Escaping Games

  • Cube Escape: Birthday
    Cube Escape: Birthday
    Played 3233 times

    Uncover the truth of your past in this point and click mystery game, Cube Escape: Birthday. Find the clues and then put them together in order to solve the mystery.

  • Focus
    Played 4936 times

    Jump and teleport your way through each stage filled with puzzles in this challenging browser game, Focus. How far can you survive? Find out now!

  • Psychout
    Played 327 times

    This gravity-defying mental patient just found a key and he’s ready to make a break for it. Help him pull off a daring escape in this free online game.

  • My Adventure Book 2
    My Adventure Book 2
    Played 1497 times

    This boy made the mistake of reading a mysterious book in the attic. Now he’s been sucked into a magical land.

  • Bart Simpson Saw Game
    Bart Simpson Saw Game
    Played 1745 times
  • Cube Escape: Seasons
    Cube Escape: Seasons
    Played 957 times

    Take a trip through time and explore a lakeside house where things aren’t quite what they seem...

  • Escape the Office
    Escape the Office
    Played 2935 times
  • Sherlock Holmes: Tea Shop Murder Mystery
    Sherlock Holmes: Tea Shop Murder Mystery
    Played 4763 times

    Who murdered poor Mr. T? Only you and the world famous detective can solve this baffling case.

  • El Dorado Deadly Trip
    El Dorado Deadly Trip
    Played 477 times

    This treasure hunter has bitten off more than he can will he get home?

  • Mokey Go Happy: The Castle
    Mokey Go Happy: The Castle
    Played 2230 times

    An evil scientist has turned these cute monkeys into gargoyles! Think you can change them back?

  • Escape to hell
    Escape to hell
    Played 1372 times

    Battle your way through the underworld and face all kinds of ghouls as you run to freedom!

  • Marvel Superhero Squad: Stones of Thanos
    Marvel Superhero Squad: Stones of Thanos
    Played 4013 times

    Thanos just stole the Infinity Gems and only the Avengers can stop him now!

  • Puzzle Legends
    Puzzle Legends
    Played 31 times

    In a kingdom filled with mystery and magic, what sort of dangers await you in its tallest tower?

  • Haunted House Tours
    Haunted House Tours
    Played 2977 times

    Howdy, folks! Step right up and see if you can handle a tour with some really cool ghouls.

  • Beneath the Trolls
    Beneath the Trolls
    Played 1177 times

    This young lad seems to be trapped in a cave with lots of nasty trolls. Could you lend him a hand?

  • Pirateers
    Played 1833 times
  • Mimou Escape 2
    Mimou Escape 2
    Played 2071 times
  • Fragment of Dejavu
    Fragment of Dejavu
    Played 455 times

    A scientist on a trip through time to save his girlfriend. How does it end? How will it begin?

  • Messi CR7 Saw
    Messi CR7 Saw
    Played 758 times

    The evil Pigsaw has kidnapped two of the world’s best soccer players. Save them before it’s too late!

  • Legacy Tales: Mercy of the Gallows
    Legacy Tales: Mercy of the Gallows
    Played 2169 times

    A brave sea captain and his lovely wife have gone missing. Explore a dark castle and discover their fate...

  • Tied Santa Escapes
    Tied Santa Escapes
    Played 2596 times

    Only you can rescue Santa Claus and help him on his way: can you save Christmas?

  • Furtive Dao
    Furtive Dao
    Played 2646 times

    The adorable orphans that live in this shelter really need your help.

  • Invertion
    Played 4049 times

    This little robot has found himself in a dangerous labyrinth. Will he unlock its secrets?

  • Escape From 26
    Escape From 26
    Played 3229 times

    Lilly just found herself trapped in a mysterious cage. Will she escape? It’s up to you...

  • Mimelet
    Played 863 times

    This hungry, little guy is on a quest for some yummy fruits and veggies.

  • Stealth Hunter
    Stealth Hunter
    Played 29569 times

    Special missions need special forces: join the elite stealth team.

  • Once in the Cave
    Once in the Cave
    Played 115 times

    Hoards of nefarious zombies are invading the kingdom. Join the wizard on a quest to wipe them out.

  • Counter Terror
    Counter Terror
    Played 1486 times

    Defend the innocent…shoot everyone else.

  • Comic Book Cody
    Comic Book Cody
    Played 1399 times

    Someone stole Cody’s precious comic book collection and he’s gotta get it back!

  • Portal: The Flash Version
    Portal: The Flash Version
    Played 3928 times

    Find your way to the exit door and go through it alive.

  • Teddy's Excellent Adventure
    Teddy's Excellent Adventure
    Played 598 times

    This adorable teddy bear fell out of his owner’s car, and now he’s a long way from home.

  • Unlucky Robber
    Unlucky Robber
    Played 595 times

    Tomb raiding is a dangerous job, but if you're looking for adventure...

  • Escape The Hotel Room
    Escape The Hotel Room
    Played 956 times
  • Get Your Girl
    Get Your Girl
    Played 1888 times

    Romeo and Juliet never had it this hard!

  • Escape the Camp
    Escape the Camp
    Played 2360 times

    When love beckons, it's time to leave camp behind!

    • Victorian Room Escape
      Victorian Room Escape
      Played 2823 times

      Nobody enjoys being locked up, even if it's in a beautiful Victorian salon...

    • Gambling Room Escape
      Gambling Room Escape
      Played 501 times

      What's this gambling room hiding? The way out.

    • Morningstar
      Played 2809 times

      You woke up in a space shuttle and are the only one left being able to move…

    • Stadium Sneakout
      Stadium Sneakout
      Played 8733 times

      You blew the game, and no one gets angry like sports fans…

    • Morbid
      Played 231 times

      The Black Death stalks the land—but is it a plague, or something more sinister??

    • Tomb of Doom
      Tomb of Doom
      Played 479 times

      Tombs aren't made for the living, so get out while you can!

    • Obama vs Aliens
      Obama vs Aliens
      Played 444 times

      People or pandas, the aliens aren’t getting any on Obama’s watch!

    • Office Sneak Out
      Office Sneak Out
      Played 4521 times

      The great thing about office anonymity: no one notices you unless you’re sneaking out…

    • Fog Fall 2
      Fog Fall 2
      Played 443 times

      In this wasteland, it pays to be resourceful…

    • Charger Escape
      Charger Escape
      Played 3635 times

      If you look hard enough, you can find magic anywhere.

    • Octopussie Room Escape
      Octopussie Room Escape
      Played 712 times

      A tiny 8-legged key to your freedom? If you're smart enough…

    • Cursor 2
      Cursor 2
      Played 481 times

      Can you learn to cooperate with yourself?