Shoot & Throw Games

  • Bloons Tower Defense 3
    Bloons Tower Defense 3
    Played 2947 times

    You'll need all the manic monkey defenses you can get when the bloons attack!

  • Fighter Patrol 42
    Fighter Patrol 42
    Played 4285 times

    Flex your fighter-pilot might and unleash your fury in flight.

  • Galaxy Siege 2
    Galaxy Siege 2
    Played 921 times

    The interstellar battle rages on. Your ship is fueled and ready to go...

  • Dragon Fist 3: Age of Warrior
    Dragon Fist 3: Age of Warrior
    Played 1854 times

    Do you think you can master the legendary Dragon Fist? Take on opponents from around the world in this intense fighting game on the browser!

  • Tuer Tuer Tuer
    Tuer Tuer Tuer
    Played 3193 times

    Ballistics testing is more fun when you have real live bodies...

  • UEPD Survival
    UEPD Survival
    Played 3456 times

    You’re low on bullets but all hope is not lost. How long will you last in this deadly facility?

  • Crime City 3D
    Crime City 3D
    Played 14139 times

    In a city overrun with criminals, the only thing standing between its peaceful citizens and total anarchy is you! Collect awesome weapons like grenades while you eliminate all of the bad guys in this totally insane action game.

  • PC Smash
    PC Smash
    Played 22494 times

    Fed up with your computer freezing? Now's the time to take out your frustrations.

  • Let´s Go to Prison
    Let´s Go to Prison
    Played 3967 times

    In this fighting game you are a prisoner and need to beat your enemies to gain their respect behind the bars

  • Military Wars Warfare
    Military Wars Warfare
    Played 5958 times

    Military Wars Warfare is an online first person shooter multiplayer game where you play against your friends and foes similar to call of duty. Play it for free together with more online games from our partners at where you can find all the .io games like and many more!

  • Treasure of Cutlass Reef
    Treasure of Cutlass Reef
    Played 2982 times

    As a commander of a pirate ship, you must destroy the enemy fleet guarding the treasure!

  • Storm Ops 4
    Storm Ops 4
    Played 2034 times

    The base is under attack. Grab a weapon and take out the enemy on the double.

  • Superfighters
    Played 10271 times

    Punch your way to fame and fortune in this old school brawler. Lots of bad guys are waiting for you.

  • Skies of War
    Skies of War
    Played 7295 times

    As a pilot you must complete all of the missions and help your rebel army overcome the enemy!

    Played 19148 times

    Jump into this battle arena and get ready for a fight to the finish against players from around the world. How long will you and your tank last in this shooting game?

  • Tanki Online
    Tanki Online
    Played 13943 times

    You're both driver and gunman in this 3D tank game with realistic graphics. Take out the seriously badass army of tanks trying to take you down while you traverse some rough terrain, upgrading your monster machine as you go.

  • Bloons Tower Defence
    Bloons Tower Defence
    Played 1003 times

    Stop the bloons from escaping by building towers next to the maze.

  • Flakboy 2
    Flakboy 2
    Played 4866 times

    Flakboy's back for another beating, so bust out the arsenal and show him what you've got!

  • Robot Violent T-Rex
    Robot Violent T-Rex
    Played 2511 times

    Ever wanted your very own giant robot T-Rex? Now you can with this new creation free to play game on your browser, Robot Violent T-Rex!

  • Deus Racer: Highway Combat
    Deus Racer: Highway Combat
    Played 3809 times

    Your life's on the line and the government's after you, so hit the road and flee to safety!

  • Clash N Slash
    Clash N Slash
    Played 584 times

    Protect your world by shooting at the alien spaceships that try to invade.

  • The Champions 3D
    The Champions 3D
    Played 18726 times

    Lead your team to a slamming soccer victory!

  • Tank Attack
    Tank Attack
    Played 2674 times

    Tanks are awesome, but who can maneuver these massive metal monsters?

  • Bomber at War II: Level Pack
    Bomber at War II: Level Pack
    Played 8375 times

    This battle isn’t over yet. Let’s get you back to your fighter jet...

  • Soldier Diary
    Soldier Diary
    Played 789 times

    This shadowy prisoner of war is making a break for it. Help him escape back to home base.

  • The Great Indian Arranged Marriage
    The Great Indian Arranged Marriage
    Played 4273 times

    Celebrate the sacred union of two hearts, the Indian Way!

  • Stickman Fighter: Epic Battle
    Stickman Fighter: Epic Battle
    Played 5525 times

    There's no other battle like this on the entire internet! Stickman Fighter: Epic Battle will have you face off against menacing foes that will use amazing martial arts and fighting techniques, but you must prove that you're stronger!

  • Anime Star Fighting
    Anime Star Fighting
    Played 21130 times

    The stars of animation come together with one purpose: last man standing…

  • Gates vs Jobs
    Gates vs Jobs
    Played 5342 times

    Lightsabers and 2 mega-geeks make for one nerdtastic battle…

  • Frontline Defense
    Frontline Defense
    Played 3339 times

    Bust out the big guns, soldier—you'll need 'em.

  • Gun Mayhem 2
    Gun Mayhem 2
    Played 4156 times

    Who will be the last man standing in this game of fast-paced, gun-slinging action?

  • The Last Shelter
    The Last Shelter
    Played 2793 times

    Humanity’s greatest hope for survival is a planet filled to the brim with vicious aliens. How typical!

  • Army Sharpshooter
    Army Sharpshooter
    Played 3403 times

    Take out those terrorists as quickly and as cleanly as possible, soldier. That’s an order!

  • CS Portable
    CS Portable
    Played 16297 times

    Lock and load as the smash-hit action shooter lands on your desktop. Whose side are you on?

  • Miami Rex
    Miami Rex
    Played 10205 times

    This super rad Tyrannosaurus Rex is about to take a giant bite out of Miami. Tag along with him while he gobbles up the locals and sinks his fangs into the occasional submarine. That’s like surf and turf for dinosaurs! You can also buy him weapons and upgrades in this totally crazy action game.

  • Clear Vision 5
    Clear Vision 5
    Played 3803 times

    The final Clear vision is here! Take your riffle, adjust the scope, aim at the target and take them down!

    • Days of Monsters
      Days of Monsters
      Played 2938 times

      This diabolical doctor is about to unleash something sinister on the world. Doesn’t that sound like a blast?

    • Thumb Fighter
      Thumb Fighter
      Played 4272 times

      Use all your strength to defeat your enemy in this online version of the classic thumb fight game. Use A and L to control each warrior. Have Fun!

    • Tiny Rifles
      Tiny Rifles
      Played 30535 times

      Lock n’ load, soldier. The enemy is heading straight towards you.

    • Spinjitzu Smash
      Spinjitzu Smash
      Played 3250 times

      Every nimble ninja knows that numchucks are not enough…

    • Raze 2
      Raze 2
      Played 2428 times

      As Earth's last elite alien hunter, you're mankind's only hope. Too bad you're infected with a zombie virus...

    • Leave Elmstreet
      Leave Elmstreet
      Played 1761 times

      Get out of Elm Street before Freddy Krueger kills you!

    • Madness Death Wish 2
      Madness Death Wish 2
      Played 3112 times

      The fight for survival continues. Will you make it out of this one alive?

    • Robots Can't Jump
      Robots Can't Jump
      Played 4788 times

      It’s true. Robots aren’t very bouncy. But they are ferocious. Make ‘em explode and fast!

    • Sniper Assassin 5: Final
      Sniper Assassin 5: Final
      Played 4509 times

      Ben is dead. It’s time to finish this madness, once and for all.

    • Combat Reloaded
      Combat Reloaded
      Played 10480 times

      Will you fight for the blue team or the red team in this intense multiplayer action game? Grab a gun and get ready to duck behind barriers and hide around corners while you take aim at the other players.

    • Rogue Soul 2
      Rogue Soul 2
      Played 4252 times

      Prepare to run, jump, slide, dodge and fight your way through each level in this fast-paced adventure. Are you fast enough to beat the entire game?

    • Dino Robot - Spinosaurus
      Dino Robot - Spinosaurus
      Played 4856 times

      This robotic dinosaur can also turn into an awesome fire truck. Let’s see if we can put it together and fast.