Shoot & Throw Games

  • Motor Wars
    Motor Wars
    Played 9885 times

    Grab a helmet and a sack lunch: the battle is about to begin.

  • Add Like Mad
    Add Like Mad
    Played 903 times

    Click on the squares to add the numbers so that they equal the value under the word "number."

  • Whack Your Soulmate
    Whack Your Soulmate
    Played 4298 times

    Your S.O. got you mad? Whack 'em, smack 'em, crap on 'em…just keep it online.

  • 2D Knockout
    2D Knockout
    Played 4251 times

    Box your way around the world, one KO at a time.

  • Bowmaster Prelude
    Bowmaster Prelude
    Played 4862 times

    Shoot arrows toward the enemy troops and capture the enemy flag to be victorious!

  • Bloons Tower Defense 4
    Bloons Tower Defense 4
    Played 4267 times

    Grab some tacks—it's time for balloon-popping mayhem.

  • Optimus Breakout
    Optimus Breakout
    Played 1891 times

    Tanks are about to destroy and besiege Optimus. Upgrade equipment to turn Optimus into autobot and make this mean machine stronger to help the hero break free. Are you up for a transformation into the explosive world of the ultimate truck?

  • Super Drift 3D
    Super Drift 3D
    Played 3791 times

    It’s high octane all the way in this total racing speedfest!

  • Quake
    Played 1726 times

    Horrors await in the desolate maze of this FPS...but that's what the gun is for.

  • Ace Gangster Taxi
    Ace Gangster Taxi
    Played 10409 times
  • The Last Dinosaurs
    The Last Dinosaurs
    Played 857 times

    What if I told you a few dinosaurs survived extinction?

  • Election Punch-Off: Primary 2016
    Election Punch-Off: Primary 2016
    Played 2523 times

    The US presidential race isn’t for the faint of heart! Pick out your favorite candidate and get ready to rumble. Hillary can definitely throw a punch and Ted’s a contender in this free boxing game.

  • 1941 Frozen Front
    1941 Frozen Front
    Played 25781 times

    Take a trip through time back to World War 2 in this military strategy game. Can you lead these tank battalions through the frozen depths of Russia and defeat your enemies?

  • Red Crucible: Reloaded
    Red Crucible: Reloaded
    Played 16810 times

    It’s time to head back to the front. Customize your weapons, choose your vehicles and get ready to battle players from all over the world in this multiplayer action game.

  • Clear Vision 5
    Clear Vision 5
    Played 3623 times

    The final Clear vision is here! Take your riffle, adjust the scope, aim at the target and take them down!

  • Get on Top Mobile
    Get on Top Mobile
    Played 47235 times

    Which one of these robotic wrestlers will come out on top? Jump in the ring and get ready to rumble in this action game.

  • Gates vs Jobs
    Gates vs Jobs
    Played 7951 times

    Lightsabers and 2 mega-geeks make for one nerdtastic battle…

  • Artillery Rush 2
    Artillery Rush 2
    Played 2066 times

    Choose your side in this wacky war and get ready to show off your military might.

  • Urban Warfare
    Urban Warfare
    Played 5292 times

    A gang of terrorists lurks in an abandoned train station, just waiting for you to board...

  • Deep Sea Mahjong
    Deep Sea Mahjong
    Played 2401 times

    Splash around with these addictive Mahjong challenges—and try not to flounder as they get harder!

  • Pixel Warfare 5
    Pixel Warfare 5
    Played 21359 times

    Get ready for another few rounds of old-school action. Join a room, grab some weapons and prepare yourself for a deathmatch or two in this multiplayer first person shooter game.

  • Long Way
    Long Way
    Played 1617 times

    Blast those bull-snatching bandits!

  • Scratch Wars
    Scratch Wars
    Played 2741 times

    Get ready for one of the best adventure games out there on the browser, Scratch Wars! Fight against Darth Vader and his minions as you journey through the Death Star.

  • Andy Law
    Andy Law
    Played 1642 times

    The oppressive bureaucracy can’t escape the long arm of Andy Law!

  • Anime Star Fighting
    Anime Star Fighting
    Played 24493 times

    The stars of animation come together with one purpose: last man standing…

  • Bomb It 2
    Bomb It 2
    Played 65475 times

    Destroy your opponents in new ways and new worlds in this sequel to the popular Bomb It!

  • Treasure of Cutlass Reef
    Treasure of Cutlass Reef
    Played 3510 times

    As a commander of a pirate ship, you must destroy the enemy fleet guarding the treasure!

  • World Wars
    World Wars
    Played 5085 times

    Can you conquer all the territories on the map in true imperialistic ideals with a thirst to have more power? Create your own army, the number of players and select the dates for battle. Are you ready for all out war with your winning strategy for the ultimate victory?

  • Super Brawl 3 Good vs Evil
    Super Brawl 3 Good vs Evil
    Played 2182 times

    Get ready for the ultimate fighting game on the browser that has all of your favorite cartton characters, Super Brawl 3: Good vs Evil! Time for battle!

  • Load up and kill
    Load up and kill
    Played 8378 times
  • Flakboy 2
    Flakboy 2
    Played 11083 times

    Flakboy's back for another beating, so bust out the arsenal and show him what you've got!

  • Small Arms War
    Small Arms War
    Played 1291 times

    Stick it to the man, stick man.

  • Tank Attack
    Tank Attack
    Played 3133 times

    Tanks are awesome, but who can maneuver these massive metal monsters?

  • The Champions 3D
    The Champions 3D
    Played 20565 times

    Lead your team to a slamming soccer victory!

  • Speedboat Shooting
    Speedboat Shooting
    Played 2703 times

    This speedboat is under attack and only you can defend it from a ruthless gang. Fight back with your machine gun and lots of other cool weapons like mines and grenades in this shooting game.

  • Ace Gangster
    Ace Gangster
    Played 19598 times

    This bloke is new in MadAlley City. Perhaps you could show him around and help him become a gangster?

    • Obama vs. Romney Slapathon
      Obama vs. Romney Slapathon
      Played 1069 times

      After taking a pounding at the polls, both candidates decided it was easier just to take a slapping.

    • Combat Tournament Legends
      Combat Tournament Legends
      Played 1983 times

      Your a true legend in combat! Show your skills in the arena! Oh it includes stick figures :)

    • Bad Ice Cream
      Bad Ice Cream
      Played 5877 times

      This ice cream is bad to the cone! Help it to gobble and collect tasty fruits and treats, break blocks of ice and face hungry enemies as you avoid being flattened!

    • Madness Death Wish 2
      Madness Death Wish 2
      Played 3986 times

      The fight for survival continues. Will you make it out of this one alive?

    • The Keeper of 4 elements
      The Keeper of 4 elements
      Played 1586 times

      The secrets of mastering the four elements are in your hands; defend your mystic isle!

    • Vending Machine Champ
      Vending Machine Champ
      Played 3167 times

      It's snacktime! Take on the vending machine and get ready to pummel a 2-ton snack dispencer! Free the snacks as quickly as possible without losing your limbs!

    • Banzai
      Played 7764 times

      There are two sides to any war...

    • Driving Force
      Driving Force
      Played 2547 times

      Jump behind the wheel of this squad car and go after some of the world’s most dangerous gangs.

    • Arena Shooter
      Arena Shooter
      Played 1822 times

      Things are probably going to get pretty intense in this action-packed arena. Can you handle it? Grab a weapon and get ready for battle in this multiplayer first person shooter game.

    • The Binding of Isaac
      The Binding of Isaac
      Played 7728 times

      Isaac is having a very bad day. His mom has gone crazy. Oh, and there’s a dungeon under his bed too.

    • Earth Taken 2
      Earth Taken 2
      Played 1239 times

      A bad accident has left you all alone in a world ransacked by aliens. Seek out supplies and other survivors.

    • Battle Masters
      Battle Masters
      Played 3056 times

      Head into combat with your weapon in hand, and see who walks out alive...