Escaping Games

  • SIM Air Traffic
    SIM Air Traffic
    Played 1582 times

    Can you juggle all these planes, or will your airport crash and fail?

  • Luke Deluxe
    Luke Deluxe
    Played 1283 times
  • Vertix Online
    Vertix Online
    Played 1570 times

    Time to load your gun and get ready to blast away at your friends in this awesome online shooter, Vertix Online! Capture areas in order to gain points and win the game!

  • Stick RPG 2
    Stick RPG 2
    Played 3443 times

    This stickman is about to be catapulted into another dimension in this online game. Tag along with him while he explores the mysterious Paper Thin City. Can you get him back home in this unusual RPG?

  • Youda Sushi Chef
    Youda Sushi Chef
    Played 6580 times

    The ultimate sushi-rolling, customer-pleasing, cash-collecting empire starts here!

  • Vortex Point
    Vortex Point
    Played 680 times
  • Kung Fu Panda: Pawsome Panda
    Kung Fu Panda: Pawsome Panda
    Played 918 times

    Becoming a kung fu master isn’t something that just happens overnight. Help Po train for his upcoming battles in this totally pawsome action game.

  • War Heroes: France 1944
    War Heroes: France 1944
    Played 1953 times

    Physics and war unite in horror with this World War II game with an optional zombie twist. Choose your game mode, choose your class, and make sure the Allies win this war!

  • Sweet Revenge
    Sweet Revenge
    Played 782 times

    This dad is determined to close down the local sweet shop. Who will win this crazy candy challenge?

  • Kogama: West Town
    Kogama: West Town
    Played 2320 times

    Put on your cowboy hat and start creating and playing your own amazing Wild West game!

  • Vortex Point 3
    Vortex Point 3
    Played 1049 times
  • Freak Out Kid Freaking Out
    Freak Out Kid Freaking Out
    Played 1033 times

    This kid is freaking out because he's unable to do his work! Help him solve puzzles and find hidden objects in this wonderful and totally cool 2D browser game, Freak Out Kid Freaking Out.

  • Scuba
    Played 575 times

    This astronaut has crash landed on a strange planet. Help him find the parts he needs to get home.

  • Haunted House
    Haunted House
    Played 27570 times

    You are trapped inside the haunted house and must find your way out by collecting missing items.

  • Silly Ways to Die: Adventures 2
    Silly Ways to Die: Adventures 2
    Played 6551 times

    These crazy creatures can’t seem to stay out of trouble. Could you keep an eye on them and help them avoid getting hurt in this weird and wacky adventure game?

  • Jellydad Hero
    Jellydad Hero
    Played 3185 times

    Some space pirates are trying to ruin their vacation but these jellies aren’t gonna let that happen.

  • Silly Ways to Die: Adventures
    Silly Ways to Die: Adventures
    Played 1921 times

    Each stage provides unique challenges and near endless mini-games to test critical thinking, quick clicking, and problem-solving skills! Add a bit of absurd humor to your day with Road Cone, Salami, Box Boom or Mr. Palm and find fun solutions to survive in Silly Ways to Die now.

  • Aggravated Asphalt
    Aggravated Asphalt
    Played 2001 times

    Help Flippy through various obstacles along this really long road

  • Hobo 4 Total War
    Hobo 4 Total War
    Played 581 times

    It’s all-out war in this cool and brutal beat up fighting game! Take on various enemies as you fight your way through the city.

  • The Enchanted Cave 2
    The Enchanted Cave 2
    Played 2065 times

    What secrets are waiting for you in the mysterious cave? Find out as you continue your adventure...

  • Submachine 5
    Submachine 5
    Played 562 times

    Stay focused, find and use items, and try to escape.

  • Baby Hazel Fairyland
    Baby Hazel Fairyland
    Played 692 times
  • Farmerella
    Played 1875 times
  • Thrill Rush 3
    Thrill Rush 3
    Played 30695 times

    This girl’s fun day at the theme park just jumped the tracks! Help her find a way off this crazy coaster.

  • Level Editor 2
    Level Editor 2
    Played 1502 times

    This little stickman punches in above his wimpy weight.

  • Vortex Point 2
    Vortex Point 2
    Played 907 times
  • Yurius's House of Spooks
    Yurius's House of Spooks
    Played 1123 times

    A mad scientist lives in that creepy old house. Maybe you shouldn’t go knocking on his door...

  • Motosierra
    Played 938 times

    This cold-blooded skeleton has blood on his hands! Help him saw his way through human obstacles in his bloody aftermath of death and destruction. Not for the faint hearted!

  • First Day at School
    First Day at School
    Played 4820 times
  • Parking Training
    Parking Training
    Played 50368 times

    Can you park your car in these spots? You’ll have to use your reversing skills to avoid hitting anything!

  • Squirrel Hero
    Squirrel Hero
    Played 956 times

    Aliens are attacking this squirrel’s tree and he’s not about to let them get away with it.

  • Love Burger
    Love Burger
    Played 1236 times

    The customers at this cafe can be really demanding. Can you make this one happy before he trashes the place?

  • Back In Time
    Back In Time
    Played 816 times

    Bill totally just sent himself to the Middle Ages in a time machine. By accident. Help him get home again!

  • Snow Truck Extreme
    Snow Truck Extreme
    Played 1166 times

    The only way you’re going to get to the top of the mountain is with this super awesome rig.

  • Anime Battle 1,4
    Anime Battle 1,4
    Played 1725 times
  • Bois D'Arc
    Bois D'Arc
    Played 704 times

    The enchanted kingdom of Sedonia is in danger. Take this mystical bow and defend it at all costs.

    • Pancake Bar
      Pancake Bar
      Played 986 times

      The recipe for perfect pancakes? That's your secret.

    • The Deepest Sleep
      The Deepest Sleep
      Played 1951 times

      Go even deeper into the dream world but heed this warning: you may never find your way out...

    • Level Editor 3
      Level Editor 3
      Played 807 times

      You’ve got the tools to save yourself, but do you know how to use them?

    • Escape The Hotel Room
      Escape The Hotel Room
      Played 527 times
    • Monkey Go Happy - Treasure
      Monkey Go Happy - Treasure
      Played 1212 times
    • Reincarnation
      Played 599 times
    • Make Me Laugh
      Make Me Laugh
      Played 3136 times

      Richard is the only jester that hasn’t been thrown into the queen’s bottomless pit. If he doesn’t make her laugh, and soon, he’ll get tossed down there too. Can you help him avoid this terrible fate in this point and click game?

    • Monkey Go Happy Adventure
      Monkey Go Happy Adventure
      Played 600 times

      An evil king has locked all the kingdom's toys in his castle and only these sad monkeys can get them back.

    • Dark Lands
      Dark Lands
      Played 43423 times

      Guide the brave Knight through this fast paced runner game and help him defeat evil. Run, jump and slide over whirling blades and slash through hideous monsters who have invaded your land!

    • Punchademic
      Played 3328 times

      What the punch! Puncher is attacking the real world and McFist unleashed bots...soon Norrisville will be permanently pixelated without your help! Let the punch-down begin!

    • Sniper Shooter 2
      Sniper Shooter 2
      Played 3363 times

      Here’s another round of bad guys that the world might be better off without. You know what to do...

    • Treehouse Decoration
      Treehouse Decoration
      Played 557 times

      Help this forrest fairy decorate her treehouse abode.