Fast Games

  • Bouncing Panda Law
    Bouncing Panda Law
    Played 828 times

    This bouncing panda must master the art of Kung-Fu…and fast!

  • Fast Attack
    Fast Attack
    Played 2178 times

    Big Manny's on the move, and you, QB, are his target!

  • Spider Races
    Spider Races
    Played 224 times

    Having 8 legs and 8 eyes can mean you're either really fast or really clumsy!

  • Drive 'Em Up
    Drive 'Em Up
    Played 85 times

    It's a road warrior's freeway, and you're in the fast lane headed toward maximum destruction.

  • The Amazing Spiez! Marcsimal Power
    The Amazing Spiez! Marcsimal Power
    Played 629 times

    Marc's brain is lightning fast! Is yours too?

  • Tulva
    Played 114 times

    The insect onslaught is massive and fast...faster than you can type G-A-M-E-O-V-E-R!

  • Fairy Makeover
    Fairy Makeover
    Played 594 times

    This little fairy is growing up fast. Show her how to do her make-up, and turn her into a blossoming beauty!

  • Bacon Sandwich Twin
    Bacon Sandwich Twin
    Played 331 times

    Take fast food to the max in the addicting pork-frying game that'll turn you into a master clicker!

  • Cheyenne Rodeo
    Cheyenne Rodeo
    Played 2197 times

    How long can you ride a raging bull? And when you fall, how fast can you get away from his horns?

  • Snow ATV
    Snow ATV
    Played 4164 times

    How fast could you possibly go in this winter wonderland of slippery snow??

  • Snow Big Deal
    Snow Big Deal
    Played 304 times

    It's no big deal: just ski downhill so fast that trees are flying past you faster than you can see them.

  • The Pipe Game
    The Pipe Game
    Played 8397 times

    Round and down the water's coming fast, so don't build slow!

  • Left or Right
    Left or Right
    Played 1880 times

    How fast can you guess right (or left)?

  • Giant Robot
    Giant Robot
    Played 3552 times

    Scientist, build that robot fast or Martians will invade the Earth and take our natural resources!

  • Demolition City
    Demolition City
    Played 1448 times

    Somebody stacked these up real nice for you to blast apart real fast.

  • Offroad Transporter
    Offroad Transporter
    Played 2362 times

    If you want to impress these girls, your car better be fast and built to last!

  • Strategic Mayhem
    Strategic Mayhem
    Played 4583 times

    The troops keep coming as fast as you send them—what's your strategy to get the upper hand?

  • Highway Madness
    Highway Madness
    Played 4850 times

    Live life in the fast lane and tear across these crowded highways for fame and fortune!

  • Pizza Pronto
    Pizza Pronto
    Played 1073 times

    Pizza Pronto’s motto: serve with a smile and deliver fast!

  • Rush Race
    Rush Race
    Played 2158 times

    When you meet danger, it’s good to have a fast set of wheels and a really big gun…

  • Fast Food Delivery
    Fast Food Delivery
    Played 3162 times

    Fast food is bad for your blood pressure— not the calories, but the pushy customers!

  • Cursor Chaos
    Cursor Chaos
    Played 20 times

    Are your fingers fast enough, or will you just create cursor chaos??

  • High Tea
    High Tea
    Played 2129 times

    Think fast when you're tossing these tea-time treats!

  • Ninja Man
    Ninja Man
    Played 1281 times

    Run fast, jump high, and carry a sharp sword.

  • The Apprentice
    The Apprentice
    Played 833 times

    You are just an apprentice, but how fast do you learn to keep your customers happy?

  • Ecaps
    Played 36 times

    Which blaster will clear the spacegrid of your enemies the fastest?

  • Crush
    Played 1221 times

    Think fast to avoid getting crushed!

  • Wall-e Pop
    Wall-e Pop
    Played 647 times

    Pop WALL-E's bubble wrap as fast as you can!

  • Word Strip
    Word Strip
    Played 4156 times

    This steamy variety of strip poker will help you learn to type faster and better!

  • Foofa Race
    Foofa Race
    Played 39 times

    Be the fastest on the track…and, if that doesn't work, pick up some tools to cheat!

  • Jet Boat Racing
    Jet Boat Racing
    Played 4442 times

    Is yours the fastest boat on the water? What can you do with a Nitro Boost?

  • Joes Farm
    Joes Farm
    Played 657 times

    The sheep are multiplying too fast! Blast them with your shotgun to save the farm.

  • Icescape 2
    Icescape 2
    Played 968 times

    More strange happenings at the arctic research station. Where is everyone? Get out fast!

  • Flash Sprint
    Flash Sprint
    Played 441 times

    Can you set the fastest lap time ever?

  • Purple Pill
    Purple Pill
    Played 32 times

    Think fast, play fast! Find the shortest way to the X mark!

  • Blobuloids
    Played 27 times

    Feed the hungry orange blobs as fast as you can!

    • Time Attack
      Time Attack
      Played 293 times

      Shoot the targets as fast as you can! Can you handle the time pressure?

    • Desert Race
      Desert Race
      Played 336 times

      Drive around rough desert circuit as fast as you can and see if you can get the fastest time!

    • Avenue of Death
      Avenue of Death
      Played 71 times

      El Huracan has 5 challenges for you to face. You must be careful and fast enough to survive!

    • Weirdville
      Played 2585 times

      Collect all the coins and find your way to the exit as fast as you can.

    • Nail Fashion Manicure
      Nail Fashion Manicure
      Played 358 times

      Follow the designs provided and decorate the nails as fast as you can!

    • Spin Doctor
      Spin Doctor
      Played 101 times

      Get two of the same discs to spin fast enough to remove them.

    • Santa's Tower
      Santa's Tower
      Played 101 times

      Copy the falling figures as fast as you can to stop Red Beard's attackers.

    • Generation RC
      Generation RC
      Played 1584 times

      Your patients are in need of medication so get behind the counter and fill their prescriptions as fast as you can!

    • Pizza Shack Deluxe
      Pizza Shack Deluxe
      Played 2576 times

      Run your own restaurant and serve your customers as fast as you possibly can or lose your reputation.

    • Oriental Flirting Game
      Oriental Flirting Game
      Played 16400 times

      Click on every boy on your way to make him fall in love with you faster than with your competitor!

    • Ammo Chase
      Ammo Chase
      Played 38 times

      Catch the enemies in the blue car as fast as you can.

    • The Bank Robber
      The Bank Robber
      Played 7259 times

      Find the safe, crack and empty it, and escape out of the bank through the exit door as fast as possible.