Quiz Games

  • Jessica's Diary: Accidentally in Love
    Jessica's Diary: Accidentally in Love
    Played 6611 times

    Jessica had a very exciting day. She was rescued from a group of bullies by a cute boy on a motorcycle. Join her as she writes about it in her diary in this free online game.

  • My Little Pony Facebook Post
    My Little Pony Facebook Post
    Played 1060 times

    Have you ever wanted to hang out with the ponies on Facebook? Now you can in this magical game. Create some perfectly pony posts, upload cool photos and play a few puzzles too.

  • Princess Personality Quiz
    Princess Personality Quiz
    Played 7481 times

    Which type of princess best represents your personality today? Let’s find out with this cool quiz.

  • Elsa's True Love: Jack vs Niccup
    Elsa's True Love: Jack vs Niccup
    Played 6778 times

    Elsa is having some trouble deciding which one of these two hotties she should date so she’s staging a contest. Will Jack win her heart or Niccup? You can help her choose in this cool romance game.

  • Hello Kitty's New Boyfriend
    Hello Kitty's New Boyfriend
    Played 520 times

    Everyone’s favorite feline is searching for a new boyfriend. She has three kitties to choose from. Which one should she pick for a first date? Each one is named Daniel. Do you think she should go out with Danger Daniel? He’s a bit of a bad boy type. Or what about Nerdy Daniel? He’s a little geeky but a lot of fun too.

  • Which song relates to you?
    Which song relates to you?
    Played 2316 times

    Take a break from those action filled games for something more relaxing and fun. Find out which song relates to you and you’ll be surprised by what you find!

  • Which disney character is your BFF?
    Which disney character is your BFF?
    Played 4387 times

    Can you truly decide which Disney character is your best friend forever? It’s time to decide in this family fun game for any one who loves Disney!

  • Which Marnie From Halloweentown Are You?
    Which Marnie From Halloweentown Are You?
    Played 441 times

    Are you a boss witch or a basic witch?

  • Your Queen Destiny
    Your Queen Destiny
    Played 1855 times

    Have you got the skills needed to become a regal royal? It’s time to find out the answer.

  • Poll: Fantastic Four
    Poll: Fantastic Four
    Played 628 times

    Each member of the Fantastic Four has a cool superpower. Which one do you think is the most awesome?

  • Poll: Disney Show
    Poll: Disney Show
    Played 1560 times

    Are you a big fan of all of the hit Disney shows that air on TV? If so, which one is your favorite?

  • Poll: Purrfect Cats
    Poll: Purrfect Cats
    Played 844 times
  • Disney Princess
    Disney Princess
    Played 1152 times

    Who's the fairest of them all? Do you know everything about the Disney princesses?

  • Love Calculator: Minions
    Love Calculator: Minions
    Played 7299 times

    Which Minion describes your love the best? Is it Bob, Stuart or Kevin?

  • Poll: Justin Bieber
    Poll: Justin Bieber
    Played 1364 times

    What do you love about Justin Bieber? Do you love his Hair? Or love his Tattoo's? Just let us know!!!!

  • Poll: Back to School
    Poll: Back to School
    Played 932 times
  • Popstar Trivia
    Popstar Trivia
    Played 1335 times
  • Super Girls Elements Quiz
    Super Girls Elements Quiz
    Played 2977 times
  • Guess Who?
    Guess Who?
    Played 10601 times
  • Little Fairies Quiz
    Little Fairies Quiz
    Played 2899 times
  • Prom Queen Quiz
    Prom Queen Quiz
    Played 2184 times

    What sort of prom dress would look great on you? Take this quiz and find out!

  • Elements Princess Quiz
    Elements Princess Quiz
    Played 4326 times

    Complete the quiz to find out what kind of princess you are! Will you be earth, water, air or fire?

  • What Kind Of Girl Are You?
    What Kind Of Girl Are You?
    Played 2684 times

    What type of girl are you? Take this fun quiz and discover the answer.

  • Deal or No Deal
    Deal or No Deal
    Played 289551 times

    Choose a suitcase and find out if you’re about to win a virtual fortune.

  • It's A Witch Thing: Summer
    It's A Witch Thing: Summer
    Played 424 times

    She’s on vacation but that doesn’t mean this witch can goof off. There’s tons of work to be done!

  • Jolly Days Quiz
    Jolly Days Quiz
    Played 1937 times

    Find out your dream holiday destination with this fun quiz game. Just don’t forget your toothbrush!

  • Wiz Dog Quiz
    Wiz Dog Quiz
    Played 751 times

    What’s the perfect pooch for you? Take this fun quiz to discover the answer.

  • Anna's Frozen Adventure
    Anna's Frozen Adventure
    Played 1491 times

    Join Anna on an epic adventure to rescue Elsa and bring her home!

  • Frozen Love Spell
    Frozen Love Spell
    Played 2676 times

    Who's the right man to sweep Princess Anna off her feet? Create a potent love potion and find her true love!

  • Music Quiz
    Music Quiz
    Played 2896 times

    Is that Beyonce or Rihanna? How quickly can you identify some of the biggest pop stars of all time?

  • What's My Brand
    What's My Brand
    Played 662 times

    We see tons of logos every day. Have you been paying attention? Test your knowledge in this addictive quiz!

  • Feed the Animon
    Feed the Animon
    Played 537 times

    You are what you eat...or at least your pet monster is!

  • Super Girl Quiz
    Super Girl Quiz
    Played 1731 times
  • Cute Jungle Quiz
    Cute Jungle Quiz
    Played 1481 times

    Get in touch with your wild side and discover your inner jungle-animal!

  • The Handwriting Quiz
    The Handwriting Quiz
    Played 3478 times

    What does your handwriting say about you? Only one way to find out…

  • The Dress Quiz
    The Dress Quiz
    Played 1522 times

    The best kind of quiz is a beauty quiz! :)

    • The Beauty Quiz 1
      The Beauty Quiz 1
      Played 1433 times

      Which beauty product are you? Take the quiz to find out!

    • It's a Witch Thing
      It's a Witch Thing
      Played 417 times
    • Get Your Boyfriend
      Get Your Boyfriend
      Played 2637 times

      Have you got what it takes to catch a man and keep a man? Put your skills to the test!

    • Handbag by Natalie
      Handbag by Natalie
      Played 392 times

      With Natalie’s expert advice, you can design a gorgeous handbag that’s uniquely you!

    • Susan's Magic Flower Machine
      Susan's Magic Flower Machine
      Played 558 times

      Are you a flower fan? Help Susan create a new organic facial scrub!

    • My Secret Hero
      My Secret Hero
      Played 919 times

      Oh no! Your cat is in danger! Quick—design a flashlight so you can signal someone to save her.

    • Love Percentage
      Love Percentage
      Played 2239 times

      Is it a match made in heaven? Put your love to the test and find out.

    • Rock On 2
      Rock On 2
      Played 1163 times

      Help Kristel make the toughest decision of her career in this electrifying sequel.

    • Mystery Creature
      Mystery Creature
      Played 491 times

      Try out this creepy contraption and create a cool creature.

    • Shoes Quiz 2
      Shoes Quiz 2
      Played 2326 times

      Try out this quiz game to learn which pair of shoes are the comfiest for you.

    • Fashion Machine
      Fashion Machine
      Played 449 times

      Try this cool quiz to find out which fashion accessory the design bot will choose for you.

    • Miss Earth Quiz
      Miss Earth Quiz
      Played 1013 times

      Take this beauty pageant for nature lovers and see what kind of contestant you are!