Management Games

  • Stick RPG 2
    Stick RPG 2
    Played 1380 times

    This stickman is about to be catapulted into another dimension in this online game. Tag along with him while he explores the mysterious Paper Thin City. Can you get him back home in this unusual RPG?

  • Cluster Truck
    Cluster Truck
    Played 3461 times

    How far can you make it down each one of these long convoys? Dash across these big rigs while you try to earn a high score in this intense online game.

  • Silly Ways to Die: Adventures
    Silly Ways to Die: Adventures
    Played 2540 times

    Each stage provides unique challenges and near endless mini-games to test critical thinking, quick clicking, and problem-solving skills! Add a bit of absurd humor to your day with Road Cone, Salami, Box Boom or Mr. Palm and find fun solutions to survive in Silly Ways to Die now.

  • Frizzle Fraz 2
    Frizzle Fraz 2
    Played 7051 times

    Don't be frazzled by Big Frizzle's formidable mission...

  • Creative Kill Chamber 2
    Creative Kill Chamber 2
    Played 1115 times

    Get creative again on the ultimate and hilarious-chilling kill chamber! Destroy stick figures in this sequel to the funny and entertaining point and click game where the ultimate goal is to laugh and have fun!

  • Beauty Resort 3
    Beauty Resort 3
    Played 3353 times

    Exotic India is the setting for Heather's next palace of pampering!

  • Adventure Craft
    Adventure Craft
    Played 6403 times

    Tag along with this miner while he goes in search of valuable minerals. Can you help him link together all of these stones and other natural resources in this adventure game?

  • Kogama: Adventure in Dino
    Kogama: Adventure in Dino
    Played 2485 times

    Create your own levels in a world that’s filled with tons of prehistoric fun.

  • TwinCat Warrior 3
    TwinCat Warrior 3
    Played 8262 times
  • Kogama: The Big Adventure
    Kogama: The Big Adventure
    Played 1733 times

    The Kogamians are falling over themselves to complete this level! How far can you get in The Big Adventure?

  • Virtual Voodoo
    Virtual Voodoo
    Played 1704 times

    Are you having a bad day? You can take out your frustrations on this voodoo doll. Poke him with a stick, jam pins in his head, set him on fire and much more in this scary game. Don’t worry, he’s pretty tough!

  • Zombotron 3
    Zombotron 3
    Played 2715 times

    In this underground lair of action, you and your gun will show these zombies no mercy.

  • Crossy Temple
    Crossy Temple
    Played 37696 times

    Get ready for an epic adventure straight out of the world of Crossy Road. Can you complete this temple run?

  • Pancake Bar
    Pancake Bar
    Played 1385 times

    The recipe for perfect pancakes? That's your secret.

  • Destination Kepler!
    Destination Kepler!
    Played 2642 times

    The space military is looking for recruits! Your mission? To meet and mine the galaxy, with plenty of wacky missions and upgrade fun along the way. Hire your crew, do your research, and decide where your hard-won money and resources are spent.

  • Maplewood Junior High
    Maplewood Junior High
    Played 1047 times
  • Thrill Rush 3
    Thrill Rush 3
    Played 34116 times

    This girl’s fun day at the theme park just jumped the tracks! Help her find a way off this crazy coaster.

  • Luke Deluxe
    Luke Deluxe
    Played 1823 times
  • Hobo 4 Total War
    Hobo 4 Total War
    Played 873 times

    It’s all-out war in this cool and brutal beat up fighting game! Take on various enemies as you fight your way through the city.

  • Dino Run
    Dino Run
    Played 1745 times

    Escape the wall of doom and find your dino sanctuary!

  • Hotel Management
    Hotel Management
    Played 14606 times

    The secret to hotel happiness is a juggling trick of customer demands!

  • Gum Drop Hop 4
    Gum Drop Hop 4
    Played 781 times

    Gum drop it like it's hot again? Play and find out in the fourth sequel to this popular adventure game!

  • Arcuz II: Dungeons
    Arcuz II: Dungeons
    Played 904 times

    Calling on the brave explorers to be the next hero of the monster-infested Arcuz again to defeat the lust for power of one man, Lord Zark, and save the world from Armageddon! Talk to friends, gather information and complete new and challenging quests in the sequel to the popular Arcuz strategy game.

  • Level Editor 2
    Level Editor 2
    Played 2504 times

    This little stickman punches in above his wimpy weight.

  • My Friend Pedro
    My Friend Pedro
    Played 1285 times

    A talking banana would like you to go on a roaring rampage of revenge. Don’t worry, you can trust him.

  • Kogama: West Town
    Kogama: West Town
    Played 2165 times

    Put on your cowboy hat and start creating and playing your own amazing Wild West game!

  • Chibi Knight
    Chibi Knight
    Played 1360 times

    Giant beasts are terrorizing the kingdom! You know what to do next, right?

  • Orc Attack
    Orc Attack
    Played 2251 times

    Join Legolas and his friends as they battle hordes of orcs that threaten Middle Earth.

  • Kogama: The Legend Of Hyreel - Anatasia's Power
    Kogama: The Legend Of Hyreel - Anatasia's Power
    Played 1005 times

    Step inside an enchanted land in this online game and see if you can solve the mysteries surrounding the ancient powers of Anatasia. It’s one of the most magical areas that you’ll find in the world of Kogama.

  • Rollercoaster Creator Express
    Rollercoaster Creator Express
    Played 8995 times

    Rollercoaster Creator Express is there for you! Build Corkscrews, 180 curves, loops and many more tracks to reach your goal in 35 levels and 5 amazing worlds. Only building isn't enough you need to take care of the budget and make sure your passenger get save to the finish line.

  • Monkey Go Happy - Eggs
    Monkey Go Happy - Eggs
    Played 802 times
  • Reincarnation
    Played 882 times
  • Back In Time
    Back In Time
    Played 1040 times

    Bill totally just sent himself to the Middle Ages in a time machine. By accident. Help him get home again!

  • Sharkosaur Attack
    Sharkosaur Attack
    Played 5379 times

    Mother Russia won’t know what hit her once this cowboy rolls in with his super mega shark! Join him on an exciting mission across the Soviet Union while he and his loyal steed take a bite out of tons of angry commies. But that’s not all in this completely insane action game! They’ll also be fighting flying bears in bombers, attack choppers and gigantic tanks.

  • Youda Farmer
    Youda Farmer
    Played 6306 times

    The farm and the town depend on each other, and with your help both can prosper and grow!

  • The Little Fox
    The Little Fox
    Played 1009 times

    This brave fox is on a mission through the cosmos in this cute adventure game. Can you keep him safe while he explores lots of new worlds? He’ll need you to help him collect power-ups and avoid the gaps while he continues his exciting trek.

    • Kogama: Water Park
      Kogama: Water Park
      Played 1756 times

      A new water park has opened in the world of Kogama. Join players from around the planet while you take a dip in one of its pools or try out a slide. You can also just hang out in the sun if you’d like in this online game.

    • Whack your Ex
      Whack your Ex
      Played 1675 times
    • Stickman League
      Stickman League
      Played 812 times

      Fight against the legions of darkness in this thrilling adventure browser game, Stickman League. Use your mighty special powers on your foes and rid the world of this evil army!

    • Kogama: Rio™
      Kogama: Rio™
      Played 3364 times

      Travel to the streets of Rio for another multiplayer Kogama adventure that’s worthy of Minecraft.

    • Vortex Point 3
      Vortex Point 3
      Played 1567 times
    • Bayou Island
      Bayou Island
      Played 1144 times

      This sea captain just washed up on the shores of a mysterious island. How will he ever get back to his ship? With your help, of course! Join him while he searches for a way to escape from the island in this mobile point and click game.

    • Hostage Rescue
      Hostage Rescue
      Played 6846 times

      A gang of relentless crooks are holding a group of hostages captive inside this building. Can you rescue them in this incredibly intense action game? Use your limited ammo wisely while you fight to save all of them.

    • Kung Fu Panda: Pawsome Panda
      Kung Fu Panda: Pawsome Panda
      Played 1735 times

      Becoming a kung fu master isn’t something that just happens overnight. Help Po train for his upcoming battles in this totally pawsome action game.

    • Dark Lands
      Dark Lands
      Played 17256 times

      Guide the brave Knight through this fast paced runner game and help him defeat evil. Run, jump and slide over whirling blades and slash through hideous monsters who have invaded your land!

    • Joe and Momo
      Joe and Momo
      Played 1917 times

      Joe’s girlfriend has been kidnapped by an evil wizard. Now it’s up to him and his new best friend, a magical owl named Momo, to rescue her in this adventure game. Join them on their epic quest across this dangerous kingdom. They’ll need you to help them collect coins and avoid traps along the way.

    • Monkey Go Happy Dragon
      Monkey Go Happy Dragon
      Played 813 times

      Maybe a magical adventure will cheer up these super sad monkeys...

    • Alien Sky Invasion
      Alien Sky Invasion
      Played 1767 times

      Somewhere on the edges of the galaxy an epic war is being waged! Jump into a fighter and join the mayhem in this 3D flight game. It’s time to find out if you can take down all of these alien ships in the campaign mode or during an epic invasion!