Management Games

  • Clean Bathroom Escape
    Clean Bathroom Escape
    Played 979 times

    It’s always nice to have a clean bathroom but getting trapped inside of one really stinks. Can you find a way to escape from this one in this online game?

  • Five Nights at Freddy's
    Five Nights at Freddy's
    Played 40846 times
  • Super Smash Flash 2
    Super Smash Flash 2
    Played 53835 times

    Prepare for some epic battles! With 28 classic characters to choose from, the possibilities are endless!

  • Cartoon Strike
    Cartoon Strike
    Played 57547 times

    Patrol ports or see if you can defeat your opponents in deserts in this multiplayer action game. Pick a region and a room before you blast your way through the next battle.

  • Cap'n Gold Grubber's Treasure Hunt
    Cap'n Gold Grubber's Treasure Hunt
    Played 1502 times

    Ahoy, matey! Grab your shovel and start digging—there's no place for landlubbers here!

  • Traffic Slam 2
    Traffic Slam 2
    Played 43660 times

    It'll be a busy night for the ambulances...

  • Run 2
    Run 2
    Played 15458 times
  • Pixel Warfare 5
    Pixel Warfare 5
    Played 94522 times

    Get ready for another few rounds of old-school action. Join a room, grab some weapons and prepare yourself for a deathmatch or two in this multiplayer first person shooter game.

  • Papa's Pastaria
    Papa's Pastaria
    Played 14038 times

    Time to run Papa’s Pastaria. Use your serving skills to keep your customers happy with the best pasta in town!

  • Adventure Capitalist
    Adventure Capitalist
    Played 4429 times

    Use your business skills to turn this tiny operation into a powerful empire that will make you super rich.

  • Lego Ninjago: Ninja Possesion
    Lego Ninjago: Ninja Possesion
    Played 23304 times

    Get ready for the ultimate ninja adventure in Lego Ninjago: Ninja Possession! Fight, jump, and perform cool ninja moves as you survive each stage!

  • Swords & Potions 2
    Swords & Potions 2
    Played 13001 times

    Open and run your very own shop in a fantasy world. Design and customize it to suit your style. Play with your friends and cooperate to build the most powerful city in the kingdom!

  • Troll Tale
    Troll Tale
    Played 7841 times

    This troll is about to embark on an adventure. Maybe he’ll encounter some real trolls during his travels?

  • Big Bad Ape
    Big Bad Ape
    Played 527 times

    He’s rude. He’s crude. He weighs 10 tons. Join this gigantic ape on an even bigger feeding frenzy.

  • Freak Out Kid Freaking Out
    Freak Out Kid Freaking Out
    Played 1470 times

    This kid is freaking out because he's unable to do his work! Help him solve puzzles and find hidden objects in this wonderful and totally cool 2D browser game, Freak Out Kid Freaking Out.

  • War Face
    War Face
    Played 1629 times

    Get ready to eliminate these targets but look out! They’ll probably shoot back!

  • Kogama: Festival Park
    Kogama: Festival Park
    Played 7899 times

    Design a fantastic and super fun park with this latest and greatest Kogama map.

  • Paris Rex
    Paris Rex
    Played 13428 times

    Rex is a fire-breathing dinosaur and he’s ready to take a bite out of Paris. Wanna tag along with him?

  • Love Burger
    Love Burger
    Played 2554 times

    The customers at this cafe can be really demanding. Can you make this one happy before he trashes the place?

  • Dynamons 2
    Dynamons 2
    Played 43792 times

    Return to a world filled with monsters and mayhem. Have you got what it takes to become a Dynamon captain in this free online game?

  • Maplewood Junior High
    Maplewood Junior High
    Played 3051 times
  • Monkey Go Happy Adventure
    Monkey Go Happy Adventure
    Played 939 times

    An evil king has locked all the kingdom's toys in his castle and only these sad monkeys can get them back.

  • Chibi Knight
    Chibi Knight
    Played 1954 times

    Giant beasts are terrorizing the kingdom! You know what to do next, right?

  • The Enchanted Cave 2
    The Enchanted Cave 2
    Played 2645 times

    What secrets are waiting for you in the mysterious cave? Find out as you continue your adventure...

  • Sift Renegade 3
    Sift Renegade 3
    Played 5259 times

    Kiro and his brother are up against another gang of triads. Help them slice and dice their way through their latest mission in this action-packed ninja game.

  • Glauron: Dragon Tales
    Glauron: Dragon Tales
    Played 8699 times

    Take flight as the mighty and brave dragon known as Glauron! Breathe fire down upon your foes and their buildings for points. Never before have you played an arcade game like Glauron: Dargon Tales!

  • Bois D'Arc
    Bois D'Arc
    Played 1035 times

    The enchanted kingdom of Sedonia is in danger. Take this mystical bow and defend it at all costs.

  • Luke Deluxe
    Luke Deluxe
    Played 2183 times
  • Dyna Boy
    Dyna Boy
    Played 3992 times

    This guy definitely has an explosive personality. Help him blast his way out of this cave.

  • Airport Empire
    Airport Empire
    Played 5879 times

    Running an airport is serious business. It’s also seriously fun!

  • GTA 5
    GTA 5
    Played 159678 times

    Have you got what it takes to survive on these mean streets? Steal some cool cars while avoiding the cops and find out if you can build an awesome criminal empire in this retro action game.

  • Stupidella
    Played 7735 times

    She’s not to be confused with Cinderella. This crazy girl is about to have a very wild night.

  • Money Movers
    Money Movers
    Played 12002 times

    The Money Movers are getting out of prison!

  • Kogama: Portal 2
    Kogama: Portal 2
    Played 26612 times

    Cooperation and teamwork are the two things that will help you win this crazy Kogama challenge.

  • Kogama: World Racing
    Kogama: World Racing
    Played 14866 times

    Get ready to race, Kogama style. Which super fast car do you wanna drive?

  • Ninjago Spinjitzu Snakedown
    Ninjago Spinjitzu Snakedown
    Played 14077 times

    These tough ninjas of Ninjago are on a special quest to take down their slithery foes in this brand new arcade brawler game, Ninjago Spinjitzu Snakedown! Use your special Spinjiztu attacks to launch your enemies into the air!

    • Kogama: Gumball
      Kogama: Gumball
      Played 5030 times

      Play Kogama with all your favorite Gumball characters in this cool sandbox level!

    • Shop Empire
      Shop Empire
      Played 6776 times

      Become a titan of retail and build the most totally awesome shopping malls on the planet.

    • Plazma Burst 2
      Plazma Burst 2
      Played 10894 times

      Modify your suit and get ready for your next mission. The fight for the fate of your planet is continuing.

    • Sword and Soul
      Sword and Soul
      Played 7268 times
    • Frizzle Fraz
      Frizzle Fraz
      Played 17398 times

      Bouncy, swimmy, friendly Big Frizzle to the rescue!

    • Kogama: West Town
      Kogama: West Town
      Played 4022 times

      Put on your cowboy hat and start creating and playing your own amazing Wild West game!

    • Escape to hell
      Escape to hell
      Played 1443 times

      Battle your way through the underworld and face all kinds of ghouls as you run to freedom!

    • Submachine 5
      Submachine 5
      Played 1325 times

      Stay focused, find and use items, and try to escape.

    • Wolverine Tokyo Fury
      Wolverine Tokyo Fury
      Played 7507 times

      Time to take on the bad guys in the busy streets of Tokyo, and you get to play as one of Marvel’s best superheroes, Wolverine! Show no mercy!

    • Yurius's House of Spooks
      Yurius's House of Spooks
      Played 2975 times

      A mad scientist lives in that creepy old house. Maybe you shouldn’t go knocking on his door...

    • Jellydad Hero
      Jellydad Hero
      Played 4736 times

      Some space pirates are trying to ruin their vacation but these jellies aren’t gonna let that happen.

    • Bart Simpson Saw Game
      Bart Simpson Saw Game
      Played 2314 times