Girls Games

  • Magic Bar
    Magic Bar
    Played 756 times

    Abracadabra! Hocus pocus! Alakazam!

  • Rats Cooking
    Rats Cooking
    Played 723 times

    Oh, my rat! These sewage-infected giant mutant rats taste perfect on the grill! Help the chef to catch and kill a smelly rat or two and collect the coins for a feast like no other. It's not a matter of taste, it's a matter of life and death. Eat or be eaten!

  • Kitchen Makeover 4
    Kitchen Makeover 4
    Played 62 times

    Gretchen has just gone shopping…help her get her groceries ready for cooking!

  • Cooking With Love
    Cooking With Love
    Played 107 times

    Making the perfect meal begins with picking out the perfect outfit.

  • Equestria Girls: Sweet Shop
    Equestria Girls: Sweet Shop
    Played 50 times

    Looks like the girls from Equestria are setting up their own sweet shop and need your help to create their own sweets to attract customers. Can you help them out?

  • Cherry Pie Trifle
    Cherry Pie Trifle
    Played 22 times

    Learn how to bake this delicious dessert in this challenging cooking game.

  • Chocolate Cupcake Maker
    Chocolate Cupcake Maker
    Played 31 times

    Baking cupcakes from scratch is incredibly fun. Here’s a game that will show you how to do it.

  • Rie's Recipe: Devil's Food Cake
    Rie's Recipe: Devil's Food Cake
    Played 73 times

    Ignore the name, this devil's food cake is heavenly. And Rie’s going to show you how to make it, step by step!

  • Super Dooper Dessert Deluxe
    Super Dooper Dessert Deluxe
    Played 367 times

    Candy colors and plenty of whipped cream = the dessert of your dreams!

  • Sushi Madness
    Sushi Madness
    Played 129 times
  • Spicy Patatas Bravas
    Spicy Patatas Bravas
    Played 43 times

    Serve up a sizzling side of tasty tapas!

  • How to Make Crazy Cupcakes
    How to Make Crazy Cupcakes
    Played 35 times

    Make the best cupcakes with crazy decorations ever in this fun recipe and cooking game!

  • Ice Cream Booth
    Ice Cream Booth
    Played 185 times

    Time for some ice cream! Nom…oh, I meant serving, not eating!

  • Ice Cream Decoration
    Ice Cream Decoration
    Played 334 times

    Wow the world with your ice-cold creations.

  • Lovely Cook Dress Up
    Lovely Cook Dress Up
    Played 81 times

    Dress up this charming cook and pick for her some kitchen accessories.

  • My Lovely Cake
    My Lovely Cake
    Played 42 times

    The way to your valentine's heart is through the stomach!

  • Picnic Time
    Picnic Time
    Played 29 times

    It’s a gorgeous day. Let’s go to the park and prepare a lunch that’s nutritious and super yummy.

  • Fluffy Breakfast Pancakes
    Fluffy Breakfast Pancakes
    Played 30 times

    Having pancakes for breakfast is the best! Find out how to make them in this fun cooking game now.

  • Profession Doll Dress Up
    Profession Doll Dress Up
    Played 24 times

    Dress up the doll as a cook or as a doctor!

  • Blossom Cake Decoration
    Blossom Cake Decoration
    Played 44 times

    Get ready to bake a super-cute flower cake. No apron needed!

  • Bubu Fairy Cat Chef
    Bubu Fairy Cat Chef
    Played 166 times

    These two animals are really hungry. Fortunately, Bubu just arrived and she’s ready to bake a few yummy cupcakes and whip up some pudding for them. Join her in the kitchen in this cooking game.

  • Burger Maker
    Burger Maker
    Played 219 times

    Are you a master chef? Maybe you want to be the burger queen? Learn about customer satisfaction by preparing orders as fast as you can. Reach your target in each level to get promoted to the next level. The more you sell the more you earn well deserved money. Up for a delicious challenge?

  • Cake Master
    Cake Master
    Played 255 times

    Do you love baking? Would you like to learn how to decorate the perfect birthday cake? If you answered “yes” to these questions then this is the free cooking game for you!

  • Cat Angel Cookie Rescue
    Cat Angel Cookie Rescue
    Played 90 times

    Avoid items the mouse is throwing and carry cookies from the box on the right to the respective plates on the table.

  • Chef Fashion Dress Up
    Chef Fashion Dress Up
    Played 28 times

    Every top chef knows just how important it is to dress up properly before you start cooking. Help this young chef out by choosing from a wide variety of clothing and dishes in this online game made for girls, Chef Fashion Dress Up.

  • Cooking Steak Dinner
    Cooking Steak Dinner
    Played 358 times

    Would you like to find out how to make a delicious steak dinner? You can totally do just that in this free cooking game. Start by tenderizing the meat and putting some tasty spices on top of it.

  • Cooking With Emma: Vegetable Lasagna
    Cooking With Emma: Vegetable Lasagna
    Played 183 times

    Emma is making this dish for dinner tonight. Join her in her kitchen while she gets it ready.

  • Delicious Sweet Cookies
    Delicious Sweet Cookies
    Played 30 times

    Would you like to make some super yummy cookies? Then head to this virtual kitchen to try this fun recipe.

  • Mia's Cooking Series: Beef Burritos
    Mia's Cooking Series: Beef Burritos
    Played 121 times

    Who doesn't like burritos! It's one of the most popular foods in America, too! Help Mia cook up some tasty beef burritos in this family fun cooking game, Mia's Cooking Series: Beef Burritos.

  • Pou Pizza Chef
    Pou Pizza Chef
    Played 353 times

    Can you make a tasty pizza with Pou? You don’t know until you try!

  • Pizza Pronto 2
    Pizza Pronto 2
    Played 100 times
  • Sizzlin' Shrimp Curry
    Sizzlin' Shrimp Curry
    Played 33 times

    Savor the secret to this lip-smacking success!

  • Tasty Turkey
    Tasty Turkey
    Played 52 times

    Can you create a wonderful Thanksgiving meal? Join this chef in the kitchen and make sure the turkey is ready to be put in the oven before you help decorate a dining room table for his guests. You can also take some awesome photos of their picture perfect holiday in this Thanksgiving game.

  • Choco Valentine
    Choco Valentine
    Played 462 times

    Bake a box of classic chocolates for your valentine!

  • Cooking Academy: Burger
    Cooking Academy: Burger
    Played 181 times

    This girl is learning how to cook burgers today. Let’s make sure that she has everything she needs...

  • Cooking With Emma: French Apple Pie
    Cooking With Emma: French Apple Pie
    Played 230 times

    Emma is baking a vegan dessert today. Visit her kitchen and she’ll show you how to make one too.

    • Lasagna Cooking
      Lasagna Cooking
      Played 163 times

      Melissa is making some lasagna for her boyfriend and she could use your help in her kitchen.

    • Emma's Recipes: Hot & Spicy Garlic Wings
      Emma's Recipes: Hot & Spicy Garlic Wings
      Played 43 times

      Finger-lickin' fabulous.

    • Baby Hazel in Kitchen
      Baby Hazel in Kitchen
      Played 61 times
    • Fruit Slush Punch: Sara's Cooking Class
      Fruit Slush Punch: Sara's Cooking Class
      Played 316 times

      Join Sara as she prepares a delicious drink that’s really refreshing.

    • Kookin Kidz
      Kookin Kidz
      Played 132 times

      Help the witch catch and cook an many children as she can!

    • Pou Ice Cream Shop
      Pou Ice Cream Shop
      Played 80 times

      Pou had a long day and now he’s ready to relax with a gigantic ice cream sundae at his favorite cafe. Which type of dessert should he order though? Should Pou get one with lots of chocolate frosting or pretty sprinkles? What about some super yummy cherries or strawberries? You can place the order for him in this silly food game.

    • Vegetable Frittata: Sara's Cooking Class
      Vegetable Frittata: Sara's Cooking Class
      Played 460 times

      Even carnivores will drool over your scrumptious vegetable frittata dish!

    • Fruitcake: Sara's Cooking Class
      Fruitcake: Sara's Cooking Class
      Played 252 times

      Here's a holiday hint: the best fruitcake needs about a month to ripen.

    • Sushi Spectacular
      Sushi Spectacular
      Played 26 times

      To be a sushi chef, you have to be ready for some dog-eat-dog competition. Or would that be fish-eat-fish?

    • Spug Shock
      Spug Shock
      Played 24 times

      Use your magic stick to clear all the cookies that Spug throws your way!

    • Wiggi Dishwasher
      Wiggi Dishwasher
      Played 131 times

      Who knew that helping mom with the dishes would be so much fun!

    • Carrot Cake
      Carrot Cake
      Played 30 times