Girls Games

  • Mermaid Princess Dressup
    Mermaid Princess Dressup
    Played 915 times

    This gorgeous mermaid princess fis having a difficult time deciding on what to wear. Help her pick out the best clothing in this fun game made for girls, Mermaid Princess Dressup.

  • Pretty Cure 1
    Pretty Cure 1
    Played 927 times

    The legendary warriors are about to save the planet from monsters, but they need to fix their outfits first.

  • Shopaholic: New York
    Shopaholic: New York
    Played 2991 times

    Nobody knows the streets of New York like a shopaholic!

  • Eliza and Ben: Happy Family
    Eliza and Ben: Happy Family
    Played 1202 times

    Eliza and Ben just had a baby and now they’re getting their home ready for her. Could you help Eliza choose a great outfit before they work on the baby’s bedroom in this decoration game?

  • Welcome to Las Vegas
    Welcome to Las Vegas
    Played 2412 times

    Funky or fabulous? You decide in what style state these royal beauties hit the Strip in Sin City in this travel-based dress-up game! In any case, as their stylist, you're sure to hit the fashion jackpot!

  • Princess Wedding Makeup
    Princess Wedding Makeup
    Played 793 times

    This princess is getting herself ready for the best wedding ever! Help her pick out a great gown, the perfect shoes and some awesome makeup in this makeover game.

  • Playful Chihuahua
    Playful Chihuahua
    Played 974 times

    This frisky little pup will be the most fashionable dog on the block after your mini-makeover...

  • Devilish Dress Up
    Devilish Dress Up
    Played 1424 times

    A ghoul’s gotta do what a ghoul’s gotta do!

  • Beauty Princess: Real Haircuts
    Beauty Princess: Real Haircuts
    Played 1062 times

    This princess could use a new haircut. Step into her enchanted cabin and help her create a whole new look.

  • Eli Beauty
    Eli Beauty
    Played 1906 times

    This lovely young lady wants you to help her stand out in the crowd in this awesome new family fun dress up game made for girls, Eli Beauty. Choose from a wide variety of makeup and fashion!

  • Video Game Avatar Creator
    Video Game Avatar Creator
    Played 1185 times

    Do you want to become a mighty warrior? Or perhaps a magical wizard? You can and more in this fun dress up fantasy game, Video Game Avatar Creator!

  • Shopaholic London
    Shopaholic London
    Played 2639 times

    Get ready to shop until you drop on the streets of Old London Town. It’s time to take the city by storm!

  • Anime Girl Dress Up
    Anime Girl Dress Up
    Played 790 times

    Dress this girl cartoon character up any way you like!

  • Sery Prom Dolly Dress Up
    Sery Prom Dolly Dress Up
    Played 1055 times

    Sery is getting ready for the prom in this dress up game. Help her go through each one of these gift boxes and discover the accessories and dresses hidden inside of them.

  • Princesses at a Masquerade
    Princesses at a Masquerade
    Played 4375 times

    These five princesses are hosting a masquerade ball. Can you help them get everything prepared for their guests? They’ll also need help with their costumes in this dress up game.

  • Chloe Closet Dress Up
    Chloe Closet Dress Up
    Played 1209 times

    Chloe is searching for the perfect summer outfit in this dress up game. Let’s dig through her closet and pick out a fantastic skirt and some awesome accessories for her.

  • Princesses Night Out
    Princesses Night Out
    Played 2222 times
  • Ruby's Dressing Room
    Ruby's Dressing Room
    Played 1472 times

    Ruby has no clue what to wear today. Dive into her super cool closet and put together a fantastic outfit for her in this dress up game.

  • Princess Team Green
    Princess Team Green
    Played 1611 times
  • College Life
    College Life
    Played 4812 times
  • Mane Attraction Pony Dress Up
    Mane Attraction Pony Dress Up
    Played 1018 times

    Give a fabulous makeover to this beautiful horse!

  • Just Married
    Just Married
    Played 1039 times

    This cute couple’s big day is just around the corner...they need some fashion advice—quick!

  • Love Battle
    Love Battle
    Played 7227 times

    Our pretty, pretty princess has to make a difficult decision: both Jack and Joe are trying to turn her head! Help them get ready for her big decision with some stylish dude duds, then see who she picks!

  • Tokyo Mew Mew
    Tokyo Mew Mew
    Played 741 times

    Ichigo and her friends want some totally awesome new outfits in this fun makeover and dressup game! Help them with some tips and styles with your fashionably forward eye for beauty!

  • Fruits Basket
    Fruits Basket
    Played 1773 times

    Do you have a sec? Tohru and her friends need your advice on what to wear.

  • Princess Oscar Ceremony
    Princess Oscar Ceremony
    Played 769 times
  • Spy Girl Dress Up
    Spy Girl Dress Up
    Played 710 times

    A spy should never stand out...except in the style stakes!

  • Baby Hazel Doctor Dressup
    Baby Hazel Doctor Dressup
    Played 571 times

    This is a dress-up emergency like no other for kids of all ages. Dress up darling Hazel in a crisp and clean white coat, a cute nursing cap and stylish accessories! Choose the hair styles, shoes and much more! You can also assist Doctor Hazel by giving her the tools she needs. Be quick, she need to reach the hospital on time and take care of her patients. Only you can rescue Baby Hazel from a fashion disaster.

  • BFF Celebrity Night
    BFF Celebrity Night
    Played 2980 times

    These two fashionable friends are usually prepared for a walk down the red carpet but not tonight. Help them find some gowns, and fast, in this dress up game before their evening is totally ruined!

  • Dance Trends 3D
    Dance Trends 3D
    Played 916 times

    Choose an R&B, gothic or rock outfit, hairstyle and make-up for Mandy and let her dance!

  • Shopaholic: Hawaii
    Shopaholic: Hawaii
    Played 1428 times

    Browse these bodacious beach-side boutiques! You'll be sayin' "Aloha" in no time!

  • High School Crush
    High School Crush
    Played 2972 times
  • Princess Beach Dress Up
    Princess Beach Dress Up
    Played 1402 times

    When the summer heats up, real princesses don't drop their regal style – they just take it to the beach! Take care of the whole beach party for this royal duo, from their swim style to the drinks they're sipping.

  • Roller Skating Princesses
    Roller Skating Princesses
    Played 2764 times

    These four princesses are planning to spend the afternoon skating through the park. Help them choose some awesome outfits before they put on their Rollerblades in this dress up game.

  • Pet Wedding Dress Up
    Pet Wedding Dress Up
    Played 743 times

    Choose wedding clothes for cat and dog.

  • Royal Masquerade Ball
    Royal Masquerade Ball
    Played 1134 times

    Anyone who is of royalty knows that you need to wear only the best in fashion. Have some fun dressing up your favorite characters in Royal Masquerade Ball!

    • Princess Spring Online Shopping
      Princess Spring Online Shopping
      Played 1861 times

      Rapunzel is going to a royal ball with Eugene but she really needs a new outfit. Help her find an awesome one on her favorite fashion website in this free online game.

    • Pimp My Spartan
      Pimp My Spartan
      Played 1770 times

      Change Spartan's look just as you like by choosing a new weapon, helmet and shield.

    • Equestria Girls: Back to School
      Equestria Girls: Back to School
      Played 600 times

      In this fun dressup game you can help three friends prepare for the first day back to school! Choose the outfits you love most from the lockers to study in style!

    • Fairy Dress Up 3
      Fairy Dress Up 3
      Played 929 times

      Choose this fairy's color and theme!

    • Equestria Fashion Day
      Equestria Fashion Day
      Played 960 times

      The Equestria girls are in the mood for dress up! Help them look as if they just stepped out of a fashion magazine!

    • BFF Selfie Time
      BFF Selfie Time
      Played 1464 times
    • Fancy Girls Quiz
      Fancy Girls Quiz
      Played 853 times

      What kind of fancy girl do you feel like today? It depends on your favorite things!

    • Stella's Dress Up: Date Night
      Stella's Dress Up: Date Night
      Played 1812 times

      Stella and her lovely friends are getting ready for a romantic date night! Play this glamorous dress up game with countless fashion items to make any date a runway success!

    • Super Sailor Moon Dress Up
      Super Sailor Moon Dress Up
      Played 696 times

      Sailor Moon is on a quest for a new look that’s totally out of this world.

    • Blonde Hot Date
      Blonde Hot Date
      Played 2482 times

      This blonde princess is going on a date with her boyfriend but she has no idea what to wear. Could you go through her closet and choose a totally cool outfit for her in this dress up game?

    • Halloween Couple Dress Up
      Halloween Couple Dress Up
      Played 599 times

      Should this Halloween couple have matching costumes? It’s your choice—work your magic!

    • Cutie Student Dress Up
      Cutie Student Dress Up
      Played 889 times

      Help this super-cute schoolgirl put together an awesome outfit.