Escaping Games

  • Ducklife 3 Evolution
    Ducklife 3 Evolution
    Played 4584 times

    Train up your duck, collect coins and help him to become a racing world champion

  • Whack the Cheater
    Whack the Cheater
    Played 2090 times

    This wife just found out that her husband has been having an affair. Is she ticked off? You betcha! Help her get some revenge in this totally wild action game.

  • Kogama: Ice Park
    Kogama: Ice Park
    Played 4357 times

    Brrrr—it’s chilly! Put on your jacket: there’s a whole world of snow and ice to discover...

  • The Grudge
    The Grudge
    Played 2371 times

    You’ve just accepted a volunteer job as a caregiver. There’s just one problem: your first client lives in a house that's haunted by an incredibly vengeful ghost! How long will you survive in this relentless Halloween game?

  • Glauron: Dragon Tales
    Glauron: Dragon Tales
    Played 4034 times

    Take flight as the mighty and brave dragon known as Glauron! Breathe fire down upon your foes and their buildings for points. Never before have you played an arcade game like Glauron: Dargon Tales!

  • That Pokeyman Thing Your Grandkids Are Into
    That Pokeyman Thing Your Grandkids Are Into
    Played 12313 times

    He may be totally out of touch when it comes to technology but this grandpa is about to check out the world’s most popular video game. Join him while he tries to catch ‘em all in this fun parody game.

  • Sift Renegade 3
    Sift Renegade 3
    Played 3730 times

    Kiro and his brother are up against another gang of triads. Help them slice and dice their way through their latest mission in this action-packed ninja game.

  • Money Movers
    Money Movers
    Played 9227 times

    The Money Movers are getting out of prison!

  • War Heroes: France 1944
    War Heroes: France 1944
    Played 2423 times

    Physics and war unite in horror with this World War II game with an optional zombie twist. Choose your game mode, choose your class, and make sure the Allies win this war!

  • Cinema Rush
    Cinema Rush
    Played 12315 times

    Don’t panic! Keep calm...and shovel popcorn.

  • Five Minutes to kill
    Five Minutes to kill
    Played 2360 times

    Help Stan kill himself in under five minutes! Use staplers, chainsaws, piñatas and more to bite the dust once and for all! Work has just become too much for Stan to bear. Navigate around the office and use any means necessary to put this misery to an end, but be quick about it!

  • Zombidle
    Played 3203 times

    Stop at nothing to grow your army of the undead in this funny yet challenging online game, Zombidle! Collect skulls to upgrade your necromancer and zombies!

  • Skywire 2
    Skywire 2
    Played 891 times
  • Braains io
    Braains io
    Played 8943 times

    It’s zombies versus humans in this chaotic io game. How long will you survive? Will you get turned into a member of the undead? There’s only one way to find out…

  • Shop Empire
    Shop Empire
    Played 5082 times

    Become a titan of retail and build the most totally awesome shopping malls on the planet.

  • Agent Smith
    Agent Smith
    Played 843 times

    Save these helpless hostages in this action packed browser game, Agent Smith! As the world's best agent, it's up to you to save the people and kill anyone who gets in your way!

  • Farmerella
    Played 2682 times
  • Epic Trains 3
    Epic Trains 3
    Played 3087 times

    Build an empire on the rails in this simulation game. Gather your trains and use them to transport oil and other supplies or try out a scenario that takes place in cities around the world.

  • Troll Tale
    Troll Tale
    Played 10172 times

    This troll is about to embark on an adventure. Maybe he’ll encounter some real trolls during his travels?

  • The Deepest Sleep
    The Deepest Sleep
    Played 2049 times

    Go even deeper into the dream world but heed this warning: you may never find your way out...

  • Bart Simpson Saw Game
    Bart Simpson Saw Game
    Played 1060 times
  • Bois D'Arc
    Bois D'Arc
    Played 1040 times

    The enchanted kingdom of Sedonia is in danger. Take this mystical bow and defend it at all costs.

  • Parking Training
    Parking Training
    Played 62983 times

    Can you park your car in these spots? You’ll have to use your reversing skills to avoid hitting anything!

  • Vertix Online
    Vertix Online
    Played 3092 times

    Time to load your gun and get ready to blast away at your friends in this awesome online shooter, Vertix Online! Capture areas in order to gain points and win the game!

  • Kogama: Jump
    Kogama: Jump
    Played 3535 times

    Jump into your own 3D parkour game—can you make it over every obstacle?

  • Haunted House
    Haunted House
    Played 26668 times

    You are trapped inside the haunted house and must find your way out by collecting missing items.

  • Stupidella
    Played 3517 times

    She’s not to be confused with Cinderella. This crazy girl is about to have a very wild night.

  • Submachine 5
    Submachine 5
    Played 709 times

    Stay focused, find and use items, and try to escape.

  • Adventure Capitalist
    Adventure Capitalist
    Played 3931 times

    Use your business skills to turn this tiny operation into a powerful empire that will make you super rich.

  • Youda Sushi Chef
    Youda Sushi Chef
    Played 8665 times

    The ultimate sushi-rolling, customer-pleasing, cash-collecting empire starts here!

  • Tale of Two Hearts
    Tale of Two Hearts
    Played 8327 times

    Tim and Anna are from two different worlds but their hearts are destined to become one.

  • FNAF World
    FNAF World
    Played 15692 times

    Something isn’t quite right in this kingdom full of animatronic animals. Avoid the robotic monsters while you sit on the edge of your seat in this retro online game. It was inspired by Five Nights at Freddy’s, the popular survival horror game.

  • Military wars 3d multiplayer
    Military wars 3d multiplayer
    Played 6145 times

    Get ready for some all out warfare in this amazingly fun 3D online multiplayer shooter, Military Wars 3D Multiplayer! Choose your team and make sure you win by destroying as many enemy units as you can!

  • Kogama: SpeedRace
    Kogama: SpeedRace
    Played 3997 times

    It’s all about speed in this thrilling Kogama level! Start your engines!

  • Run Panda Run
    Run Panda Run
    Played 21287 times

    This bouncing bear is going jogging but he hasn’t picked the safest route. Can you keep him out of trouble?

  • Kogama: War 4
    Kogama: War 4
    Played 4260 times

    Are you ready for battle? Head back to the world of Kogama in this online game and fight your opponents with every weapon that you can get your hands on.

    • Commando 2
      Commando 2
      Played 5540 times

      It’s one man against an army: guess which side you’re on?!

    • Burger Restaurant 4
      Burger Restaurant 4
      Played 7083 times

      Travel all over the world...and the solar system...and keep those burger lovers happy!

    • Hobo 7 Heaven
      Hobo 7 Heaven
      Played 1037 times

      Even after defeating Satan, this hobo doesn’t get any sort of a decent rest in Heaven. Once again, you must fight off those pesky angels in Hobo 7 Heaven!

    • Fly with Rope 2
      Fly with Rope 2
      Played 101486 times

      The city is your swing set when you are a shadowy stick figure with Spiderman-like powers. Soar through epic skylines...just be careful not to get too close to the ground if you don't want to go to pieces.

    • The Enchanted Cave 2
      The Enchanted Cave 2
      Played 2343 times

      What secrets are waiting for you in the mysterious cave? Find out as you continue your adventure...

    • Disaster Will Strike 3
      Disaster Will Strike 3
      Played 2812 times

      You can’t save a planet without breaking a few eggs…that’s how the saying goes, right?

    • Sherlock Holmes: Tea Shop Murder Mystery
      Sherlock Holmes: Tea Shop Murder Mystery
      Played 1894 times

      Who murdered poor Mr. T? Only you and the world famous detective can solve this baffling case.

    • Kogama: Festival Park
      Kogama: Festival Park
      Played 4179 times

      Design a fantastic and super fun park with this latest and greatest Kogama map.

    • Monkey Go Happy: Madness
      Monkey Go Happy: Madness
      Played 2560 times
    • Battle Towers
      Battle Towers
      Played 3397 times

      An army of goblins is determined to ransack the kingdom. You’re not going to let them get away with that, right? Assemble your knights and protect the kingdom at all costs in this 3D tower defense game.

    • Airport Empire
      Airport Empire
      Played 5782 times

      Running an airport is serious business. It’s also seriously fun!

    • Payphone Mania
      Payphone Mania
      Played 890 times