Girls Games

  • Bridal Boutique
    Bridal Boutique
    Played 5893 times

    It’s that time in your life when you get dressed for your own wedding and looking ever so lovely in Bridal Boutique! Make your wedding day special!

  • BFF Fashion Stars
    BFF Fashion Stars
    Played 3550 times

    These two models are getting ready for a fashion show but they’re missing some stuff. Can you help them find the outfits and accessories they need in this game for girls?

  • Video Game Avatar Creator
    Video Game Avatar Creator
    Played 1553 times

    Do you want to become a mighty warrior? Or perhaps a magical wizard? You can and more in this fun dress up fantasy game, Video Game Avatar Creator!

  • The Fashion Celebrity Challenge
    The Fashion Celebrity Challenge
    Played 2119 times

    This famous celeb is searching for some cool outfits that will look great everywhere from the beach to the red carpet. Can you help her design them in this dress up game?

  • Princess Get Cool for College
    Princess Get Cool for College
    Played 2903 times
  • Princesses Festival Fashion
    Princesses Festival Fashion
    Played 623 times
  • Designer Trends 3D
    Designer Trends 3D
    Played 1503 times

    Take your love of dress-up to the next dimension! Design outfits for 3D girls who walk, dance, and chill out!

  • Ice Queen Party Outfits
    Ice Queen Party Outfits
    Played 2506 times

    The Ice Queen is getting ready for a New Year’s Eve party. What should she wear? You’ll get to decide in this dress up game. Choose an awesome dress for her before she rings in the new year in style.

  • Princess Beach Party
    Princess Beach Party
    Played 902 times
  • Blonde Hot Date
    Blonde Hot Date
    Played 1388 times

    This blonde princess is going on a date with her boyfriend but she has no idea what to wear. Could you go through her closet and choose a totally cool outfit for her in this dress up game?

  • The Voice Show
    The Voice Show
    Played 1034 times
  • Pretty Cure 2
    Pretty Cure 2
    Played 874 times

    A warrior’s work is never done. What outfits should the Pretty Cure girls wear during their next adventure?

  • Princesses Night Out
    Princesses Night Out
    Played 1595 times
  • Princesses: London vs Tokyo
    Princesses: London vs Tokyo
    Played 1780 times

    These three princesses are exploring the fashions of Japan and the UK. Help them pick out some super cool outfits and strike a few poses in this very international makeover game.

  • Ellie Real Estate Agent
    Ellie Real Estate Agent
    Played 3783 times

    Ellie is getting ready for a fun afternoon of redecorating a home that she’ll soon be putting on the market. Help her choose a great outfit before she gets to work in this dress up game.

  • Super Princesses
    Super Princesses
    Played 790 times
  • Anime Girl Dress Up
    Anime Girl Dress Up
    Played 846 times

    Dress this girl cartoon character up any way you like!

  • Princess Shoes Boutique
    Princess Shoes Boutique
    Played 2192 times

    Cinderella is definitely a princess that knows a lot about footwear! That’s why she just opened a boutique devoted to shoes. Join her while she helps her customers in this enchanting online game.

  • Ellie's OOTD
    Ellie's OOTD
    Played 765 times

    Ellie is picking out three OOTDs for class and some upcoming events with her friends in this dress up game. Can you help her put them together and get some cool selfies for Facebook too?

  • Rachel and Filip: Shopping Day
    Rachel and Filip: Shopping Day
    Played 2785 times

    Play personal stylist for the best-looking couple at the mall – at least, they WILL be the best looking when you're done dressing them up in their new duds!

  • Avie Pocket: Beach!
    Avie Pocket: Beach!
    Played 6280 times

    Avie’s ready for a relaxing day at the beach, but what should she take along?

  • Barbara Fashion Show
    Barbara Fashion Show
    Played 601 times

    It’s all about the latest trends in fashion in this hip new dress-up game for girls! Show off your stylish creative side with endless hours of fun!

  • My Fresh Start Makeover
    My Fresh Start Makeover
    Played 13475 times

    This poor girl just got dumped by her boyfriend but she’s not about to sit around feeling sorry for herself. Let’s help her get a fresh start with an awesome makeover in this online game.

  • Tris Homecoming Dolly Dress Up
    Tris Homecoming Dolly Dress Up
    Played 1105 times

    Tris is going to a homecoming dance in this dress up game and she wants to look totally perfect. Help her choose a great outfit and some awesome accessories from each one of these gift boxes.

  • Princess Ball Dress Up
    Princess Ball Dress Up
    Played 900 times

    This trio of princesses is getting ready for a ball. Join them while they pick out some elegant gowns and cool accessories in this game for girls.

  • Victorian Girl Perfect Dress Up
    Victorian Girl Perfect Dress Up
    Played 1140 times

    Hem and haw over these Victorian hemlines...

  • Before and After: Selfie Challenge
    Before and After: Selfie Challenge
    Played 1241 times

    Get cleaned up and dressed in this fun new free to play game made for girls, Before and After: Selfie Challenge. Make your selfie the best there is amoung friends!

  • Ellie Princess Designs
    Ellie Princess Designs
    Played 1740 times

    Can you design the perfect outfit for a princess? Find out in this totally fun girls game, Ellie Princess Designs! Be creative and let your imagination flow!

  • Princesses Xmas Activity
    Princesses Xmas Activity
    Played 2342 times

    These two princesses have tons of free time this holiday season. What should they do? Help them decide between dog sledding, ice skating and a night at the club in this game for girls. Or maybe they should do all three?

  • Princesses Comics Heroines
    Princesses Comics Heroines
    Played 808 times

    The city is under attack and only these four princesses can save the day! First, they’ll need to pick out some awesome super suits. Help them choose the right ones in this heroic makeover game.

  • A Beach Day
    A Beach Day
    Played 854 times
  • Maid Cafe Dress Up
    Maid Cafe Dress Up
    Played 1256 times

    Fashion totally rules in this cool cafe. Come join the fun!

  • Faybelle Thorn Dress Up
    Faybelle Thorn Dress Up
    Played 590 times
  • Princess Team Green
    Princess Team Green
    Played 1114 times
  • Stella's Dress Up: Summer Party
    Stella's Dress Up: Summer Party
    Played 1238 times

    Now that it's summertime and everyone wants to get dressed up in that sort of fashion, you get to help these lovely models so the same in this brand new dress up game, Stella's Dress Up: Summer Party.

  • Lucky Star Dress Up
    Lucky Star Dress Up
    Played 993 times

    These girls are about to sing on stage. Make sure their outfits are as coordinated as their dance moves!

    • Ellie Joins Fairy Tale High
      Ellie Joins Fairy Tale High
      Played 621 times

      Ellie is about to become the newest student at this truly enchanting high school. Can you help her fit in with a new style that’s totally magical? She’ll need you to help her out while she creates a gown and a new hairstyle too in this game for girls.

    • Nerdy Girl Makeover
      Nerdy Girl Makeover
      Played 1140 times

      No more school, no more books, this girl needs a hot new look!

    • Icy Couples: Winter Time
      Icy Couples: Winter Time
      Played 7534 times

      These two couples are definitely cool. They’re about to go on a double date with one another at this ski chalet. Can you help the girls choose some warm winter outfits before they start a snowball fight with their boyfriends in this dress up game ?

    • Sery Date Night: Dolly Dress Up
      Sery Date Night: Dolly Dress Up
      Played 5501 times

      Sery has a date with a handsome hunk tonight. Help her find some adorable outfits and cool accessories in all of these gift boxes. She’s depending on you to create a great look for her in this game for girls.

    • Princess Undersea Party
      Princess Undersea Party
      Played 1487 times

      Ariel and all of her royal friends are getting together for an evening under the sea. They’ll need your fashion tips as they choose the perfect outfits for the occasion. What should they wear?

    • Magical Mix Dress Up
      Magical Mix Dress Up
      Played 774 times

      Help this fashionable fairy become the best dressed girl in the kingdom.

    • Dawn of Heroes Dress Up
      Dawn of Heroes Dress Up
      Played 1024 times

      Select a costume, mask and armour and create the perfect superhero!

    • Shopaholic: Hawaii
      Shopaholic: Hawaii
      Played 2452 times

      Browse these bodacious beach-side boutiques! You'll be sayin' "Aloha" in no time!

    • Princesses Photo Session
      Princesses Photo Session
      Played 3132 times

      The princesses have a photo shoot soon and need to be picture-perfect! Help them pick out the right dresses, hairstyles and pretty jewelery to look astonishing!

    • Sery Prom Dolly Dress Up
      Sery Prom Dolly Dress Up
      Played 904 times

      Sery is getting ready for the prom in this dress up game. Help her go through each one of these gift boxes and discover the accessories and dresses hidden inside of them.

    • How to be a Modern Princess
      How to be a Modern Princess
      Played 1115 times

      It’s tough to be a princess, especially these days. Belle doesn’t have much free time but she’s searching for a magical, and very modern, new look. Can you help her out in this dress up game?

    • Lovers Shopping Day
      Lovers Shopping Day
      Played 1706 times

      Ariel and Eric are going to the mall for an awesome afternoon of shopping. Tag along with them while they go looking for some fantastic shirts, pants, accessories and more in this dress up game.