Make Up Games

  • Modern Cinderella Makeover
    Modern Cinderella Makeover
    Played 1195 times

    Cinderella doesn't need a glass slipper: she needs a makeover.

  • Elsa and Anna Prom Prep
    Elsa and Anna Prom Prep
    Played 1515 times

    It’s almost time for the prom but Anna and Elsa haven’t decided what to wear yet! Help the two Frozen sisters pick and choose from a wide variety of the latest fashion trends, make up, perfume and so much more. Show off your style in Elsa and Anna Prom Prep!

  • Antonio: Professional Make-Up Artist
    Antonio: Professional Make-Up Artist
    Played 1595 times

    Antonio is overbooked and needs a talented stylist to help out at the salon. Think you can handle it?

  • Mermaid Princess: Make Up
    Mermaid Princess: Make Up
    Played 8607 times

    This fashionable undersea princess is searching for a whole new look. Could you help her try out some new makeup and choose an awesome outfit in this makeover game?

  • Princess Pool Party Fashion
    Princess Pool Party Fashion
    Played 1386 times

    Take a break from the heat and get ready to swim in this brand new family fun dress up game, Princess Pool Party Fashion. Choose from the hottest fashion selection ever!

  • Princesses BFFs Summer Break
    Princesses BFFs Summer Break
    Played 738 times

    These two Disney princesses are all about fun and fashion! Come join them in this brand new family fun game, Jasmine and Ariel Summer Break.

  • Pink Rockstar Makeover
    Pink Rockstar Makeover
    Played 626 times

    Are you ready to join the rockstar hall of glam?

  • Cinderella at Coachella
    Cinderella at Coachella
    Played 1280 times

    Dress up this lovely and elegant Disney princess for her big day at one of the most wonderful musical events in the world. Help her choose the right makeup and clothing in this family fun game, Cinderella at Coachella.

  • Ice Princess Make Up Time
    Ice Princess Make Up Time
    Played 25251 times

    Guess what time it is! That's right! It's the all new Ice Princess Make Up Time, starring your favorite Disney princess Anne! Choose from a wide variety of colors and designs in this family fun game!

  • Japanese Spa Facial Beauty
    Japanese Spa Facial Beauty
    Played 1001 times

    Japanese makeovers are a fine art. Get one now!

  • Garden Princess
    Garden Princess
    Played 1204 times
  • Chibi Maker
    Chibi Maker
    Played 4688 times

    They’re lovable, they’re huggable, and now they’re headed for your computer screen!

  • Makeover Designer
    Makeover Designer
    Played 1603 times

    Choose a new face, design new clothes, and dress your girl, boy, or cat model in this fun makeover game!

  • Elsa Spring Fashion
    Elsa Spring Fashion
    Played 2465 times

    Spring season is here and Elsa wants to wear something light and cool in this fun fashion game for girls!

  • Apple White Pinterest Diva
    Apple White Pinterest Diva
    Played 3849 times

    Apple has been looking through Pinterest in order to scope out some hot new looks. Join her as she designs some fantastic dresses and cute outfits in this cool dress up game.

  • TV Anchor Makeover
    TV Anchor Makeover
    Played 1112 times

    This reporter needs a relaxing trip to the spa before her next big broadcast. Can you help?

  • Make Up Race
    Make Up Race
    Played 1519 times

    This make-up match will make your head spin!

  • Red and Black
    Red and Black
    Played 723 times

    This girl loves red and black. Let’s help her pick out some fantastic makeup and a dress that features both of her favorite colors in this online dress up game.

  • Modern Fairytale Fashion Show
    Modern Fairytale Fashion Show
    Played 2806 times

    This princess and her friends are about to take center stage at a fashion show. Could you help them do their makeup and select the perfect dresses in this cool makeover game?

  • Girls' Night Out
    Girls' Night Out
    Played 1072 times

    Half the fun of going out is getting ready!

  • Flower Power Make-Up
    Flower Power Make-Up
    Played 663 times

    This girl loves flowers. Use your fashion skills to help her new makeover bloom.

  • Ellie: Prom Nails Designer
    Ellie: Prom Nails Designer
    Played 1081 times

    Ellie’s getting ready for prom but she has no clue what to do with her nails. Have you got any tips?

  • Little Lady
    Little Lady
    Played 1067 times

    This young model is looking for an outfit that will be rated by a panel of fashion judges and she could use your advice. Pick out the perfect one for her in this dress up game.

  • Make me a Princess
    Make me a Princess
    Played 1587 times

    Now's your chance to make your princess dreams come true!

  • Ariel Modern Makeover
    Ariel Modern Makeover
    Played 1898 times

    Disney princess Ariel needs your help to make her beautiful once again in this family fun browser game made for girls, Ariel Modern Makeover. Do your best and be as creative as you can!

  • Inked Up Tattoo Shop 2
    Inked Up Tattoo Shop 2
    Played 729 times

    Each of these four girls is looking for the perfect tattoo. Can you help them out?

  • Tasty Cherry Cake
    Tasty Cherry Cake
    Played 2614 times

    Making the perfect cherry cake isn’t too hard if you know where to begin. This game will show you how.

  • Elsa Royal Prom Salon
    Elsa Royal Prom Salon
    Played 2781 times

    It's a special night for her royal highness but she doesn't feel ready at all! Help Disney princess Elsa be beautiful in this cute 2D game made for girls, Elsa Royal Prom Salon.

  • Angeline Make Over
    Angeline Make Over
    Played 581 times

    Change Angeline's look by choosing for her a make-up, hairdo and clothes.

  • Rapunzel Sweet 16 Dress
    Rapunzel Sweet 16 Dress
    Played 1334 times

    Rapunzel is turning 16 soon! Which dress is she going to wear? Help her look fab to the max for her Sweet 16 celebration party!

  • Princess Mix and Match: Fringe
    Princess Mix and Match: Fringe
    Played 2199 times

    The ‘70s are back in full swing and Rapunzel wants to try out an awesome fringe outfit. Can you help her pick one out in this makeover game?

  • Dancing Queen
    Dancing Queen
    Played 1438 times

    This lovely young lady wants to be the star of the dance floor, and she needs your help to dress her up! Do your best to transform her into a Dancing Queen in this fantastic dress up game.

  • Smooth Like a Baby Makeover
    Smooth Like a Baby Makeover
    Played 815 times

    Baby-soft skin for the win! Help this girl pick out the right soaps and products to make it happen.

  • Jenny The Spaholic
    Jenny The Spaholic
    Played 1187 times

    Jenny knows what’s going on: check out the ‘Spaholic’ in action.

  • Winter Lily
    Winter Lily
    Played 593 times

    Be a creative dressup genius with lovely Lily. try countless winter wonderful outfits, looks, styles and accessories. Do her hair and make Lily's makeover a Christmas miracle!

  • Beautiful Girl Spa
    Beautiful Girl Spa
    Played 3900 times

    There’s nothing quite like a relaxing afternoon at the spa. Help this gorgeous girl unwind with a soothing bath and a facial treatment in this makeover game.

    • Shopping Lily
      Shopping Lily
      Played 541 times
    • Baby Elsa Butterfly Face Art
      Baby Elsa Butterfly Face Art
      Played 558 times

      This cool princess is ready to try out some face paint. She would like to look just like a butterfly. Can you help her pick out the perfect design and a few pretty colors in this free makeover game?

    • Hair Do Design
      Hair Do Design
      Played 70792 times

      It’s really busy at the spa today and this girl is searching for a whole new look. Help her with a quick makeover before you choose a new hairstyle for her and some awesome makeup too.

    • Treatment Before Sleep
      Treatment Before Sleep
      Played 779 times

      Ready for some beauty sleep? Not with all that makeup on!

    • Celebrity Fan's Facial
      Celebrity Fan's Facial
      Played 1311 times

      These beautiful celebrities always look amazing and the fans what to look just like them. Do a makeover on the fans to look like their favorite celebrity in this family fun game.

    • Princess Make Up 2
      Princess Make Up 2
      Played 544 times

      Choose for her a princess-worthy make-up and jewelry!

    • Lola Makeover
      Lola Makeover
      Played 1502 times

      Get this country girl ready for a night out in the city!

    • Simple and Graceful
      Simple and Graceful
      Played 705 times

      This nice young lady wants to become beautiful and has come to you for help. Choose what makeup she should have on and the type of jewelry and fashion clothing too. Simple and Graceful is a family fun game made for girls.

    • Rubie's Princess Party
      Rubie's Princess Party
      Played 761 times

      This most beautiful and elegant princess needs your help to get her ready for the party. Help princess Rubie put on makeup and then choose the perfect dress in this family fun game made for girls, Rubie's Princess Party.

    • Fashionista Manhattan Rush
      Fashionista Manhattan Rush
      Played 1501 times

      It’s all about the latest fashion to you in this hot new dress up arcade game, Fashionista Manhatten Rush! Collect all the required items to continue your journey and having fun!

    • Colorful Mood
      Colorful Mood
      Played 743 times

      This fashionable teenager is looking for an awesome outfit that’s totally colorful. Could you help her design one in this makeover game?

    • Elsa and Dolls
      Elsa and Dolls
      Played 801 times

      Elsa is about to have her photo taken with her favorite doll. Could you help the princess select a cool outfit and some awesome makeup in this dress up game that was inspired by the world of Frozen?