Room Decoration Games

  • Christmas House Decoration
    Christmas House Decoration
    Played 1681 times

    Get ready to deck the halls. Show your Xmas spirit and decorate this holiday house from top to bottom.

  • Ariel Baby Room Decoration
    Ariel Baby Room Decoration
    Played 1812 times

    Ariel just had a baby and she wants everything to be perfect for her. Help the famous princess create a fantastic bedroom for her in this interior decoration and design game.

  • Christmas Party Decoration
    Christmas Party Decoration
    Played 919 times

    Deck this party's halls with Christmas style!

  • Cute Photo Studio
    Cute Photo Studio
    Played 1276 times

    Capture the essence of cuteness on set with a fun photo shoot!

  • Prince and Princess Decoration
    Prince and Princess Decoration
    Played 1567 times

    Create a fairytale scene for this royal couple.

  • Pink Dollhouse Decoration 2
    Pink Dollhouse Decoration 2
    Played 978 times

    Put together a comfortable pink house for this little girl.

  • Film Maker Decoration
    Film Maker Decoration
    Played 1363 times

    You don't need a big budget to create a fantastic film!

  • Make a Scene: Christmas Room
    Make a Scene: Christmas Room
    Played 1577 times

    Gather round the fireplace and celebrate Christmas with your favorite characters!

  • Princess Cutesy Room Decoration
    Princess Cutesy Room Decoration
    Played 2008 times

    Design a bedroom that’s super comfy—and cute!

  • Halloween House Makeover
    Halloween House Makeover
    Played 917 times

    Get this creepy house ready for Halloween!

  • Picnic Garden Décor
    Picnic Garden Décor
    Played 1156 times

    Prepare a picnic for these children and their furry friends!

  • Alice in Wonderland Decoration
    Alice in Wonderland Decoration
    Played 653 times

    Create a magical Wonderland scene for Alice.

  • Hamster Adoption
    Hamster Adoption
    Played 1620 times

    Produce the perfect pad for your very own cuddly cutie!

  • Doll House Builder
    Doll House Builder
    Played 966 times

    Get a grip on doll house design and everything will fall into place!

  • Room Makeover 3
    Room Makeover 3
    Played 877 times

    What type of room will make little Cindy happy?

  • My First Diary
    My First Diary
    Played 1434 times

    This girl is creating a super cool diary in this free design game. Let’s help her decorate it with lots of awesome colors and cute stickers so that she can keep track of all of her precious memories.

  • Hansel and Gretel Village
    Hansel and Gretel Village
    Played 1322 times

    Build a mini gingerbread village for Hansel and Gretel.

  • Hospital Makeover
    Hospital Makeover
    Played 1871 times

    Get this hospital ready…the patients are waiting!

  • Neverland Decoration
    Neverland Decoration
    Played 754 times

    Add your own magic to this Neverland scene!

  • Dance Classroom Decoration
    Dance Classroom Decoration
    Played 636 times

    Please the prima ballerinas with your en pointe design skills!

  • Dogwalk Decoration
    Dogwalk Decoration
    Played 1313 times

    Decorate the amusement park with rides, plants, and balloons!

  • Baby Princesses Room
    Baby Princesses Room
    Played 1125 times

    Oh no! This room is just so messy. Can you help the Baby Princesses find their toys?

  • Disney Princesses: Room Painting
    Disney Princesses: Room Painting
    Played 4324 times

    These Disney princesses need your help to redecorate their lovely rooms with your creativity in this family fun game made for girls, Disney Princesses: Room Painting. Be as creative as you want with these beautiful ladies!

  • Fairytale Doll Decoration
    Fairytale Doll Decoration
    Played 1321 times

    Fix up this fairytale house for these fairytale creatures!

  • Arabian Desert Decoration
    Arabian Desert Decoration
    Played 684 times

    Decorate this desert using the items from The Arabian Nights stories.

  • Treehouse Decoration
    Treehouse Decoration
    Played 1058 times

    Help this forrest fairy decorate her treehouse abode.

  • My New Christmas Town
    My New Christmas Town
    Played 662 times

    If you're dreaming of a white Christmas wonderland, now's your chance to design one!

  • Tree House Building
    Tree House Building
    Played 18375 times

    Design your own tree house!

  • Small people house
    Small people house
    Played 594 times

    Do you want to play house? Maybe you dream of becoming an indoor decorator! Arrange the furniture just the way you like it. Now you can practice your décor skills with this fun and colorful game for free.

  • Baby Princess Room Cleaning
    Baby Princess Room Cleaning
    Played 858 times

    This cute little princess needs your help to clean up her room before the big party starts. Help Baby Princess in this family fun game made for girls, Baby Princess Room Cleaning. Make sure to clean up everything!

  • Frozen Wedding Day
    Frozen Wedding Day
    Played 624 times

    Anna and Kristoff are getting married!! Time to unleash your decoration skills...

  • Decorate My Monster House
    Decorate My Monster House
    Played 806 times

    You don't live in a normal house, not when you have monsters living with you! Decorate this cute yet strange house any way you want and then share the results with your family and friends!

  • Christmas Tree Decoration
    Christmas Tree Decoration
    Played 103 times

    Cover this tree with festive Christmas decorations!

  • Hansel and Gretel Decoration
    Hansel and Gretel Decoration
    Played 79 times

    Help Hansel and Gretel decorate the gingerbread house with sweets and candy!

  • Apartment Makeover
    Apartment Makeover
    Played 233 times

    Miriam is so excited about her new city apartment, but she needs your help decorating!

  • Halloween House Makeover 2
    Halloween House Makeover 2
    Played 337 times

    Get this haunted house ready for a spooky Halloween!

    • Birthday Party Decoration
      Birthday Party Decoration
      Played 289 times

      Jim's and Jan's parents have rented a ballroom for their birthday party, but they need your help decorating!

    • Japanese Room Makeover
      Japanese Room Makeover
      Played 267 times

      Create a Japanese-style den with traditional furnishing.

    • Kitchen Makeover
      Kitchen Makeover
      Played 349 times

      Lana is remodeling her family restaurant's kitchen. Can you help?

    • Kitchen Makeover 2
      Kitchen Makeover 2
      Played 453 times

      Tanya is cooking a special breakfast for 2, but she needs your help getting the kitchen in order!

    • Cake Shop Décor
      Cake Shop Décor
      Played 177 times

      Constance runs a bakery. Help her prepare today's stock before opening time!

    • Family Dollhouse 2
      Family Dollhouse 2
      Played 334 times

      Decorate the dollhouse with the given items.

    • Mushroom Home Decoration
      Mushroom Home Decoration
      Played 225 times

      Can you fit all of Trina's things in this mini mushroom house?

    • Classroom Makeover 2
      Classroom Makeover 2
      Played 76 times

      How did a classroom look over 100 years ago?

    • Hairdresser Decoration
      Hairdresser Decoration
      Played 500 times

      Sydney is opening a new hair salon! Help her get it ready for customers.

    • Bag Shop Decoration
      Bag Shop Decoration
      Played 420 times

      Samantha is opening a bag shop. Help her set up the merchandise.

    • Mermaid Sea Decoration
      Mermaid Sea Decoration
      Played 409 times

      Fill the sea around this mermaid with life!

    • Bathroom Decoration 3
      Bathroom Decoration 3
      Played 434 times

      Cindy is ready for her bath, but the bathroom is not ready for her. Put everything in order for her!