Girls Games

  • Backyard Buzzing
    Backyard Buzzing
    Played 2464 times

    Build your units, command your army of bugs and try to become the ruler of the backyard!

  • Build Puppy's Dog House
    Build Puppy's Dog House
    Played 1107 times

    You’ll need more than building skills to complete this cute game. First, you’ll have to adopt the perfect pooch and play fetch with them. Once that’s done, you can get started on building them a comfy new home. Once you’ve put the finishing touches on it, you can play dress-up with your new furry friend. What outfit would look great on them?

  • Cat Around The World
    Cat Around The World
    Played 1467 times


  • Baby: My Palace Pets
    Baby: My Palace Pets
    Played 2123 times
  • Zoo Disorder Game
    Zoo Disorder Game
    Played 1649 times

    The animals are out! Put them in their places before anyone gets hurt.

  • Mimou Escape 2
    Mimou Escape 2
    Played 1734 times
  • My Dolphin Show 4 new
    My Dolphin Show 4 new
    Played 2299 times

    Its time to take Vegas by storm, but are you and your dolphin ready for the big time?

  • Iron Snout
    Iron Snout
    Played 1478 times

    This piggy may look like a pushover but he’s actually a kung fu master! Tag along with him while he takes on a small army of wolves. They’ll be coming at him with everything from axes to chainsaws. He’ll need your help while he kicks their butts and even uses their own weapons against them!

  • Pregnant Pig New Babies
    Pregnant Pig New Babies
    Played 1529 times

    This cute little mama pig is pregnant and as her farmer, it's up to you to make sure that her new babies will be healthy. Look after both her and the babies in this animal care game, Pregnant Pig New Babies.

  • Pimp My Bugatti
    Pimp My Bugatti
    Played 1713 times

    A Bugatti always has style, but needs your personal pimpin' touch.

  • Winter Fox
    Winter Fox
    Played 1180 times

    Help this foxy cutie get ready for a fun afternoon in the snow.

  • Day of the Cats: Episode 1
    Day of the Cats: Episode 1
    Played 922 times

    Can you find all of the differences in each of these places while this girl and her cat begin a fun adventure?

  • Jigsaw Puzzle Classic
    Jigsaw Puzzle Classic
    Played 3075 times

    There’s nothing quite like a jigsaw puzzle. Kick back and relax with the ones available in this online game. Its three different challenge modes are great for both new and experienced players.

  • In Couples
    In Couples
    Played 2062 times

    These pets are looking for their perfect partner. Can you lead them to true love?

  • Animal Detectives: Investigation Mischief
    Animal Detectives: Investigation Mischief
    Played 988 times

    These two detectives need to find some files in order to continue their investigation. Can you help them while they avoid tipping off some pesky sloths in this crazy animal game?

  • Moby Dick: The Video Game
    Moby Dick: The Video Game
    Played 2259 times

    Take control of the infamous white whale and hit the high seas for a roaring rampage of revenge.

  • Veterinary Clinic Volunteer
    Veterinary Clinic Volunteer
    Played 1492 times

    This girl wants to assist the doctors at her local veterinary clinic. What should she wear though? Let’s choose an outfit and a hairstyle for her before her first furry patient enters the examination room.

  • Pet Salon: Doggy Day
    Pet Salon: Doggy Day
    Played 767 times

    It’s Doggy Day down at the Pampered Paws Doggy Day Care Center. Can you give each one of these adorable doggies the royal treatment in this animal game? You can create some totally awesome makeovers for them.

  • Cute Cat Hospital
    Cute Cat Hospital
    Played 3872 times


  • Pet Wedding Dress Up
    Pet Wedding Dress Up
    Played 814 times

    Choose wedding clothes for cat and dog.

  • Defend Your Nuts 2
    Defend Your Nuts 2
    Played 7656 times

    The monsters return, yet the squirrel will prevail: nuts must be protected.

  • Playful Chihuahua
    Playful Chihuahua
    Played 1087 times

    This frisky little pup will be the most fashionable dog on the block after your mini-makeover...

  • Butterfly Kyodai 2
    Butterfly Kyodai 2
    Played 19976 times

    Butterfly Kyodai 2 is a mahjong matching game. Connect matching butterflies to clear the board as quick as you can.

  • Animal Park
    Animal Park
    Played 738 times

    Swap fuzzy beasties and collect the animal prizes!

  • Let It Flow
    Let It Flow
    Played 4386 times

    Connect the pipes and click on Pump It so the water can flow to the crops and animals.

  • 3 Pandas
    3 Pandas
    Played 16583 times

    Don’t let the poachers get their paws on these poor pandas!

  • Monkey Dinner
    Monkey Dinner
    Played 1502 times
  • Animal Dash
    Animal Dash
    Played 2139 times

    Run, cow, run!

  • Make An Animal
    Make An Animal
    Played 894 times

    Match the head and the trunk by clicking on the animal!

  • Snack Attack
    Snack Attack
    Played 889 times

    There’s a total feeding frenzy waiting for you in this exciting mobile game. Fight to eat lots of food and become a gigantic snake while you enjoy io-style gameplay. Can you run right over all of the other reptiles?

  • Dynamons World
    Dynamons World
    Played 47270 times

    Have you got what it takes to become a Dynamon Captain? See if you can lead these magical creatures to victory as they battle one another in this mobile game.

  • Pony Candyland Run
    Pony Candyland Run
    Played 583 times

    Cake is this pony’s favorite type of food. Join her as she dashes through a kingdom full of delicious desserts in this action game. Just be sure to keep her away from the force fields.

  • Mutant Fighting Cup 2
    Mutant Fighting Cup 2
    Played 1150 times

    Create the ultimate brawler, unlock new genes and find out if it can defeat the toughest mutants on the planet in this exciting sequel to Mutant Fighting Cup!

  • Ultimate Butterfly Puzzle
    Ultimate Butterfly Puzzle
    Played 1510 times

    Assemble and piece together the most beautiful jigsaw puzzles of exotic butterflies for endless puzzle playing fun!

  • Animal Rescue Zoo
    Animal Rescue Zoo
    Played 1294 times

    These endangered animals will need some extra loving and care to make it to their new homes!

  • Animal Mahjongg
    Animal Mahjongg
    Played 990 times

    Click on 2 identical tiles to remove them from the board.

    • Jigsaw Puzzle Xmas
      Jigsaw Puzzle Xmas
      Played 2870 times

      Can you piece together all of these delightful puzzles that are perfect for the holiday season? Assemble photos of happy squirrels and more in this online game.

    • Epic Chicken Griller
      Epic Chicken Griller
      Played 536 times

      Frying up these chickens isn’t going to be easy...

    • Unicorn 2048
      Unicorn 2048
      Played 6049 times

      How many magical animals does it take to make a unicorn? That’s a mystery that you can solve in this wacky and totally wild puzzle game. Link together chickens, piggies, monkeys and more until you create an enchanting steed.

    • Monkey Bubbles
      Monkey Bubbles
      Played 2695 times

      This monkey loves fruit, especially bananas and grapes. Help him burst all of the bubbles in this match 3 puzzle game. Each one contains a tasty treat!

    • Cute Puppy Care
      Cute Puppy Care
      Played 1876 times
    • Flash Element
      Flash Element
      Played 1323 times

      Kill all the animals by building attacking towers before they reach the end of the maze.

    • Animal Pop
      Animal Pop
      Played 2960 times

      These cute critters are all mixed up! Put them into groups of the same kind in this adorable match 3 puzzle game. Can you connect the pandas with the other pandas and help all the pigs get together?

    • Penguin vs Snowman
      Penguin vs Snowman
      Played 3093 times

      An army of snowmen are determined to ransack this poor penguin’s cabin! Help the bodacious bird defend his home in this action game.

    • Animal Tooth Care
      Animal Tooth Care
      Played 1742 times

      Each one of these farm animals has a sweet tooth and they haven’t been brushing regularly. That means that their teeth are really giving them some problems. Let’s take a peek into their mouths and see if we can give them some proper dental care. Should we begin with the horse, the cow or the dog?

    • Rio spin puzzle
      Rio spin puzzle
      Played 717 times

      Spin the tiles so that the picture it is meant to show comes into perfect view in this fun new game for kids of all ages, Rio Spin Puzzle! Perfect for family fun, too!

    • Stuffed Animal Decoration
      Stuffed Animal Decoration
      Played 616 times

      Get this toy shop ready for a swarm of kiddie customers!

    • The Animal Zoo
      The Animal Zoo
      Played 4467 times

      What's the problem with running a popular zoo? Too many visitors, who want to see everything too!