Nail Studio Games

  • Nail Doctor
    Nail Doctor
    Played 60179 times

    Each one of the feet featured in this medical game is in terrible shape. Head to the operating room and see what you can do, Doc! With your help they should be all healed up in no time.

  • Chloe’s Nail Salon
    Chloe’s Nail Salon
    Played 749 times

    More than just manicures—she's a nail artist!

  • Miranda Manicure
    Miranda Manicure
    Played 1611 times

    Change the shape and length of the nails, choose a polish and see the final results!

  • Manicure Salon
    Manicure Salon
    Played 11255 times
  • Be Fashionable Nail Designer
    Be Fashionable Nail Designer
    Played 2072 times
  • Anna's Nail Salon
    Anna's Nail Salon
    Played 1751 times

    Anna is super busy with her nail salon and has requested your help in this fun girls online game! Do your best to impress your customers!

  • Monster Nails Spa
    Monster Nails Spa
    Played 539 times

    The girls of Monster High loves clawless, I mean flawless nails! Draculaura is at your nail salon hoping you can help her to polish, varnish and decorate her nails. Try some awesome rings on her pretty fingers. Do you have the magic touch?

  • Super Nail Salon
    Super Nail Salon
    Played 1530 times

    Sassy or sweet? Design your customers' nails to match their personalities!

  • Miss Diamond's Nail Prep
    Miss Diamond's Nail Prep
    Played 1003 times

    This beauty contestant would love to have her nails look as shiny as diamonds.

  • Ice Princess: Nails Spa
    Ice Princess: Nails Spa
    Played 1698 times

    Anna’s nails could really use some tender loving care. Let’s help her get them cleaned up and painted in this cool makeover game.

  • Elsa Nails Spa
    Elsa Nails Spa
    Played 2094 times

    Elsa could use a totally cool manicure. Got any ideas?

  • Make-Up Artist
    Make-Up Artist
    Played 4056 times

    Get your blush brush ready and tame tresses, line lips, and polish nails!

  • Ellie: Prom Nails Designer
    Ellie: Prom Nails Designer
    Played 1083 times

    Ellie’s getting ready for prom but she has no clue what to do with her nails. Have you got any tips?

  • Anna's Pedicure
    Anna's Pedicure
    Played 194712 times

    Disney princess Anna always likes to look pretty and she needs your help with her pedicure!

  • Princess Nail Salon
    Princess Nail Salon
    Played 700 times

    This pretty little princess wants her nails to look fabulous and so she came to you to help her with that. First, make sure her hand is clean and then begin making those nails beautiful and attractive!

  • Aurora Nails Salon
    Aurora Nails Salon
    Played 808 times

    This princess really needs a manicure. Get down to the salon, on the double! Let’s clean up her hands and paint her nails in this magical makeover game.

  • Stylin Stuff Manicure Game
    Stylin Stuff Manicure Game
    Played 502 times

    Decorate the nails just as you like!

  • Stylin Stuff Pedicure Game
    Stylin Stuff Pedicure Game
    Played 470 times

    Create your fancy footwear with this fun game.

  • Nail Simulation
    Nail Simulation
    Played 133 times

    Decorate the fingernails with stickers, stones, and patterns.

  • Nail Fashion Manicure
    Nail Fashion Manicure
    Played 181 times

    Follow the designs provided and decorate the nails as fast as you can!

  • Funky Nail Design
    Funky Nail Design
    Played 59 times

    Can you make your customers’ nails look fabulously funky?

  • After Injury Pedicure
    After Injury Pedicure
    Played 190 times

    Ouch, that’s a nasty cut! Get this injured foot healed and looking flip-flop fabulous!

  • Sarah's Rainbow Nail Art
    Sarah's Rainbow Nail Art
    Played 287 times
  • Pedicure After Ankle Surgery
    Pedicure After Ankle Surgery
    Played 436 times

    This poor girl hurt her ankle while playing soccer. Help patch her up and give her a pedicure too.

  • Back to School Nails
    Back to School Nails
    Played 28 times

    These three teens really love the movie Frozen. Can you give their nails some cool colors?

  • Baby Kawaii Nails
    Baby Kawaii Nails
    Played 25 times
  • Baby Crazy Nails
    Baby Crazy Nails
    Played 156 times
  • Salon Nails 2
    Salon Nails 2
    Played 83 times

    Select the colors, shape and details and create a perfect manicure.

  • Nail Spa Salon
    Nail Spa Salon
    Played 119 times

    All the pretty girls have their nails done only by the best of manicurists, so why not become one yourself! Help out at the Nail Spa Salon to make each and every little girl’s nails stand out in style and fashion. Go through each step of stylizing their nails, and then design them with a wide variety of artsy crafts. Whatever your girly dreams are will happen, only in Nail Spa Salon!

  • Frozen Anna Manicure
    Frozen Anna Manicure
    Played 29 times

    It’s Anna’s day off in the kingdom of Arendelle and she’s going to spend some of it getting her nails done at the salon. She’s your next customer and you’ll want to make sure that she’s comfortable. Begin by giving the princess’ hands a nice massage before you pick out some fantastic nail polish for her in this relaxing makeover game.

  • Princess Anna Wedding Nails
    Princess Anna Wedding Nails
    Played 63 times

    Princess Anna is getting married to her loving prince. She needs a manicure fit for a queen. Try the many different colors, patterns and treatments for our Frozen princess. Oh wow, she's going to look magical on her wedding day. Can you help her get that lovely hands fit for a ring?

  • Elsa Nails Heal & Spa
    Elsa Nails Heal & Spa
    Played 79 times

    Are you hands-on when it comes to taking good care of your nails? Elsa had an injury and her nails looks awful. Can you help her repair her nails with a pampering treatment and choose the coolest nail designs?

  • Beautiful Nails
    Beautiful Nails
    Played 256 times

    Decorate the hands any way you like with so many colors and patterns to choose from.

  • Nails
    Played 113 times

    Need a hands on beauty therapist? Wait no more because you nailed it again. Try out the best patterns, nail designs, decorations and colors on that perfect pair of hands. Ten out of ten - all nails perfectly covered!

  • Dreamy Nails Makeover
    Dreamy Nails Makeover
    Played 136 times

    Do you want to have dream nails? Try out these vibrant colors, patterns and even add a tattoo on your hand. Nothing nail biting about a manicure, right?

  • The Little Mermaid Ariel: Nails Salon
    The Little Mermaid Ariel: Nails Salon
    Played 123 times

    Ariel loves to take care of her nails, but needs you to help her!.

    • C.A. Cupid: Valentine's Nails
      C.A. Cupid: Valentine's Nails
      Played 121 times

      This magical fashionista is getting ready for the most romantic day of the year. Let’s help her find the perfect outfit and do her nails in this makeover game.

    • Frozen Prom Nails Designer
      Frozen Prom Nails Designer
      Played 226 times

      No one likes to have dirty nails, so that’s why you’ll be helping around the nail salon in this cute 2D graphic game for girls!

    • Snow White Nails
      Snow White Nails
      Played 495 times

      The princess could really use a manicure that’s downright magical. Join her at her favorite salon while she gets her nails done in this enchanting makeover game.

    • Ice Princess: Nail Design
      Ice Princess: Nail Design
      Played 499 times

      The princess is searching the kingdom for the perfect manicurist. Could you be the right one? Help her create a fantastic look for her nails in this makeover game.

    • Ice Queen Nails Spa
      Ice Queen Nails Spa
      Played 1078 times

      The Ice Queen's nails are looking pretty gnarly. She desperate needs your help with a 10-digit makeover in this nail salon game! Add some royal bling for the final touch.