Make Up Games

  • Spa Day Makeover
    Spa Day Makeover
    Played 3216 times

    Are you breaking out in acne? A day spa will fix everything!

  • Modern Cinderella Makeover
    Modern Cinderella Makeover
    Played 1012 times

    Cinderella doesn't need a glass slipper: she needs a makeover.

  • So Sakura: First Date
    So Sakura: First Date
    Played 873 times

    A girl’s got to look perfect on her first date, right? Let the So Sakura stylists get you ready!

  • Shelly's Face Painting Designs
    Shelly's Face Painting Designs
    Played 1390 times

    Face painting is such a fun activity for those who are creative, so why not try it out. Choose from a variety of colors and designs in this made for kids game today!

  • Photoshoot Preparation Makeover
    Photoshoot Preparation Makeover
    Played 871 times

    Grab your make-up bag and get ready to primp and preen—not a pimple shall be seen!

  • Miss Diamond's Nail Prep
    Miss Diamond's Nail Prep
    Played 650 times

    This beauty contestant would love to have her nails look as shiny as diamonds.

  • Make Up Race
    Make Up Race
    Played 1432 times

    This make-up match will make your head spin!

  • Ariel Fashion Photoshoot
    Ariel Fashion Photoshoot
    Played 3463 times

    Looks like Disney princess Ariel has gotten into the fashion scene big time! Help her choose the best stylish outfit in this delightful dress up game and prep for a fabulous photoshoot!

  • Now & Then: Elsa Makeup
    Now & Then: Elsa Makeup
    Played 1294 times

    Elsa is experimenting with a few different makeup styles this afternoon. Which one should she try first?

  • Frozen Prom Make Up Design
    Frozen Prom Make Up Design
    Played 996 times

    Anna and Elsa are heading to the prom but they have no clue which type of makeup to choose. Maybe you could help them out? Pick your favorite princess and give them your best cosmetics advice. They’ll need some tips on picking the right type of lipstick, eyeliner and more in this magical makeover game.

  • Japanese Spa Facial Beauty
    Japanese Spa Facial Beauty
    Played 821 times

    Japanese makeovers are a fine art. Get one now!

  • DIY Grandma's Dress Refashion
    DIY Grandma's Dress Refashion
    Played 817 times

    Oh wow! Looks like you and Lovely Amy are going to have a fun time refashioning your grandma’s dress. Help Lovely Amy turn that dress into something new and stylish, where you will be the center of attention. Choose from a variety of colors and designs to help you create that wearable work of art!

  • My First Makeover
    My First Makeover
    Played 791 times

    Everyone has the potential to shine: some just need a little more help.

  • Lady Gaga Makeover
    Lady Gaga Makeover
    Played 728 times

    Lady Gaga's got a closet full of crazy costumes, so the possibilities are endless!

  • Saturday Night Sleepover
    Saturday Night Sleepover
    Played 3211 times

    There will be pedis. There will be hairstyling. And of course, there will be pillow fights!

  • Tasty Cherry Cake
    Tasty Cherry Cake
    Played 2404 times

    Making the perfect cherry cake isn’t too hard if you know where to begin. This game will show you how.

  • Make Me a Bride
    Make Me a Bride
    Played 1251 times

    Every girl deserves to be a beautiful blushing bride.

  • Hair Makeover Dating
    Hair Makeover Dating
    Played 6259 times

    This beautiful young lady is going on a blind date but doesn't feel as though she's ready. Help dress her up and give her a gorgeous makeover so she looks and feels great in Hair Makeover Dating.

  • Frozen And Monster high cake decor
    Frozen And Monster high cake decor
    Played 1308 times

    Today you can start cooking with your favorite characters.You can help Elsa and Anna to cook and decorate a delicious frozen cake and after you can cook and decorate a Monster High cake with your favorite Monster High characters.Have fun! Control: Use the mouse to play

  • Sue Knitting Game
    Sue Knitting Game
    Played 867 times

    Can you knit Sue's patterns in time?

  • Scrub & Peel Makeover
    Scrub & Peel Makeover
    Played 672 times

    Manage this spa-crazy covergirl's skincare regimen.

  • Sue's Make Up Makeover
    Sue's Make Up Makeover
    Played 1427 times

    Give Sue the perfect make up makeover for her date!

  • Make me a Princess
    Make me a Princess
    Played 1871 times

    Now's your chance to make your princess dreams come true!

  • Frozen Sisters: Autumn Travelling
    Frozen Sisters: Autumn Travelling
    Played 3155 times

    It’s autumn and Anna and Elsa are ready to enjoy a relaxing day of traveling. Join them as they pick out some great makeup and outfits as they begin their morning with a stroll in a park filled with lots of pretty trees and falling leaves. Which dresses and shoes would look fabulous on each one of them? You get to choose in this seasonal dress up game.

  • Minion at Beard Salon
    Minion at Beard Salon
    Played 2438 times

    This Minion has a big date tonight but he’s a bit of a wreck. Give him a makeover and fast!

  • Bride Preparation Facial
    Bride Preparation Facial
    Played 1161 times

    This girl’s very special day is coming up quick. She could really use your make-up tips and advice.

  • Zodiac Makeover: Gemini
    Zodiac Makeover: Gemini
    Played 1199 times

    Geminis are outgoing and like to look their best. Help this one pick out a new outfit.

  • Baby Elsa Butterfly Face Art
    Baby Elsa Butterfly Face Art
    Played 876 times

    This cool princess is ready to try out some face paint. She would like to look just like a butterfly. Can you help her pick out the perfect design and a few pretty colors in this free makeover game?

  • Dancing Queen
    Dancing Queen
    Played 1386 times

    This lovely young lady wants to be the star of the dance floor, and she needs your help to dress her up! Do your best to transform her into a Dancing Queen in this fantastic dress up game.

  • Inked Up Tattoo Shop
    Inked Up Tattoo Shop
    Played 1275 times

    Are you ready to sling some ink and design some tight tats for these two girls?

  • Jenny The Spaholic
    Jenny The Spaholic
    Played 1365 times

    Jenny knows what’s going on: check out the ‘Spaholic’ in action.

  • Apple White Pinterest Diva
    Apple White Pinterest Diva
    Played 3589 times

    Apple has been looking through Pinterest in order to scope out some hot new looks. Join her as she designs some fantastic dresses and cute outfits in this cool dress up game.

  • Disney's Next Top Model
    Disney's Next Top Model
    Played 3012 times

    Who will become Disney’s next top model? Will it be Ariel? Or what about Snow White? Does Elsa stand a chance? You’ll get to help make the decision in this fun and fashionable dress up game.

  • Elements Makeover: Fire Princess
    Elements Makeover: Fire Princess
    Played 968 times

    Dealing with dragons all day is tiring. Refuel this princess’ fire with some makeover magic!

  • Time for School Make Up
    Time for School Make Up
    Played 855 times

    It doesn’t matter when you’re late to school if you're this fabulous!

  • Elsa Wedding Tailor
    Elsa Wedding Tailor
    Played 2806 times
    • Dazzling Mermaid Makeover
      Dazzling Mermaid Makeover
      Played 653 times

      Just because you're under the sea doesn't mean you should stop your facial routine.

    • Ariel Real Makeover
      Ariel Real Makeover
      Played 1512 times

      Even sea princesses need to look gorgeous! Think you can pull off an underwater makeover?

    • Belle Legs Spa
      Belle Legs Spa
      Played 4261 times

      Disney princess Belle wants to look her best for when she goes on a date with Beast, so she asked you to her look beautiful in this fun dress up game, Belle Legs Spa.

    • Make-Up on the Run
      Make-Up on the Run
      Played 1546 times

      Multitasking is a girl's best friend.

    • Disney Princess: Fashion Star
      Disney Princess: Fashion Star
      Played 7742 times

      Ariel, Belle and Rapunzel are ready to take a stroll down the runway. Can you help them become supermodels in this dress up game? They’ll need help choosing the right outfits.

    • Sofia Real Haircuts
      Sofia Real Haircuts
      Played 584 times

      Sofia needs a brand new hair cut. Can you be her stylist to help her use the tools the right way to get a stunning new hairdo? Choose the outfits and accessories to match her new royal look perfectly.

    • Celeste in the City Make Up
      Celeste in the City Make Up
      Played 732 times

      Choose the shape and look of Celeste's face apply some nice make-up!

    • Bridal Beauty Makeover
      Bridal Beauty Makeover
      Played 2599 times

      When the Big Day finally arrives, every blushing bride wants to look her best.

    • Justin Bieber Dress Up
      Justin Bieber Dress Up
      Played 3276 times

      When Justin puts on a pouty face, it means he needs some pampering for his next show!

    • Twilight Celebrity Puzzle
      Twilight Celebrity Puzzle
      Played 749 times

      You might have the Twilight movie lines memorized...but how about Edward's face?

    • Ariel College Star
      Ariel College Star
      Played 1737 times

      The famous mermaid is getting ready for her first day of classes at the university and she could really use your fashion tips. Help her pick out a totally awesome outfit in this online dress up game.

    • Ice Princess Make Up Time
      Ice Princess Make Up Time
      Played 18538 times

      Guess what time it is! That's right! It's the all new Ice Princess Make Up Time, starring your favorite Disney princess Anne! Choose from a wide variety of colors and designs in this family fun game!