Puzzle & Run Games

  • Small Worlds
    Small Worlds
    Played 3520 times

    The more you explore, the more you understand: it really is a small world, after all.

  • Waker
    Played 17 times

    A child is lost in dreams, and you are the waker who must rebuild her path home.

  • Engine of Creation
    Engine of Creation
    Played 457 times

    Defy the laws of physics with this creepy crawly triangle.

  • Saunavihta
    Played 18 times

    Physics rules this creepiest and most puzzling trip to the sauna you'll ever take...

  • Little Wheel
    Little Wheel
    Played 1711 times

    Only you can reboot your robotic brethren, even if you are a little rusty…

  • Nevermore 3
    Nevermore 3
    Played 1275 times

    Help Olek jump his way to new heights of adventure as he searches for treasure to save his village.

  • Bango!
    Played 138 times

    …and then, BANGO! The floor falls out from under your feet.

  • Art Thief
    Art Thief
    Played 3367 times

    What better way to learn about art than by stealing it?

  • Princess Bride: The Fire Swamp
    Princess Bride: The Fire Swamp
    Played 11529 times

    Rodents of Unusual Size are the least of your worries in the Fire Swamp…

  • Cyadonia
    Played 2627 times

    It's all about getting the cursor to the X-it.

  • You Have To Burn The Rope
    You Have To Burn The Rope
    Played 254 times

    It's all in the name…

  • Tasha’s Game
    Tasha’s Game
    Played 834 times

    Dude, your friends are caught--you and your magical cat need to help them escape.

  • Astro Kid
    Astro Kid
    Played 1333 times

    Space-age tools will help you puzzle out the path from one portal to another.

  • Chronotron
    Played 18 times

    Travel through time to help yourself solve these puzzles!

  • Moss
    Played 273 times

    Use all your escaping skills to get out of this mossy maze!

  • Rusty Planet
    Rusty Planet
    Played 49 times

    Help the injured Captain Zorro free the planet from the robots and their leader, Gorbis.

  • Miestas
    Played 56 times

    Explore various objects and scenarios in this awesome Miestas adventure flash game!

  • Mind Bender
    Mind Bender
    Played 277 times

    Try to reach the red exit by jumping and using your telekinetic powers when needed.

  • The Sea of Glomp
    The Sea of Glomp
    Played 1739 times

    Eat delicious fish and find the rat that stole your egg!

  • Obnoxius 2
    Obnoxius 2
    Played 25 times

    Guide the green and orange creatures to their homes and collect the 2 stars on every level.

  • The Quest for the Golden Wheel
    The Quest for the Golden Wheel
    Played 3261 times

    Help Harry the Hamster collect all the pieces of the Golden Wheel by guiding him through the maze and avoiding obstacles!

  • A Walk In The Park
    A Walk In The Park
    Played 4321 times

    Guide both dog and owner, collect dog treats and power ups and find the exit.

  • Mind Scape
    Mind Scape
    Played 395 times

    Collect all the candy in Candy Meadows and avoid the monkeys.

  • Tri Achnid
    Tri Achnid
    Played 5337 times

    Help Tri-Achnid climb up the rocks by dragging and dropping his legs.

  • Fox Adventure
    Fox Adventure
    Played 404 times

    Jump from mountain to mountain and find the right exit!

  • Deep Creatures
    Deep Creatures
    Played 13 times

    Try to escape as fast as you can, but don't forget the gold!

  • Fancy Pants
    Fancy Pants
    Played 1709 times

    Mr. Fancy Pants makes his debut in this awesome adventure game!

  • Squirrel Escape
    Squirrel Escape
    Played 428 times

    As a tiny squirrel, you must find the way out!

  • Spaceman Bob
    Spaceman Bob
    Played 338 times

    Help Bob escape from the aliens' base and pick up some gold on his way out!

  • Bubble Bobble
    Bubble Bobble
    Played 23526 times

    Shoot to trap all of the enemies in the bubbles and get bonuses!