Batman Games

  • Gates vs Jobs
    Gates vs Jobs
    Played 5202 times

    Lightsabers and 2 mega-geeks make for one nerdtastic battle…

  • Batman: Countdown to Conflict
    Batman: Countdown to Conflict
    Played 2097 times

    The Dark Knight is up against one of his toughest missions ever so he just sent out a distress call to some of his famous friends. You’ll get to choose which superhero will rush to Gotham City to help Batman bring the Clock King to justice. Should it be Aquaman, Blue Beetle or Green Arrow? You’ll get to decide in this action game.

  • Batman: The Cobblebot Caper
    Batman: The Cobblebot Caper
    Played 5559 times

    In Gotham City, one superhero rules supreme.

  • Batman Underground
    Batman Underground
    Played 851 times

    Gotham is once again under attack by gangs, and it’s up to Batman to save the people! Fight your way through the dark underground to victory!

  • Feudalism
    Played 11415 times

    Buy and sell weapons and armor, recruit and disband your troops, and win the battle!

  • Disk Battle
    Disk Battle
    Played 1008 times

    This Manga version of air hockey will definitely keep your attention!

  • Battle Mechs
    Battle Mechs
    Played 5089 times

    Win battles, upgrade your bot, and become unstoppable!

  • Bubble Elements
    Bubble Elements
    Played 5726 times

    Make bubble matches of 3 or more of the same color in the ultimate battle against the 4 elements.

  • Batman Truck 3
    Batman Truck 3
    Played 3343 times

    Who wants a sports car when you can race the Batmobile?

  • Lego Batman: Hunting Two Face
    Lego Batman: Hunting Two Face
    Played 2077 times
  • Microbe Kombat
    Microbe Kombat
    Played 3285 times

    In this microscopic battle, it's survival of the biggest and hungriest...

  • Virtual Cricket
    Virtual Cricket
    Played 1221 times

    Use your cricket bat to defend your team's wicket from the ball.

  • Dragon Fist 2: Battle for the Blade
    Dragon Fist 2: Battle for the Blade
    Played 4036 times

    The Dragon Master is back! This time with the mysterious and lethal Dragon Blade...

  • Interactive Bathroom Decoration
    Interactive Bathroom Decoration
    Played 1098 times

    Pop the bubbles, squirt the soap, and play as you put little Bailey's bathroom in order.

  • Batman VS Clock King
    Batman VS Clock King
    Played 4222 times

    Time is definitely going to be working against you in this free boxing game. Batman is jumping into the ring to trade punches with the mysterious, and very cunning, Clock King. The Dark Knight will need all of his fighting skills and some lightning quick reflexes in order to defeat this nefarious villain. Can you help the Caped Crusader rid Gotham City of this bad guy once and for all?

  • Bathroom Decoration
    Bathroom Decoration
    Played 648 times

    Carissa is remodeling her bathroom. Help her arrange her new decorations.

  • Bathroom Decoration 2
    Bathroom Decoration 2
    Played 1470 times

    Help Tara get her bathroom in order so that she can take a bath!

  • Bathroom Decoration 4
    Bathroom Decoration 4
    Played 655 times

    Julia needs your help turning her bathroom into the perfect relaxing escape!

  • Warlords: Call to Arms
    Warlords: Call to Arms
    Played 3388 times

    The time has come to expand your kingdom. It's going to be a bloody battle!

  • Grizzly Tank
    Grizzly Tank
    Played 813 times

    Cobra Bats captured four men; you need to coordinate a rescue team!

  • Cricket
    Played 567 times

    Position your fielders, control the batsman or bowler, and score points!

  • School Wars
    School Wars
    Played 3832 times

    Click on your students to move them toward the enemy units to win the battle.

  • Batman final challenge
    Batman final challenge
    Played 668 times

    Help Batman, the player of this game, to overcome the obstacles abord his motocycle, by collecting the bonus posed on the road and increasing his score. Use the arrow key to move his and the space bar to jump.

  • World Cup Cricket
    World Cup Cricket
    Played 4765 times

    Choose the appropriate batting stroke to hit the ball and score points.

  • Space Battle
    Space Battle
    Played 1730 times

    Who do these fools think they are entering YOUR atmosphere?

  • The 12 Fighters
    The 12 Fighters
    Played 622 times

    The hero from Street Fighter 3 is back! Fight 12 battles against the evil monster.

  • Chaos Faction
    Chaos Faction
    Played 171 times

    Choose your mode of play, and then defeat your enemy in battle.

  • Mobsport
    Played 25 times

    Play ball in a battle against another Viking chieftain!

  • Military
    Played 174 times

    Hit the bomb with your bat and send it flying as far as possible!

  • Rocket Guru
    Rocket Guru
    Played 23 times

    The Guru must battle against the 4 elements in his journey to enlightment.

  • Bat out of Hell
    Bat out of Hell
    Played 17 times

    Send the bats and creepy crawlies back to where they came from!

  • Batman Dog
    Batman Dog
    Played 388 times

    In this game you must guide Batman's dog until he rescue Super Man's dog, shoot in kryptonites as much as you can until get in the end of the scenario to save him!

  • Battle Ring
    Battle Ring
    Played 85 times

    Win the battle and save the world from the dark power of Mordor!

  • BUG Battle Combat
    BUG Battle Combat
    Played 189 times

    Protect the mother bug by killing all the enemy bugs with your green square.

  • Super Metal Armor
    Super Metal Armor
    Played 94 times

    Get in combat against tanks, soldiers and copters into the enemy's battlefield!

  • Dark Orbit
    Dark Orbit
    Played 34 times

    A 3D-Battleship fleet, spectacular space battles, and gripping missions will lead you to the very top of your company! Your hunt through space has just begun!

    • Invasion Tactical Defence
      Invasion Tactical Defence
      Played 330 times

      Defend the factory that is producing nuclear missiles in order to take out the alien battleships.

    • Serpentum
      Played 145 times

      Enter into a strange world where you battle with a string of light!

    • Air Battle
      Air Battle
      Played 254 times
    • Bathroom Decoration 3
      Bathroom Decoration 3
      Played 383 times

      Cindy is ready for her bath, but the bathroom is not ready for her. Put everything in order for her!

    • Batman Spot the Differences
      Batman Spot the Differences
      Played 504 times

      The dark and extraordinarily detailed world of The Caped Crusader is yours to investigate.

    • Princess Bride: Battle of The Wits
      Princess Bride: Battle of The Wits
      Played 53 times

      Socrates, Plato? Idiots compared to this Sicilian's dizzying intellect.

    • RoBoxer 2
      RoBoxer 2
      Played 271 times

      Help the robot knock out his opponent and win the battle!