 7035 times

      Gasp-worthy ghouls are guaranteed...

    • Baby Hazel: African Safari
      Baby Hazel: African Safari
      Played 1358 times

      Hazel’s family is off on an exciting camping adventure. Make sure she doesn’t get lost!

    • Family Dollhouse 4
      Family Dollhouse 4
      Played 6406 times

      Help this nice family of dolls decorate their big house.

    • Geeky to Emo Makeover
      Geeky to Emo Makeover
      Played 3457 times

      It’s only a short step from awkward geek to elegant emo!