Dress Up Games

  • Skater Style Inspiration
    Skater Style Inspiration
    Played 887 times

    This fashionable teen is searching for the perfect skater style. Help her choose an awesome outfit that will look totally cool at the skate park in this dress up game.

  • Winter Top Model Dress Up
    Winter Top Model Dress Up
    Played 2544 times

    These lovely ladies are top models with a taste for fashion that will warm any cold day! Dress them up in the best outfits and styles to combat any weather blues this winter.

  • The Voice Show
    The Voice Show
    Played 4056 times

    Dress up these cute Disney princesses for their audition for The Voice Show and hope that one of the judges will want to be their coach! Make sure to click on as many hearts as possible for a higher rating!

  • Equestria Girls Back To School 2
    Equestria Girls Back To School 2
    Played 1089 times

    In this fun dressup game you can help three friends prepare for the first day back at school! Every girl wants to look good, right? Be creative and choose the outfits you love most from the lockers. Get ready to study in style!

  • Sci-Fi Warrior
    Sci-Fi Warrior
    Played 1747 times

    Create your own Sci-Fi Warrior in this amazingly beautiful 2D graphic dress up game on your browser. Choose from a wide variety of clothing, make-up, and special effects!

  • Rapunzel & Belle: Love Rivals
    Rapunzel & Belle: Love Rivals
    Played 4092 times

    Rapunzel and Belle are good friends, but they both fell in love with the same guy! Who will you help to be with him? Play matchmaker and find out!

  • How to be a Modern Princess
    How to be a Modern Princess
    Played 3342 times

    It’s tough to be a princess, especially these days. Belle doesn’t have much free time but she’s searching for a magical, and very modern, new look. Can you help her out in this dress up game?

  • Frozen Sisters: Autumn Travelling
    Frozen Sisters: Autumn Travelling
    Played 2928 times

    It’s autumn and Anna and Elsa are ready to enjoy a relaxing day of traveling. Join them as they pick out some great makeup and outfits as they begin their morning with a stroll in a park filled with lots of pretty trees and falling leaves. Which dresses and shoes would look fabulous on each one of them? You get to choose in this seasonal dress up game.

  • Tris Fashionista Dolly Dress Up
    Tris Fashionista Dolly Dress Up
    Played 2568 times

    Tris loves to dress up before heading into town! Help her select the best outfits in this fun dress up game for girls.

  • Tris Date Night Dolly Dress Up
    Tris Date Night Dolly Dress Up
    Played 5708 times

    This stylish dating dress-up game takes wondering what you're going to wear to a new level with a surprise element that has you picking your clothing and accessories from mystery boxes to mix and match!

  • St. Valentine's Day
    St. Valentine's Day
    Played 1055 times

    It’s time to dress up real cute for Valentine’s Day! What will you wear for that special someone?

  • Heart Cats Dress Up
    Heart Cats Dress Up
    Played 1776 times

    These snuggle bugs are too cute! Only some ridiculously fun clothes could make them even cuter...

  • Princess Fashion: Blogger Rivals
    Princess Fashion: Blogger Rivals
    Played 2035 times

    Ariel and Rapunzel are each trying to create the best fashion blog of all time. Help them design some awesome outfits that will totally wow their readers in this electrifying dress up game.

  • Dawn of Heroes Dress Up
    Dawn of Heroes Dress Up
    Played 1512 times

    Select a costume, mask and armour and create the perfect superhero!

  • Dove Prom Dolly Dress Up
    Dove Prom Dolly Dress Up
    Played 7178 times

    Dove is going to the prom but she has no idea what to wear. Fortunately, she has several gift boxes filled with some great clothes and accessories. Help her dig through them in this makeover game.

  • Just Married
    Just Married
    Played 1493 times

    This cute couple’s big day is just around the corner...they need some fashion advice—quick!

  • Fashionista: New Year Resolutions
    Fashionista: New Year Resolutions
    Played 745 times

    This fashionista is running late for a New Year’s Eve Party. Help her get ready and fast!

  • Rapunzel: Good or Bad?
    Rapunzel: Good or Bad?
    Played 6171 times

    Disney princess Rapunzel has both a good and wild side to her, but which do you prefer? Choose the fashion for both and decide in this cute dress up game for girls!

  • Miss World 2009
    Miss World 2009
    Played 737 times

    If Tammy's going to take the title, her evening gown better be a showstopper!

  • So Sakura: Movie Star
    So Sakura: Movie Star
    Played 727 times

    These Hollywood beauticians could really use a hand with their latest client.

  • My Fairy Wedding
    My Fairy Wedding
    Played 1242 times

    This bride wants to have a fairy tale wedding. Let’s help her create a truly magical day.

  • Maid Cafe Dress Up
    Maid Cafe Dress Up
    Played 1773 times

    Fashion totally rules in this cool cafe. Come join the fun!

  • Water Maiden Dress Up
    Water Maiden Dress Up
    Played 844 times

    Pick a fluid look for this underwater maiden!

  • Princess Wedding Makeup
    Princess Wedding Makeup
    Played 2192 times

    This princess is getting herself ready for the best wedding ever! Help her pick out a great gown, the perfect shoes and some awesome makeup in this makeover game.

  • Betsy's Crafts: Candle Jar 1
    Betsy's Crafts: Candle Jar 1
    Played 1455 times

    What’s cooler than a candle? A candle in a jar of course. Let Betsy show you how it’s done.

  • My Little Pony: Design Contest
    My Little Pony: Design Contest
    Played 5033 times

    Oh wow! You’re given this rare chance to dress up these cute magical ponies in this brand new dress up game for girls, My Little Pony: Design Contest. Be as creative as you can be!

  • Goldie Princess Wedding
    Goldie Princess Wedding
    Played 1590 times

    Looks like Goldie is having her own wedding and you’re invited! Help pick out the dress and design to make this the most wonderful event for Goldie!

  • Baby Princess: Maze Adventure
    Baby Princess: Maze Adventure
    Played 1436 times

    Each of these princesses is on an a-maze-ing adventure. Can you help them achieve their dreams?

  • Ariel & Elsa: Love Rivals
    Ariel & Elsa: Love Rivals
    Played 7580 times

    These two beautiful Disney princesses are in love with the same prince and now they want you to dress them both up to win his heart!

  • Sailor Senshi Maker
    Sailor Senshi Maker
    Played 1133 times

    The galaxy is once again under attack! But that doesn’t mean there isn’t time for a quick makeover...

  • Princesses vs Monsters: Instagram Challenge
    Princesses vs Monsters: Instagram Challenge
    Played 6448 times

    The Disney princesses are taking on the ghouls from Monster High. Which team will create the perfect selfie and earn the most likes on Instagram? That all depends on you in this free online game.

  • Sweet Pony 2
    Sweet Pony 2
    Played 1433 times

    This magical pony is looking for a fantastic makeover. Help her create a whole new style.

  • Ellie Princess Designs
    Ellie Princess Designs
    Played 1463 times
  • Bunny Powertastic
    Bunny Powertastic
    Played 846 times
  • Movie Star Dress Up
    Movie Star Dress Up
    Played 3189 times

    Create the picture-perfect look for this leading lady's stylish acceptance speech!

    • Mother Princesses: Mall Shopping
      Mother Princesses: Mall Shopping
      Played 1382 times

      These loving Disney princesses are now moms and need your help picking out the right clothing and makeup for their trip to the mall. There's so much to choose from in this family fun game made for girls, Mother Princesses: Mall Shopping.

    • Fancy Girls Quiz
      Fancy Girls Quiz
      Played 2067 times

      What kind of fancy girl do you feel like today? It depends on your favorite things!

    • So Sakura: Winter Glamour
      So Sakura: Winter Glamour
      Played 5112 times

      Hoping to look fresh and fabulous this winter? The Sakura girls will teach you how...

    • My Spring Resolutions
      My Spring Resolutions
      Played 895 times

      One of the favorite seasons is here and that is Spring! Time to dress up for the warm weather in style. Choose from a variety of clothing that will have everyone looking at you!

    • Disney's Next Top Model
      Disney's Next Top Model
      Played 3605 times

      Who will become Disney’s next top model? Will it be Ariel? Or what about Snow White? Does Elsa stand a chance? You’ll get to help make the decision in this fun and fashionable dress up game.

    • Beauty's Magical Closet
      Beauty's Magical Closet
      Played 1405 times

      This closet has a lot of elegant dresses that would surely make Belle stand out, but which one should she choose? You'll need to clean up her room first before you can decide in Beauty's Magical Closet.

    • Frozen Couples Selfie Battle
      Frozen Couples Selfie Battle
      Played 3932 times

      Elsa and Anna are on a double date in this fabulous dress up game made for girls, Frozen Couples Selfie Battle! Only you can decide on which cute couple looks the best!

    • Dress Up Sim
      Dress Up Sim
      Played 3657 times

      Choose a model and change her look just as you like.

    • Fairy Princess
      Fairy Princess
      Played 2194 times
    • Costume Dress Up
      Costume Dress Up
      Played 754 times

      Choose the best costume disguise for this little girl!

    • Cinderella's Wedding Fashion Blog
      Cinderella's Wedding Fashion Blog
      Played 3112 times

      Cinderella writes her very own fashion blog and she’s looking for the coolest new wedding trends. Could you help her design a dress for Elsa and create a Facebook post about it in this wedding game?

    • Anime Dress Up 4
      Anime Dress Up 4
      Played 1175 times

      Dress this cute cartoon character girl up in a gorgeous long gown!