Circus Games

  • Circus Acrobats
    Circus Acrobats
    Played 2252 times

    Send the circus acrobat spinning through the air, but make sure he lands safely instead of going splat!

  • My Crazy Circus
    My Crazy Circus
    Played 838 times

    Amaze your audiences with magic shows, wild acrobatics, and death-defying stunts!

  • Banana Rama
    Banana Rama
    Played 18 times

    Keeping up with this circus of bananas might just make you go…nuts (OK, bananas)!

  • Banana Dash World 2
    Banana Dash World 2
    Played 1583 times

    Don't let this circus world drive you bananas.

  • Circus Wheel
    Circus Wheel
    Played 1261 times

    How dangerous are you with a knife?

  • Circus Pop
    Circus Pop
    Played 133 times

    Click on 2 or more stones of the same color to connect them and clear them off the board.