Death Games

  • Diesel And Death
    Diesel And Death
    Played 34720 times

    Race your bike across the junkyard, pass the flag first or destroy your opponent to win!

  • Metal Slug: Death Defense
    Metal Slug: Death Defense
    Played 1029 times

    We have a special 2-man assignment for you: blow the metal out of our enemies.

  • Death Racers
    Death Racers
    Played 3009 times

    In this desolate future, all that's left to do is drive or die by the will of the racetrack.

  • Jump'It
    Played 4018 times

    The success or death of free running all depends on the air you can score.

  • The Last Village
    The Last Village
    Played 4883 times

    Your peace-loving tribe has had enough misery from these palefaces. Now you'll fight to the death if you must.

  • Death Penalty Zombie Football
    Death Penalty Zombie Football
    Played 2906 times

    This competition is really killer! Sometimes soccer really is a zombie-eat-forward world...

  • This Bunny Kills
    This Bunny Kills
    Played 581 times

    Let them send the ninja bunny are Bunny, and death is YOURS to deal!

  • Morbid
    Played 219 times

    The Black Death stalks the land—but is it a plague, or something more sinister??

  • Soul Master
    Soul Master
    Played 70 times

    Death may be a little clumsy, but those souls aren't going to collect themselves…

  • King of Fighters Death Match
    King of Fighters Death Match
    Played 2814 times

    Work your special fighting skills to knock out your opponent!

  • Squirrel Autumn
    Squirrel Autumn
    Played 19 times

    Gather the acorns with summersaults--and without falling to your death!

  • Love Line
    Love Line
    Played 60 times

    Don't let the love get trapped in death's jaws!

  • Tainted Kingdom
    Tainted Kingdom
    Played 1340 times

    Dark days have come after the death of the king. Are you the strategist that can restore the peace?

  • Avenue of Death
    Avenue of Death
    Played 54 times

    El Huracan has 5 challenges for you to face. You must be careful and fast enough to survive!